Leather, latex, silk or lace?

Which one does everyone prefer?

My fella goes mad for lace.

All of the above???

Same my wife hates the smell of rubber, but life could be much worse, stillleaves a lot of other types od materials to have fun with.

Lace, or Silk for me

Tried a latex skirt once... Was like a work out getting it on Haa.

For me it would depend on the situation/mood of the moment. I love all of the above, as does my o/h. Having said that, my go-to material is probably lace.

hmm tough choice, If I was forced into picking one it would be lace.

Love lace and/or silk underware but not a huge fan of latex, never tried leather but have a few skirts etc which are awesome

Silk,great for sensitive stroking!

Lace and silk! Amazing combo

Lace everytime! I am in love with anything that has lace on it, especially in black ^_^

I like them all, but I look best in black lace. :)

Lace.. but I'm opening up to latex!

errrr, baggy old pyjamas? =\

I like them all, depending on the situation... but favourites have to be black lather or black silk

PVC can look great too on the right person-female?

Faux Leather and Lace!

Lace all the way, i love it

Any of the above, they all feel sexy....sometimes latex and nylons together in water bath.

Gotta say the latex really looks bangin' but to wear and perform in I have to say lace all the way.

Akways had a thing for women in latex but never had a chance to see it in the flesh as it were.

Lace comes a close second though