Ladies, what is it about a man that gets you going the most?

so ladies... what is it?

Wide shoulders?

big dick?

that V shape along the hips?


something else?

When it comes to looks. I have to be attracted to their neck... don't ask me why but yeah the neck haha x

Looks wise, sholders, chest.. hips

Hmmm, definitely lovely strong forearms, preferably with shirt sleeves rolled up and a lovely tight bum !

Arms... definitely seconding shirt sleeves rolled up, also love where delts taper in and the biceps taper out, the dip it makes is just mmm. I also love some muscular legs! Not remotely fussed about abs though, which you'd think I would be from the above!

Tight grab able ass.

Hehe were do I start hands he's got a gorgeous arse long legs with firm thighs, his stomach is gorgeous wish I couk load photo to show you and yes he's got plenty in the trouser department I could then say his hair I'd love run hands through it then voice he could talk dirty to me anytime he likes.

I love defined shoulders and forearms. And big hands, I'm not sure why but yeah big hands lol

Kittycat102 wrote:

I love defined shoulders and forearms. And big hands, I'm not sure why but yeah big hands lol

Big hands so they can hold your head in them tilt you back and start kissing yum.

Hands and arms need to be nice. Also, I appreciate a pleasant voice and the way he smelles.

I always like men's backs. Don't know why! I always used to check the back out first!

Height, strong arms and a firm hand ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

Oh, and current playmate has a cock that I just want to put in my mouth every time I see it.

Shoulders are my biggie... dont even have to be massive, just find wider shoulders really sexy and masculine.
And I like looking into a guys eyes and seeing him really look at you. Theres some sort of manly sexy energy that radiates from him gazing like that.

Eyes for me mysterious stares definitely does it for me and a nice toned chest

For me it's arms, strong arms but not from working out in the gym, more like from doing manual labour work, if that makes sense. My oh only has to wrap his round me and I'm in heaven

For me, it's eyes, I'm a sucker for big eyes that when you look into they look back as if they are staring into your soul & long fluttery eyelashes. I also have a thing for strong hands that can just hold you or grab you.

Biggish hands, broad shoulders and nice eyes :) maybe a cheeky smile too!

Arms are my biggest thing i look for in a guy. But whn it comes to turning me on, i love seeing his cock bulge! Cant wait to release it from its cage!!

Shoulders., back., arms, thighs. I like big strong men, my OH is incredible, not ripped, bulky, his back is gorgeous :-)

For me it's thick dark eyebrows, slightly hairy forearms and large hands :)