Lingerie on or off?

So to much excitement (well mine anyway) our latest LH package arrived today full of some new lingerie and some new toys to play with. After some discussion about buying some sexy lingerie and new toys my wife really didnt know what to get, and didnt think she would look sexy in anything and basically told me to get her whatever I thought.

We opened the package together and i was pleasantly surprised by her reaction, she seeemed to like what i chose which is a good first sign, i hope the sizing is right and it fits comfortably. I really can’t wait to see her in it.

So heres the question am i weird for wanting to have sex with her still wearing said outfits? Don’t get me wrong i love her naked body but something about lingerie doest if for me, is that normal? How do women feel about keeping lingerie on during sex…

FYI she had a babydoll and a chemise and some crotchless underwear/stockings to try out so practically it can stay on during.


I would say definitely keep it on. I love how lingerie adds to the overall allure. :fire:


I agree keep it in n is so much hotter but I know some women Inc my OH finds it an irritation


I think keeping it on adds to the delight. In our case, I’ve often got some lingerie on as well!:wink:


Definitely on!

PIV or foreplay is much nicer with crotchless underwear still in place.


Initially keep it and then sensually remove it as the excitement builds, the exception would be crotchless panties. With a crotchless teddy / bodysuit, I will take down the top so I can play with the OH’s boobs, but would always keep the bottoms on and penetrate her through them.
It might be a particular kink, but I also like pulling out and coming on decent lingerie.


We have sessions where I wear lingerie or I’ll be naked.

Depending on the mood and if it’s going to be a rough, demanding and punishment session I’ll wear my wet look lingerie.

Our favourite is babydoll and teddies. He just loves them, especially if they’re crotchless :wink:

We’ve also got got quite a few costumes too, a few maids in our collection as it’s his favourite.


Yeah i think i share that kink but OH is a bit grossed out by cum so will probably never get the chance to cum over anything like that.


I love wearing lingerie during, it makes me feel sexier than fully naked . It sometimes gets taken off if it gets in the way but I don’t mind if it stays on or comes off. Funnily enough crotchless stuff ends up getting removed as the hole is often not wide enough or chafes on him a little.


I usually end up only in stockings after foreplay


Not weird at all! It really depends on the lingerie. If it’s comfortable and doesn’t get in the way it often stays on although my boobs are usually set free because he can’t keep his hands off them :joy:

I sometimes wear lingerie to masturbate in too, even if I’m alone. It makes me feel sexier and i enjoy the feel of the material against my skin.

I hope your wife likes the pieces that you chose and you get to see her in them soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I prefer my wife keep it on.


I think that when Mrs H reveals the lingerie she is wearing, it provides an element of sexual appeal and an element of naughtiness - especially if the ensemble is particularly kinky/risque.

Keeping her lingerie on during sex adds to the visual appeal, thrill and excitement.


What does it honestly matter what others think of how you want your wife to wear or not wear lingerie?


9/10 prefer it on. We have children so normally have downstairs lounge when they’re asleep and both normally naked and ears alert for movement and touch wood they’ve never come down and caught us.

Sometimes in the evening late night she’ll wear sexy lingerie ubde her pyjamas and keep it on.

In the daytime is great when she can wear heels and outfits.

In the winter when it’s colder she can wear some sexy clothes that helps keep her warmer…

I like pulling on her bras or knickers during sex. Crotchless knickers are great just need to make sure they don’t rub sore against my Penis.


Definitely not weird.

The amount I spend on lingerie, as long as it’s access all areas, I love to keep it on. It seems such a waste otherwise! :rofl:

Also, wearing it turns me on, if it’s flattering and sexy I feel more confident. Depending on style it can be kind of like a confidence costume.

I don’t think my OH is as keen, he doesn’t like anything in the way.

I think whether she keeps it on or not is a choice for the two of you. She may well want to keep it on like a lot of us who’ve commented on this topic do. If she doesn’t, and you suggest it as it’s sexy and a turn on to you, that is fine… just make sure it’s clear it’s not because you find her sexier somewhat covered, that wouldn’t go down well :joy:.


I guess it doesn’t. But nice to know it’s not just me.


Definitely not weird to keep lingerie on, taking it off straight away would be such a waste!

He loves to touch the material, feel it being rubbed across his skin and then when we’re both ready, it’ll come off. However I usually wear a suspender belt under whatever I’m wearing, so that I can keep my stockings on after the rest of it comes off. I know he loves the feel of legs in stockings rubbing against him, so I do that for him. He’ll usually have his own stockings and belt on too…twins!


So long as access to important areas is relatively unhindered (well done whoever thought up crotchless panties and peep hole / half cup bras), then I like it on!


I love keeping it on, as I find it makes me feel amazing even before we get down to business. My OH loves when I keep it on too. Depending what it is I’m wearing, and how much access there is to things, it might get taken off eventually.