LH Lube anyone have any issues with it?

I got the LH lube to use with the wand attachment the Hummer, But its a no go for me the lube seems to be sticky and also it seems to dry out quick. I know the reviews on the lube is all good but for me it isn't.

Which one did you go for Teacake? I have had problems with the LH Passionfruit flavoured waterbased lube going sticky.

It was the Normal waterbased one: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=35808

Ahh ok i can't comment on that one. We use the extra silky version https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=38383 which seems does last a while. If it's a case of using it with your new Hummer.. i would say apply as much as you can. The material of the Hummer so i lube both myself and the inside of the hummer.

Thanks for your suggestion, Thats what i did i added plenty of lube on me and inside the Hummer.

Question would you bother sending it back to get your money back?

Personally, it would depend on how much i have paid for it. I have a few things i have found terrible and not sent them back because they didn't cost too much. I wonder though with the Hummer being TPE would it work better with a water based anal lube as this is thicker and may last a little longer? I would test this but no anal lube.

Mine seemed a lot like that at first but I quickly realised it was due to how I stored it , before you use it leave the bottle in some hot-ish water (obviously not too hot to melt the bottle) for around 5-10 minutes and the texture should change and last longer I do it with all my sticky like lubes and it improves almost everytime

Thanks i think i will go on live chat, and of course i bought two LH items so i got the 20% off. so i dont think its worth sending it back.

Hi Boox i will try that thanks for the tip

No problem 😊 you can always apply a little water to what you use too and that should dim the sticky texture 😊

Thanks Again Boox, I have also been on live chat and what has been suggested is to use silicone based lube, and the good news is its being sent to me for free so then i can decide what is better waterbased or silicone based for the Hummer attachment.

I think it dries up quickwith the Hummer as the material it’s made from eats through lube so quickly. We use Sliquid Organics Gel with the Hummer as that is much thicker and more compatible with the attachment.

Have you tried Enjoy with other toys and had more luck?

Thanks NatandTom, No i have not tried it with other toys yet, Where you might be right about the material of the Hummer, i found the lube was sticky straight from when i put it on me well not straight away but less than a minute. I will have a go with the silicone they are sending me as its free, if i dont like it i will try the Sliquid.

I/we have only ever used waterbased lube.

Silicone lube is so long lasting, I hope you have more luck with it

I was a bit put off when i was live chat that if it gets on bed sheets it doesn't come off

Boox wrote:

No problem 😊 you can always apply a little water to what you use too and that should dim the sticky texture 😊

Never thought of that another good tip

teacake wrote:

I was a bit put off when i was live chat that if it gets on bed sheets it doesn't come off

That is a potential downside but if you’re quick to spot a spill then antibacterial toy cleaner on a damp cloth can get most of it out - has helped me a couple of times!

Silicone lube is very persistent, it is difficult to remove from nearly everything but I spilled a tiny bit on my carpet once (it was a sliquid container and not a good seal for silicone so it leaked). At first the spot was hardly noticeable, just a shade darker than the normal. Over time it has spread from a small spot to now about 10 inches across and nothing gets rid of it. All that said, on sheets etc, a hot wash in detergent will remove it. And for hard surfaces I’ve found that those builders wet wipes, like swarfega brand have something that removes silicone in them and they work great for both surfaces and non porous toys. You can also mix silicone lube with water based to make your own hybrid, just make sure you shake or mix it well, gives you the best of both really.

I had that problem with the same lube recently. Perhaps the batch was a little dodgy? The other LH water based ones have been fine though.