Issues with the LH wand

We’ve had this wand for around a year and already had one exchange. So I think I may be out of luck it changing in but I will contact CS anyway as I know how great they are.

We don’t actually use it all that much as its quiet big and cumbersome, but I’ve just used it as a massager on Mr back as he has awful back pains.

However, its almost left like burns in the patches on his back? They are bright red, sore and irritated. We didn’t use anything fancy, just a standard spray body lotion.

Has anyone had this before and might know the reason why? Just incase we have done anything obviously wrong - although I’m not sure how. I’ll post a link below of the one we have.

thanks for your reply @Alicia4Ever. It happened within the first few minutes actually so we only had it on for 10mins at most.

I wonder if maybe there was a slight friction problem to begin with? Mr was trying to reach round and do it himself and I’m not sure if he had anything on at the point.

I might give it another go and see what happens.

We actually have one of the desire ones too (the battery is dead though, I’ve not been keeping up on my maintenance) we have the one with the little nubbin on the end. Love it!

The Desire one is great for muscles. The nubbin can really dig in where you want it. :slightly_smiling_face: I use it on my lower back and shoulders. :+1:

Tsk Tsk on the vibrator maintenance (wags finger :slightly_smiling_face:). You can Bookmark the First Saturday of the Month Topic and add in a reminder if you need it. :+1: (one time thing, but you can reset it again in the edit bookmark settings)

I very nearly tagged you :sweat_smile:

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I’d personally assume that the toy itself has been placed in one position for too long, or has been held with too much pressure at one spot.

Maybe using a massage lube or oil alongside the wand more liberally could help out. Also not letting the wand stay against one area for too long. Lower settings could be beneficial! I’d look towards a water based lube or an oil which is compatible with silicone just in case since it could degrade the toy.

I haven’t had any issues like this myself with mine, but ultimately everyone is different and effects people differently!

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I would imagine most standard body spray lotions would dry out very quickly under vibrational rubbing as they are only meant to be applied by hand rubbing.
As others have said go for a thicker more viscous oil/lube. Dedicated anal lube is supposed to be quite thick. Or plenty of olive oil, slather it on and try again.