Lube, lube, lube

Evening! I’m in dire need of a toy box restock, including lubes!

What are lubes that people are really loving at the moment? We’ve tried a fair few now but I don’t think we’ve found one we really love.

I like to have a few on the go so waterbased ones and maybe a good Silicone if there’s a favourite.

I hope this is the right place to post, if there’s somewhere else, let me know :smiley:

Liquid silk is always my 100% go to. Like every time. I have a selection but it’s the one I resort to


Sliquid lubes and YES WB are all veyr nice (havent tried the other YES lubes, but they also do anal and silicone ones)


I’m a sliquid lover, I always stock up on this as it works so well with my sensitive skin and has worked wonders on all of our toys without a problem.

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I have a Gin and tonic flavoured lubricant :slight_smile:


Oh aye @Green_Eyed_Girl I forgot about the YES range, also recommended. They are v good

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I always order the strawberry flavour for oral the misses loves it on my cock and for Wanking we use the discover anal lube just because it’s proper silky and last ages

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Liquid silk is my number one fave :blush:

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I wish they would do a hybrid lube, their waterbased was nice (still prefer sliquid when i can get it, but what can you do :woman_shrugging: )

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I swear by the liquid silk lube and so does a lot of people. It’s the only lube I’ll use now so I hope it never gets discontinued.

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We like the lovehoney discover anal lube for all over use as it’s a good thick water-based lube that doesn’t easily dry out :relaxed: I wouldn’t recommend the KY lube as it tends to dry out and get a bit bugger-like, and unlike a lot of others here the liquid silk flakes like crazy for us :sweat_smile: Also like the durex play silicone lube :relaxed:

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I luv Sliqid Organics. It has a slightly thicker consistency and I have used it with various toys including my first use of an anal toy. I enjoy its silky feel and have used for masturbation. After my skin feels very soft. Never had any problems and have no reason to change

Lately I’ve been finding that the LH Discover Lube isn’t agreeing with me; it’s been drying me up and resulting in a flaky coating with a minute or so of use. Ive been using it for about 6 weeks for solo play and my body just seems to have rejected it.

Liquid Silk, on the other hand, it still doing what it’s supposed to and feeling lovely and soft with it. We prefer this for couples fun.

For general day to day sliquid is my go to. Have heard very good things about Liquid Silk as well though.

For oral however 100% the System JO Gelato White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Lube. Great lube generally and tastes amazing.

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Lovehoney Discover for everything.


Same here, always does the job.

ID juicy lube bubble gum blast, but cannot find it anymore, down to our last bottle

Anyone have any recommendations for hybrid lubes?

Try Swiss Navy? its like water and very slippery but is purely silicone
We also buy fisting lube in litre tubs

I actually really disliked Swiss Navy. My husband and I went through a bottle SO fast and with how runny it is, it got absolutely everywhere :confounded::confounded:

Plus I’m only looking for a hybrid lube since I need something that’s toy safe. I have plenty of water based, just need something with a little more lasting power that isn’t pure silicone.