Intimate piercings in your 40's

Having reached a point in my life where I don't feel I've anything to 'prove' to myself or anyone else (a very nice feeling !!!) I decided to get some piercings done...

This wasn't a spur of the moment thing and I'd been harbouring the desire for some time..

Anyway, last year I decided to have my nipples pierced. Having had them done I can say it's one of the best things I ever did !! Feels great (to me) to have the flexibility of having them in or out - 2 very different "looks"

I also had a Prince Albert done last November and that's even better...

Sure they both have taken there own sweet time to heal properly and it was a bit painful for the first few days but now I wouldn't be without them.

What's the views of the community here ? Do other members have them ?

My view is of the garden, grass parched dry by the sun, shadows beginning to lengthen and hot hot hot. I'm in my thirties though, so I dunno if that'll change as I make my way into my forties.

Not the nipples (know people with them and they can take so long to heal it's not funny). Have been interested in the PA for a while though. Maybe one day soon....

Sum Sub wrote:

My view is of the garden, grass parched dry by the sun, shadows beginning to lengthen and hot hot hot. I'm in my thirties though, so I dunno if that'll change as I make my way into my forties.


I don't really have any opinions either way, if it makes you happy, then I don't see why others views should matter :)

I love piercings! Id like to have more myself but im a bit of a pussy when it comes to stuff like that lol xx

You may not have that view in your 40's Sub. You could have possibly moved house, country etc and have a completely different view👍🏼

I am well in to my 40's and would like body piercings but I know from previous experience I just don't heal well - so sticking to tattoos instead xxx

I'm in my 30's female and have got one nipple pierced. Personally if you like it go ahead.

I don't think age should be a barrier, and at the end of the day it's your body and your not hurting anyone else so why not.

Myself and wife had our nipples done in our 50s and mine have been expanded to 6mm diameter bars. We both want more down below....But what puts us off is the healing time and the worry about not having sex for the healing period, we know there's always anal play which we leith love doing, but you can't beat good old pussy n' cock play. So over the next few months we'll have to see what happens, maybe get them done for Christmas, all I know I want a P A before I reach my 60th birthday next year.

I have my nipples done and a VCH and I would do it all again in a heart beat. My VCH is only about 3 weeks old and it's already healed. It was hands down the least painful piercing I've ever had and the fastest/ easiest to heal, something about that reagion being so vascular apparently... As has been said nipples do take upwards of a year to heal but in my opinion it's so worth the wait. This is the second time I've had mine done (had to take them out for surgery a couple of years ago) and I've missed them!

I know the healing seems like a faff but the routine of saline soaks just becomes second nature after a few weeks and the end result is so worth it. I think both tattoos and piercings look great on people of all ages!

Not intimate but I've 10 piercings in one ear and 12 on the other, I love them and I'm 50 on Sunday.

Great replies !!

For any guys considering a PA, mine healed really fast - didn't even bleed other than when it was first done. I got mine pierced at 2.3mm initially which ive now stretched to 5mm and I'm stopping there now. Feels great during sex !!!

I have had multiple piercings, both nipples (twice) a PA, a Frenum an Ampallang and a double Hafada all done in the last 6 years.I'm not quite sure why l had my first piercing done it just seemed a natural progression from tattoos really (that or turning forty and thinking why not!!). At the moment l have none as all bar the PA grew out- annoying but its a risk you take- the PA was removed because my lovely wife didnt like the look of it. Oh well there you go you live and learn! However, l have promised myself that l will have my nipples done again never know 3rd time lucky!!

If any of you reading this are thinking of getting a piercing l would say go for it........... you only live once!

I also love piercings, I have my left nipple done, my belly button and I plan to get my other nipple done as well, and maybe a VCH.

It doesn't matter how old you are, if you want them, then go for it. Works as well with tattoos. There is no age limit for body modification and I have heard so many stories of elderly people in their 70s/80s getting their first tattoo, it always makes me smile!

I can honestly say that having been on the receiving end of the feels pretty damn good!!!!! 😜

Mrs Badger wants to get the cristina piercing and i want to get a Frenum ladder done.

I'm just into the 40's but got my VCH around 10 years ago. I got mine on a bit of a spur of the moment decision as I had seen a girl on a video with one and thought it looked really nice so a week or two later I am getting my clit hood pierced! I love it, it feels amazing with a vibrator on it and I am very happy I got it done.

My husband was not too sure at the time but has since loved my piercing. He never really seemed interested in anything himself until about 3 years ago when when had a few drinks in town one weekend and he said he had wanted a PA for a while but was worried to get it done. The few dinks must have helped and he's been happilly pierced since them.

Neither of us have any other percings or tattoos and probably don't fit the expected profile of having below the belt peircings but have been very happy with our secret additions.

I'm not in my 40s, but I have multiple piercings... Nipples, vch, christina, 4x inner labia, as well as more than 30 other non-intimate piercings!

MyOH had her nipples done when she was 40. Bestthing she did we bth love it. What make you happy we say

I got a pa at about 42 would love a reverse pa or something else