L'Amourose Rosa Rouge - G spot virgin

I've been reading the reviews of the L'Amourose Rosa Rouge Heat Up G-Spot Vibrator here (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=31874) and on another site. All the reviews are pretty gushing, everyone seems to love them, apart from the button placement.

The price is a bit of an issue, but there is a larger one I need your help with.

My wife has never orgasmed from internal stimulation. If she has a G spot neither of us have ever found it. All the reviews say it is an easy path to climax, but no one makes the distinction if you've never cum like this.

So has anyone tried this, that hasn't previous orgasmed from purely G spot stimulation before? Ie first G spot orgasms?

I dunno if it's what you need to hear, but for my oh, she almost always needs clit stim to orgasm, and I believe many women are like this. We have the standard rosa and it's one of the few internal toys that can make her orgasm without clit stim.

The other thing to consider is that lh have an awesome returns policy if it doesn't work for you

One of those reviews came from me, here is the link to my full review of it;


I can't sing it's praises enough! I find it hard to come via my g-spot and with this vibe and the added thermal part, it pretty much made it a walk in the park for me.

I am not a fan of highly priced vibrators, as they seem to fail in ticking all the boxes for me but I can assure you that this one, is worth every penny. There is a non-thermal version, called the rosa, which is about £40 cheaper but the heating part feels amazing.

I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with the Rosa Rouge, I absolutely love mine, and I really find the warming helps speed me on my way to a G-Spot orgasm much quicker than normal. The LH returns policy is always there for peace of mind, but I honestly think your wife would likely clobber you with the Rosa if you tried to make her part with it!

I don't think your wife's lack of orgasm from internal stimuation is anything to do with not having a g-spot, she is likely just one of the many many women who need clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm.

The rosa has amazing reviews all round but no, it's not going to 100% guaruntee that your wife will orgasm from internal stimulation. She may not even like it if you bought it if it's not the kind of stimulation she wants/needs. First g-spot orgasms do need clitoral stimulation too a lot of the time, for example using a clitoral vibrator while having sex.

Have you tried any other g-spot toys, looking up techniques for your fingers etc etc already? If you haven't, that would give you a better idea of whether or not she would appreciate the rosa. If you have and it hasn't worked, well it's worth a shot but don't expect that it will definitely happen just because you've bought a well reputed toy.

About 80% of women find it hard to O during sexual intercourse, so it's not an 'issue' with her. It's about finding what works etc. I wrote a blog post on things people may not know about orgasms.


I didn't think it was an issue, not climaxing through penetration alone. From what I've seen online and in studies etc it appears quite common (as said above)

Blueeyes82, it was your site that I first heard of it on, didn't realise you had done a specific review of it, I heard of it from your overall sex toy article.

It's probably worth trying other techniques first, we haven't really experimented in the area of 'discovering the G spot'. The toy sounds like it is well worth the experience, even considering the idea that there obviously isn't a guarantee of O satisfaction.

Ohh thank you :)

It's worth it, my top vibe of the year :)

You're welcome :-)

I don't suppose you've written anything about achieving orgasm through penetration?

not yet but it's something you have to keep going at, it's a matter of playing around. If you can get to her g-spot, palm facing upwards, tops of your 2 fingers flicking upwards and keeping a rythme, you should eventually get their.

It's around a 30-40 min mark of working like that constantly, to get a woman to O or squirt. If she feels a need to pee, she needs to push past that, as she won't actually pee.

I'm working on some notes for a post about that

30 to 40 minutes! Wow! Significantly different than clitoral stimulation then.

yup :) women are hard work :p

Aw, it's hardly 'work'!

Ok, so I have further questions about the l'amerouse range. This one appears to have a clitoral element, a protruding 'prong'http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=31758

But the red one (heated) doesn't have that extra part. Is the base of the red one what sits against your clitorus? Ie the whole thing fits tight against you?

May I recommend that you guys have a read of this:


I've got it and it's very educational- for starters- ALL women have a 'G' spot!

It might help you figure out how she likes to be stimualted, before you break the bank.

The Denia has the 'rabbit ear' but the Rosa rouge does not.

The Rosa's base vibrates with the shaft or on it's own. It can sit on the clit, depending the space between the vagina opening and the clit. The peak of the base sits on my clit with ease, others may not find that.

I am waiting for L'amourose to send me the Denia to review but not sure I'd get it before Christmas, as it's coming from abroad.

It's from scientific studies, it's an average time. 80% of the UK female adult population can not cum from vaginal stimulation. It can take a fair while to get a lass off that way. Some women find it easy, others just can't.

It hasn't been mentioned on here but I'm suggesting the new greedy girl vibe from the fsog range :)

It is ace :) I generally need clitoral stimulation as well to get me off but lately I'm getting ever so much closer to cumming from my g spot alone.. And it's down to the greedy girl vibe :)

it has the option to have only the ears or the shift vibrating or the two together .. I got close from just the shaft vibrating. also in reference to above times mentioned, I was fair close after about 10 mins and if my head space wasn't interrupted I'd say it wouldn't have taken too long more either...

Sunshine,Lollipops wrote:

Then I feel very sorry for the poor man who had to repeatedly do this to lots of different women in order to collect the data for such scientific studies.

LOL :))

Sunshine,Lollipops wrote:

Then I feel very sorry for the poor man who had to repeatedly do this to lots of different women in order to collect the data for such scientific studies.

think the men involved might differ with that lol