Lovehoney Barely There Black Sheer Babydoll Set

Not only is this sexy, giving a little coverage for lumps and bumps but also tantalising revealing. Also perfect to wear a little something round the house during really hot weather. So…. ideal to when it’s hot in more ways than 1!


Is this the babydoll you mean? Its really nice, subtly sexy.

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I’ve been eyeing that one off in the green, maybe I should get it…

I absolutely love these, I’m plus size and feel so comfortable in wearing them, and seeing him turned on by them, makes me feel more confident.
They also do them in the teddies, which is his favourite especially the saffron kiss :kiss:

In the teddies and babydolls I have all the colours, I just couldn’t decide on what one to get, so I got all of them :joy:


I love the green in the plus size teddy, though it looks a bit gapey in the groin but then I’m meatier than the model. I’m proper fat lol

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See I’m between the sizes for lingerie, boobs and hips fit plus size, but it’s way too big for my waist.
I usually skip bodysuits and teddies because of it, but they’re so cute I might just have to get them and take in the waists!

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Welcome to the forum! Most glad to hear you love your babydoll outfit and it sure calls for it in this heatwave

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They are really pretty, if you’re handy definitely take it in!


Hey and welcome to this amazing community, I added a comma to your title as I felt it was easier to read with the comma.

:rofl::rofl: the title is the name of the product

Yes that’s the one

Oh ffs I blame the heat! And the long ass day I had whilst reading it in the sun ffs :man_facepalming:t3: Oh and the lack of sleep and the baby!! Lol :joy: that’s my excuse and im sticking with it! :joy::joy::sunglasses:

My wife is sexy as hell in that black sheer babydoll set I love 4 her to dress up and I got some mesh underwear that barely covers my penis but I love it 4 her