Lingerie with small waist and big bust

Hey y’all!

I have a question about lingerie for all the lovely ladies on here that have a small waist and big bust.

So i gave birth a few months ago and i haven’t been feeling myself lately and my boyfriend seems pretty affected by it. The thing is I’ve always been pretty tiny with a flat chest. While i did get back to the same size as i used to be, my breast tripled in size and they don’t seem to be shrinking.

2 weeks ago i wanted to suprise him when he got home from work so i tried on “ALL” of my lingerie and nothing would fit me right, i must of cried for 2hours which sounds silly i know​:sweat_smile:

the problem is i still wear size small-medium around the waist and all but my breast wont fit in anything smaller than large which makes it really difficult to find anything that works. my boyfriend noticed how much it bothered me and ordered 200$ of lingerie from here and when i tried them on it was the same thing, nothing fit my breast so he pretty much waisted all his money…

Im at a lost and need lingerie advice!
If you’re experiencing the same, what type of lingerie do you order for yourself? And if its not from here, where do you shop for lingerie when you have a small body and big bust?


First of all @Anonymous12 hiya there and welcome to the forum…:wave::wave:

I am the same but always have had a naturally big bust and small waist…the only items that fit my bust that I have purchased from Lovehoney are the bodystockings which are stunning on… although I do wear a bra underneath to hold my boobs in place and also a couple of open cup items as I vary from a E cup to an H cup depending…

I understand your frustration somewhat as I would love to fit in the stunning lingerie on here but know I can’t…have you tried the less fitted floaty type items of lingerie there are some stunning items.

You have just had a baby and your cup size will alter over time…look at the sale items and maybe try a bodystocking they are reasonably priced…easy to put on…quick to wash and dry…I have washed them several times and they are really robust…not had one rip yet. I have purchased lots of different ones and they look really sexy.

Congratulations on your new arrival…look after yourself and don’t be hard on yourself either…it’s still early days.



My wife has similar issues but found the following works: open cup bodysuits like . She has this and looks awesome. She also sometime wears a g string and puts nipple pasties on

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I can’t really add any better suggestions for lingerie but did want to add that you can return the items that don’t fit and get your money back x

My wife has a large bust (36DD) and a smaller but not tiny waist (M, US8/10). Besides buying sized bras, she looks stunning in open cup bodysuits and teddies, babydolls - especially flyaway style - and proper lace-up corsets do a lot adjust where they need to. And never anything wrong with a silky chemise that flutters around.

But my favorite thing for her to wear is nothing.

There are so many changes after a baby - inside, outside, upside down - and it’s okay to be a little discombobulated about it. But remember that your partner wants YOU and will be happy to have you any way you are!

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Yes my OH gets frustrated with lingerie not suiting her big boobs, she loves the look of 1/4 cup bras and bought one only to find they really are only good for small boobs, her big boobs just sat over it and it didnt look good at all, if you wants something that hold her boobs from underneath but still shows her nipples like a 1/4 cup does in the photos then that more of a specialist website buy when you have big boobs which also means big money!!

@Anonymous12 hello welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi and welcome to the forum. Hopefully you will get some great advice from others here.

Thanks for the recommandations I’ll definitely look into it!

Thanks! Ill definitely look into similar types of lingerie! It helps to have recommendations from other womens/women’s significant other that are going through the same situation as me!:sweat_smile:

Can i really do that? I thought i saw somewhere on the website that you can only return lingerie if it’s unopened​:sweat_smile:

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Thank you for the lingerie recommendations!

And also thank you for the kind words, it can be hard to feel wanted after having a baby… lol! But to hear that really helps me feel better about myself! I feel like i might be putting to much pressure on myself and that might be what’s truly affecting our relationship! He probably doesn’t even care what i look like now vs before.

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I definitely feel her! I used to have so many nice sets like that, sadly now they won’t even cover half what they are supposed to cover… lol​:rofl:

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Hey, thank you!


Hey thanks a lot!:relaxed:

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Hey @Anonymous12 I know exactly what you mean. My OH has exactly this issue. I did raise this in a previous post. It maybe worth checking out. LH are aware of these kind of problems. If you have a look at:

Don’t get me wrong it Doesn’t help with your situation I’m afraid but I have voiced some ideas for LH to look into.

@Lovehoney_Brenna have you had any feedback on this at all? I appreciate it’s only been a week or so. Just wondered. Thanks

It would definitely be nice if they could accommodate all body types! Thanks for sharing!


It’s really badly worded but I asked customer services and as long as you have only tried it on and not taken the tags off you can return it.

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