Lingerie for my wife.

Hello I am thinking of buying some lingerie for my wife for our anniversary in a couple of weeks time,she is a size 16/18 and a bit body conscious,so she wouldn't want anything that showed too much flesh,have any of you got any recommendations as what to get and any ladies a similar size what do you like or own.

babydolls are always good for covering bits I don't like (they're also 15% off if you buy 2 on here)

What a lovely thought :)

I'll let people who know a bit more recommend some lingerie to you, but I would definitely make sure you get something that stretches/gives if you think she is a size 16/18..Or make sure of her size 100%.because it may upset her if you get the wrong size! And foil your lovely anniversary plans :) just a thought xx

Thanks MissChar I know she is defineatly a size 16 but i know she wouldn't want anything risqué (shame) but something classy and like I say something that doesn't show too much flesh she doesn't like her mummy tummy that she got left with after our daughter was born.i would love too see her in stockings but she refuses to wear them saying she has horrible legs.

Stockings hide legs! :) What about a corset? They can be quite flattering I think, and classy. Or a baby doll is nice as well like bumblebee said, hides tummys and can be very nice looking without being risque! x

yeah, after 3 kids i'd always go babydoll and stockings :) there are some bloody gorgeous corsets on here too :)

Thanks,there is so much to choose from on here,I like the idea of a corset not sure my wife would though.

Hmm well while you do wanna pick something she will be comfortable in, she will probably love what you choose even if its not quite what she may have chosen for herself (within reason). The thought you are putting into it is really lovely and if you pick something you can see her looking gorgeous in she will most likely love it, and feel sexy in it!!

Corsets can be so flattering and glamourous, there are lovely high quality ones on here for good prices :) x

Also you could get her to have a browse on here and show you what kinds of things she likes or would be comfortable wearing, and feel sexy...and you can pick your favourite from there! Still a surprise but takes out the risk of her not being happy with it! Just an option x

I'd be fairly conscious of my wobbly bits and I was so surprised that the most flattering item I've ever worn was a body stocking. I don't know how it works, it could be witchcraft for all I know, but they actually work a treat. I feel amazing when I wear mine.

And there are some beautiful ones on LH. I would say if you're going for one get one with a pattern not just plain fishnet as I found the patterns draw the eye and create flattering shapes.

Good luck with it!

I'd be really careful buying corsets going on clothes size, I'm a size 16 for most things, but my corsets are about a size 20/ go by the inches, which might be harder to find out if you don't know them :) I'd vote babydoll :)

Maybe pick something the same colour as the underwear she normally wears?

Maybe have a look in her underwear and see what matrial She likes also.

Totally agree with you Cat Lady - my current corset, I can't decide if I am happy with the size I've got or need the next one even when you're buying your own it can be hard with corsets! I usually find other items much easier to fit (And I have very awkward measurements!)

Wow lots to think about,thanks for your replies,but are there anybody that is a similar size that has bought from here,what did you buy and did it look good.

Heres a small collection of what LH can offer you to buy your wife

Have a nose see anything that she may like x

Thanks kinkyFuckery lots to choose from there I like them all but I reckon some will be too short or expose too much flesh,she is quite hung up about her body I would love her in stockings but she says she has chunky legs so they are a no no.i would like it to be a surprise so I have to be careful and not get anything to risqué even if I would like to see her in basque stockings and knee high boots waiting for me in the bedroom.

This might be a compromise on stockings

I'm very self concious about my legs, and I don't really like wearing stockings because I think my legs look so chunky but I do anyway because I know my husband loves them.

The tights, that I have just linked, are so flattering! The picture doesn't do them justice, and you can't really see the detail on them but they're truely lovely! I got them sent as a tester, and I'm planning on buying a second pair just in case the ones I have break or anything. It's mainly fishnet, but not scratchy fishnet, the material used is really really soft, like a silky feel and they honestly take all my worries away when I wear them. They cover me up, but still give the illusion of stockings, they look so luxurious and are so so flattering. I couldn't reccomend them more. They're also really really stretchy, the sizing guide says up to a 16, but they do really have a lot of give in them.

It does give the illusion of stockings, so it might be a nice happy medium for you both to enjoy. I just wish they come in a crotchless veriety too!!

They look great MrsMcX so much to choose from,I am just a bit worried that she won't like what I get and ruin the moment,I have never bought her lingerie before,she has never been interested in it.

Maybe you could suggest the idea to her before you buy anything? You could just mention she's got a special day coming up, and you would like to get her something to make her feel as sexy as she looks? And see what her reaction is.

Anything that you do buy her, that might not fit, can always be returned and exchanged. LH have a brilliant returns policy!

I have mentioned buying her lingerie before but it has been met with an sarcastic/awkward laugh I just don't want to spoil the day with my selfishness.