Lingerie on or off?

:rofl: got to make sure you get your monies worth!!

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Variety is the spice of life, so sometimes it remains on, others is like unwrapping a present.


I love my wife in lingerie and it’s such a thrill to have sex when she’s wearing it.
Mostly its stockings with suspenders and a basque or babydoll with no knickers, so we can have lots of full access play!
LH wet look stuff (Fierce range) is great, and I do love the feel of that, plus the feel of my wife’s skin around her thighs and butt!
She has elbow length gloves that also look amazing - but one of those will usually come off so that she can get wet fingers :slight_smile:
But she is amazing totally naked. It’s all good.
Variety really is the spice of life :heart: :heart: :heart:


I like both. I think its so hot slowing taking off her lingerie . Touch and kissing through her lingerie , getting her turned on is amazing. Seeing her wear garter belt and stockings definitely gets me going. Though there is nothing more beautiful than seeing her naked !!!


Keep it on. Nothing better imo. Nice at other times to also be naked as well


Keep it on, to start with. Nothing sexier to see my OH in lingerie, feel her through the material and slowly remove it as we go.


In Winter my wife sleeps in a grey T shirt and matching tiny pants (my Sigourney Weaver kink) and we both find it exciting for her to keep them on when she masturbates. She just presses the toy onto her clitoris through the material of the pants. It’s nice to see her wetness spreading through the material as she gets close to coming.