Lesbian Sex advice

Calling all of the Lesbians :joy:

I am bisexual myself but have had alot more experience with guys than girls in the 3 years that I have been sexually active (I am 19 years old). I have slept with 13 guys and 3 girls although all of those girls were in threesomes or group sex. Because of this the guy was always involved in doing something and most of the time when the girl and myself were doing stuff the guy was doing something at the same time (such as one of us getting F*cked in doggy whilst that person ate out the other girl.

I have wanted to experiment more with my gay side and have recently met a girl in my university complex who I have clicked with. We have talked and sexted a-bit about having sex at some point but I’m kinda nervous as I feel like I don’t have the most experience and am worried I’ll mess up.

If anyone has any tips please leave them down below, I would be really grateful!! xx


I felt like that when I first started having sex with women. As hard as it sounds, try not to stress or worry about it. When you feel like it’s heading towards sex, just let her know you are a little nervous and that you don’t have tons of experience. I doubt it would phase her that much and if it does she isn’t worth your time.

It isn’t really different from having sex with a new male partner; everyone is different so there is no guarantee he’ll like what the last guy liked but it gives you are start point. Start with the knowledge you have from your other experiences and what you like as well and go from there. Be willing to learn and her let guide you. Ask her if she likes what you are doing or if she would like you to go faster, slower, harder, move a bit, whatever.

When you are talking and texting, ask her questions about what she likes. It doesn’t have to be an interrogation, you can simply ask stuff like what are her top 5 sexy things to do, what’s her favourite sex toy (if she doesn’t have any or has different to you that could give you something you can do with her).

Ultimately just enjoy exploring, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be the greatest lover she’s ever met (at least not straight away!) and don’t worry if things don’t quite go to plan, just laugh it off and try something different.


Hi @Sophie01 fellow bi girl here :wave: I can’t add much to the excellent advice from @Calie. Mainly because I settled down with the first person I went out with! If the other girl is the same age as you, you might find she is inexperienced too, just keep talking about what you both enjoy and have fun :heart_eyes:


Think it’s the same as any new partner…relax chat and see how it goes

Even at my ripe old age I still get nervous with a new partner.


Hi @Sophie01, lesbian here! :grin:
Firstly (and probably most importantly): I would just advise you to relax and not overthink it. The fact that you have slept with 3 girls as part of group sex means you already have some experience! Its not much different to be honest.

Secondly: I would ask is this girl Bi also? or is she lesbian? Is this something she could probably take the lead on?

The fact that you have already been sexting could make it very easy to slip in some of the questions that @Calie mentioned previously. Get an idea of what she likes and dislikes. Think about what you liked/disliked about your previous group sex experiences.

Its quite difficult to ‘mess up’ as you put it unless you don’t listen to and respect your partners queues/boundaries. Plus women can sometimes just keep going :wink: so if somethings not working for you, try something different. Switching it up and learning along the way is always fun.

There are ZERO limits to lesbian sex - if you can imagine it - it can be done! But remember, communication is key… tell her your nervous, check in with her during sex to make sure she’s comfortable with/enjoying what you are doing. Just relax and try to stay out of your own head and enjoy the experience.


From a bisexual man’s point of view who’s had a fair amount of male sexual partners I would advise that you make sure a sexual relationship is what you both want and the sexting wasn’t just some innocent fun. If you decide you want to take it further just relax and take it easy. It’s amazing how sex comes so naturally whether it’s with a same sex or opposite sex partner, once you’ve got past the awkwardness of the first time sex then you can explore your sexual needs together and work out who’s the more dominant as in my experience there always is one who is. Its great your open and you want to explore your gay side. Have fun. :heart:


Thankyou this is such great advice. Wasn’t expecting such an in-depth response to be honest. Thankyou!! x


Spot on @Yes_man, I hadn’t even considered the sexting to just be innocent fun.

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She’s Lesbian and is 23 so does have quite bit more experience than me.

Thankyou for the great advice!! x


In that case, if a sexual relationship is what you both want, I would definitely advise to talk with her first. Let her know your nervous and when it comes down to it, just follow her lead!


Be honest and upfront. It’s not at all unusual for lgbt people to have less sexual experience for all sorts of reasons and she should understand that. If she doesn’t then you wouldn’t be compatible anyway and best to find that out quickly.


Didn’t see that one coming @Sophie01 , but you are beautiful hun. Have confidence in yourself. You can’t ‘mess up’. If it doesn’t work out then it probs wasn’t right anyways and Yay You if it does!
Life is a long road. At sweet 19 they’ll be other chances to explore.
Good luck Soph - I’m rooting for you
(and @Calie 's advice is always tops)
and p.s. it might be a first for her too x


I find there to be so much fun in experimenting and learning about a new partner, and a female’s body is so incredibly wonderful to explore. It’s been a long time for me but I’m excited for you! Once you’re together I think it’ll flow and feel natural. And just because she’s a little older, doesn’t mean she’s more experienced! Have lots of fun x


Hey, I think you really need to be fully open before her. Show you her that you want to share your the best feelings and pleasures​:wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’d kinda forgotten about this thread and then here it is again! If it’s not too nosey a question, how did things pan out, @Sophie01 ?

(You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, hun. It’s just I had my fingers crossed for a good outcome…)


As @PleasureDrone said, I was wondering about this one too! Haven’t seen you around for a while @Sophie01, how are things going? Hope you’re enjoying uni :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@PleasureDrone @Kitty-Cat01 This didn’t end up going ahead and I haven’t actually talked to this girl in awhile.

I know I haven’t been active on the forum lately but have been really busy with uni as I moved back up to Nottingham and have been going out more and finishing uni work.

I am now going to try to be more active on here tho!


No worries @Sophie01, just glad you’re enjoying uni. :blush: :heart::heart: Have fun!!


Maybe you’ll catch her another time. Glad things are working out at the house Soph

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