Lovehoney Forum & Twitter

Hello, all.

I just wanted to clarify that we as a company and a forum are not related to Twitter. 

Our only link is the Lovehoney accounts that are used for promotion, this is an account we use much like people use their own for tweeting. This does not link the forum to Twitter.

Some older members will be aware that we used to allow the sharing of handles. This was stopped due to unnecessary behaviour about adding members and not being added back and personal safety. Also, we simply don't allow the sharing of contact details.

More info here:

We do not wish to be Twitter and nor will we ever be as they are for designed with direct chat one on one in mind. 

The forum has been designed for open chat to seek to advise on our products and sexual information.

If there is an issue relating to Twitter and one of its users, please use the processes they have in place for reporting, blocking, unfriending etc. 

If you have chosen to share your handle with people that belong to the forum in some way then that has no relation to us. As an individual, you have given personal details over for someone to share with you on another platform. Please use what those platforms put in place to help with any issues you may have. 

Thank you all.