Locktober (again)

At midnight tonight Locktober begins.

Chastity cages stay on 24/7 for the whole month.

I will be doing my best to comply and I wish success for anyone else attempting the feat.

I managed it last year apart from hygiene breaks so I’m hoping, with another year’s experience, to be able to do it again.


Good luck - is there a world record for this? :thinking:

No idea. Its not something that normally comes up in polite conversation or on the news bulletins.

Ooo this sounds like a funky challenge!

It’s not so much a challenge as a legal requirement for all adult males. It snuck in under the radar as part of the Brexit negotiations. :blush:.


The title of your thread horrified me for a moment… I thought it was another lockdown situation!

Happy to see that it is your down-there lockup instead.

Hope it goes well and good luck :wink: :+1:

I have total respect for this. I can’t go a day without wanting a wank :rofl:


I think it only prohibits sex with EU citizens - although sex with a resident of Northern Ireland has to be observed by a government inspector. :male_detective:

I would like to masturbate every day too but I’m caged up so she gets the benefit of my pent up lust.

She’s had more orgasms in this last 18 months than in our previous 44 years together and we weren’t exactly holding back then either.

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Good luck @rockstar :crossed_fingers: You’ve totally got this…:raised_hands:

Good Luck with that @rockstar. I’d never heard of that and I thought the worst like @Baby_Jane. I had been thinking of a bit of self denial, but I can’t manage that just now and I don’t think I could go that long anyway. I’ll add it to my list of things to think about and possible plan for.
I wish you a speedy month.

Good luck :+1:

We have thought about this together before and my boyfriend was open to try it and quite excited by the idea. He’d bought a cage already and we put it on him yesterday, we don’t live together and I have the key so we will see how he does!


Good luck @Rockstar

We are out of chastity again for now, seem to go through on/off spells. I did 5 weeks without orgasm earlier which was easier than I thought, but I did have unlocks for sports / hygiene, never tried no unlocking at all, that will be interesting for you.

This sounds like an ideal chastity scenario but remember things have a tendency to shift and occasionally get caught or pinched so it would be a good idea to hide a key round at his place so that, in case of emergency, he could contact you for its location should he really need to unlock himself.

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So we’re coming to the end of the first week of Locktober and it’s going OK. Sleeping in the cage is less problematic than it was a 18 months ago. I seem to wake up as soon as I need a wee now rather than sleeping on until I get an erection which drags on the cage.
If I make it through to the end of the month it will be 8 weeks since my last orgasm and one week before my 70th birthday. I’m hoping for a special present.


So it’s been 11 days for my boyfriend and he seems to be doing OK with it at the moment and I think he might actually be enjoying it! We went out at the weekend and it was a turn on knowing he has a cage over his cock, it’s something I hadn’t thought of at all before but it is fun. He says he hasn’t really had an urge to masturbate so it is quite comfortable for him.

Glad it’s going well.

Although I’ve been wearing my cage for around 19 months now we both still get a kick out of knowing that I’m caged when we’re out and about, with friends or when I’m playing on stage.

2 weeks now but unfortunately I woke up this morning with a slight soreness through chafing overnight. I’m not backing out though so I’ve changed to a different design of cage.

Sounds like something my boyfriend should try instead needing to wank all the time!