Keep sleeping with sisters mates

Anyone got some advice on this. A few months ago I slept with one of my sisters friends. Since then I keep getting messages from her other friends and have slept with another 3 of them. Is it wrong that I’m doing this?


It all sounds great initially but why? Have they discussed you between themselves and you are gods gift to women? Is there a competition ? They are all very quick to have sex with you and you with them. May be think about reputation.
I am very old school being old and jealous of you but at times, take your time and get to know the person.

No nothing wrong in that as long as it’s all safe sane and consensual then have fun


I would ask your sister. If she’s fine with it, crack on. If not, maybe step back in favour of retaining good sibling relations.


Yeah your sister probably won’t be very happy about that and they could potentially use that against your sister if things get heated. I’d look elsewhere

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" What could possibly go wrong ?" On the surface it seems like great idea , but imagine one or two of them deciding they wish to be your full time lover ? Does your sister know and if so what does she think ? I am only 65 and have had a life long policy of not having sex with any of my friend’s wives or girlfriends or their sisters even when OK with them . I have never wanted to hear or know anything about my sister’s sex life and I believe she feels the same way . Proceed with caution is my advice .


On the face of it, if it is consensual then it shouldn’t be a problem.

But then if you take a step back, you need to question the motives of the young ladies involved, why suddenly are they all interested in jumping into bed with you?

What is this going to do to the relationship between your sister and her friends and between you and your sister?

Whilst you might be enjoying the adulation, there is potentially more to this than meets the eye, I would proceed with caution.

O i like that a sister mate kind of a no go isn’t it, is it done in a hidden way. Brings back memories of me seeing my best mates sister to start off with it was a very covert thing between us.

Anyway if you aren’t hurting anyone it’s not a problem.


No. Enjoy yourself.

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If you are asking the question, it almost implies that you have doubts and its wrong.
Ask your sister if you can, and then go with her wishes.

I’m with @Bonzo2020, if you’re questioning it, you already feel that you shouldn’t be doing it. It’s very likely that the friends have talked about you after you’ve had sex. I would talk to your sister and see how she feels about it.
Ultimately its your choice and your consequences, whatever they may be.

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I must agree with @Bonzo2020 and @JoCat talk with your sister. If she is ok about it and everyone is consenting adults then fine but remember safe sex and be aware of relationships turning sour.


If it’s not causing any harm to anyone then I’d say it’s all good in the hood but do you think they’re all talking about you and know you’ve had sex with them all nearly?


As long as nobody is getting jealous or offended, I wouldn’t see it as a problem. Not all siblings have rivalry. I’ve shared my GF with my sister for years.

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Why not? Is it hurting you? Is it hurting them? You look fairly young in your profile pic so It’s life experience you’re gaining here and they’re probably feeling the same or you wouldn’t be getting messages!!!
I would’ve had sex with my sisters mates without batting an eyelid back in the day as a few of them were into me but i was too wet behind the ears to realise it at the time and regret it now…
In fact I not so long ago found out one of them refriended my sister to try and get to me and she was a beauty!!!


I think your sister probably knows and it sounds like her friends are sharing you around. You clearly are doing something right and have something they want. Your all young and experimenting. Just keep it simple and enjoy… Sound like your the one questioning it more than them…
I knew id read it somewhere… You are very well endowed. Not that thats important but it might be an initial factor.

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It sounds fun to me. If you started seeing someone she didn’t know wouldn’t your sister be friends with them?

If your single , their single , not causing harm …. Then enjoy yourself (safely) :hugs:

what is the problem if you are all consenting and if you don’t want to sleep with them then stop replying to messages and accidentally whipping your cock out

Yeah, I would say, after one or two, I would check with sis. You’re going to be around her longer than any of these others.

If she’s Ok< go for it. If not, stop. If she’s undecided, wait until she decides.

A threesome with her is also a possibility, maybe if she just wanted to watch…