Lingerie on or off?

My girl used to be strictly take it off. A few frisky sessions semi converted her. One night I talked her into wearing fishnets,bustier, and a thong under a normie cute summer dress to run around the city one night. Had both of us riled up. Before she got the dress off I talked her into leaving the fishnets on(thigh highs). By the time she got the dress and thong off I was too riled to wait. Gently pushed her back and started pounding like John Henry. She later said she loved it on multiple levels. She felt hotter. She’s more of a sub so caveman sex appeals to her. Apparently the way the satin cups gripped her chest apparently did a better nipple massage than I ever could…and I’ve gotten her off just by doing those. And then the practical part she loved was how it kept her boobs out of her face…she’s very top heavy and we often take turns holding them down during rigorous sessions so she can breathe lol

As to the crotchless panties to give a more direct opinion/advice. Why else would there be a hole there if not to fill with something else?


Keep the lingerie on, I get such a thrill when my Hubby sees what I’m wearing.
If you go on a date night ask her to wear some whilst out on the date!
If she gives you a hint on what she’s got on, it’ll get you both excited as it does us when we go on date nights & I wear something sexy underneath my clothes!


Definitely on. I love sexy dress up time.


My wife has never worn sexy underwear for me so I guess I don’t really know what I’m missing. Also I’ve never found high heals turn me on at all. Maybe I could persuade her to try lingerie with some sexy Dr Marten boots​:yum:


Honestly on or off, can be really hot!! Having him strip it off or not be able to control themselves and have their way with you with it still on, I’m loving it either way!!


We usually end up with our stockings still on.


Cantilever clad

Some flesh on show, some with sexy lingerie


Seems perfectly fine to me.:woman_shrugging:

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The feeling and intensity of our lovemaking when we are both in stockings and suspenders is out of this world.The feeling of wearing them,seeing the wife in them and how sexy they feel rubbing together is incredible.


I have two sets of sexy lengerie. But it’s of before we really do anything.


This is always my issue, I can never find lingerie that shows the goods, but still dresses my wife slightly.

Ie open cup less bra, with stockings, no knickers

Crotchless are good but cover up, and don’t stay on long enough to appreciate them


Yes,must admit it can be touch and go.We do have a drawer with quite a few unsuitable items for both of us in there.But,when you do find the right things it is really really sensuous.

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