Ladies, whats the ideal girth

Im simply wondering what your ideal girth is for a dildo.

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I tend to go for dildos that are 5 inches plus (unless they are glass) as my partners quite girthy but i do like the "full" feeling.

What's your upper limit before it starts hurting?

SwedishGuy wrote:

What's your upper limit before it starts hurting?

I'm wondering why you want to know the answer to this

I was quite wondering that too delilah, since its subjective to every woman

I know its different for each woman, why do you mind answering my questions though?

There is a good reason and since im anonymous i might aswell go ahead and state the reason and make it as short as i can(Dont want to make it too personal.)

So.. I've been dating this girl for quite some time and she's a virgin.. has a small body frame and admittedly very tight while im above average(i think) at 7" length and about 5.75" circumference. I'm worried that it'll hurt for her and take a long time until she gets used to it.
Now this is definitely not a dealbreaker for me, but im afraid it will be for her, eventually.

I'm obviously not saying that im huge - cause i know im not.. Statistically speaking probably the biggest guy out of 10.. Im just afraid we wont match.

Sooooo.. the reason i asked what your ideal girth is was to possibly relieve myself a bit.
And i only want your truthful answers.. What is your ideal and what is your upper limit pleasure wise?

the biggest i'd go for is 5.25" bigger than that and it gets too uncomfortable to manage

amandammmm yes, she and i talked about it on more than one occasion, and i've told her that im fine with taking things slow and progress at a rate she feels comfortable with.

I guess i'll have to accept that i might be a little bigger than some girls are comfortable with.

I would still like more opinions from you girls. Dont beat around the bush, if your upper level is 5" then let me know cause i need to know the truth and what to expect.

Although there is not much you can do about your penis size regardless of anything said.

As a somewhat endowed male myself, it really is all about relaxing your partner, both mentally and physically and taking things slowly, communicating all the while. Note: being mentally relaxed is equally, if not more, important as your partner being physically relaxed.

Just because you have a larger member does not preclude you from having great sexual experiences even though she is a virgin. Introducing sex toys is a very good idea, a small vibe and/or a dildo, and really really focus on the relaxation and no pressure attitude, it will work wonders.

Good luck!

The bigger the cock, the less of a cock the man had better be. But then it's been a very long time since I was a girl and I really can't be arsed with arses anymore. I put up with too much when I was young.

I don't think any woman has a fixed upper limit. And we certainly don't bring a tape measure into the bedroom - the dimension obsession is primarily a male thing.

What matters with length is how much is inserted. When I had a cervix, I preferred shorter because there just wasn't any risk of it getting bashed when the man's penis went in too far or during the weeks of the menstrual cycle when it's lower. The only way a longer penis would rule a man out though for me is if he couldn't be bothered to control his depth - and that's more a matter of his personality than anything else. And that will adversely affect the relationship in other ways; mediocre sex is just one of the more obvious.

The easy answer for your length (and you are huge, who are you comparing yourself to?) is to just be careful. Pay attention to which positions are shallower and which are deeper and use them to best advantage.

For girth, women aren't fixed that way. There's a fair bit of elasticity and our bodies will adapt. All sorts of ways you can help that through your technique with foreplay and non-penetrative sex. Mental and emotional engagement is key, as is learning to read your partner's body well.

Don't compare it to dildo size though. They tend to be harder and more rigid than the real thing, which makes them less comfortable, which means some of us choose smaller. Have a look at some of the advice threads on choosing glass - going smaller than you usually would because of glass' hardness is a staple there. And dildos don't do too well with foreplay, though the mental aspect of anticipation and previous good experiences will certainly help.

Could I take a 5.75" erection? Maybe, with a lot of bother and patience and care. He would definitely have to make it worth the effort and pain of getting there.

Could I manage a 5.75" dildo? Not even worth trying.


i know i know. i need a life. ;-)

are you doing well?

Thanks a bunch for all the great answers! I knew that my best bet was to go on a site like this to ask since women here are actually more aware of measurements than other forums.

All the advice you gave is great, i will take it slowly and make her feel comfortable since to me, her pleasure and enjoyment is just as if not more important than my own.

My penis also has a slight upward curve which might make it seem girthier(just guessing because that would make sense), but i guess that'll be compensated by the G-spot stimulation it brings with it.

Your instincts are pretty much right! :-)

Take it slowly, maybe use fingers or a smaller girth sex toy before going in yourself. Spreading her labia at the entrance of her vagina could help so you can see where you are going. Different positions can help too, and also a bit of water-based lubricant if she needs it. For the first few times at least, just go in bit by bit. Go in slightly, then pull back slightly, then go in slightly deeper, then pull back slightly (without actually withdrawing) and continue with this until it is all in and she has accomadated you! :-) I know from experience that men who try to force their way in all at once can be a bit unpleasant - despite their arguments that it feels great for them! Lol!

Happy Sexing! x

Haha, I dont understand guys who only care about their own satisfaction in bed.

Sex gets 10 times better when you satisfy the girl, and every girl is different so its important to be creative, experimental and vocal.

But yeah, I'll take things slowly and see how it goes. No rush whatsoever.

On topic: Still feel free to answer my initial post, i got the impression that most women actually prefer a girth thats above average(Average is 4.8" i believe). Just a little bit above average? As big as possible? Dont be shy, nobody will judge!

As to the girth and first time question, I am right at the 6" girth mark. at the thickness we are talking about, sex can be really uncomfortable for both partners if you do not really relax and arouse the woman you are with. Lots of foreplay, and trying to keep things as mellow and fun as possible will help you both. also, if you are uncircumcised, be careful upon entry not to tear your frenulum. it is very uncomfortable and easy to do if you are not careful with a partner you are not experienced with.

I'll answer but not much help since dildos are my only dick now six or seven inches Max any more I just can't get them in, my next one will be vixen as a very special treat.

kittencub, there is a huge difference between 6 and 7 inches in girth though.

terminus thanks for your reply, did most girls find your girth to be big or just a few?

Meant to six or seven inches in length not sure what that is in girth. Sorry my brain is mush today blame you tube some gorgeous things on there.