'Instant help- chat now' button

Just came onto LH on my mobile now and noticed a massive orange 'instant help- chat now' button. Which is very helpful if you have a problem. However it's massive in the bottom right hand corner of my screen everytime I click on the forum or I am shopping. Any way I can minimise it or get rid of it? Or is it a new feature !?

I don't get this on my phone :/ hope you can get help, sounds annoying x

+1, it's a big pain, covers a fair portion of the screen (am on an Android), and there's no way to get rid!!!

Tbf I have an iPhone 6 so the screen isn't small it would just be nice to have the option of minimising it sometimes

Yep it's annoying 😟

Yeah I have it my android too, and like you say, it takes up a good portion of the screen and is already hyper annoying, Still, we'll get used to it!

Can't say I have got that button.

I dunno, if the help covers life in general I'm happy to put up with it... :-)

Please make an option to get rid of this button.

Live chat is easy enough to use without needing a button taking up part of my mobile phone screen.

I seem to be the only one who can't see it :p

Lucky you! 🙊

Omg thanks ! It is really annoying and I wanted to complain about it on the suggestion thread but no one had talked about it so I was hesitant, but yeah definitely annoying

just noticed it today.

+1 annoying, takes up way too much space when on my phone screen & I kept accidently hitting it when I was trying to upload photos.

It's been on my tablet today........ definitely annoying and I've tried everything to get rid of it without success x

+1 nope, don't like it, it does get in the way.

Someone should click it to ask livechat how to get rid of it :P

I really can't see this button that everyone is talking about.

I can't see it either? Maybe someone should add it to the glitches thread :)

+1 it's annoying on my phone. Accidentally hit it when trying to get on the forum.

There should be a close button on it if you don't want to chat!!! Every other I've seen have! If I want to chat it would have been straight away!! Plus I don't think they'd appreciate my kind of chat!!!! 😂😂😂😋😋