Male cuming twice

Has anyone experienced a male cuming then cuming again? Its happened to my husband 2 times recently, just wondering if it’s happens to anyone else?

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If you mean in rapid succession, it did (rarely) happen to me in my 20s - not since then, though.

As I’m sure you’re aware, via edging/denial techniques it is possible to make a guy ejaculate without the physical pleasure - the ‘ruined orgasm’ - and keep him going (I.e. he doesn’t lose his erection) to do it again and again. I’m not sure this is what you’re talking about, though.

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Thanks for the reply,I was giving him a hand job and he ejaculated over my chest I was about to stop and he told me to carry on and he came again I definitely got 2 lots over my chest


For me it has only been in later years after reading Multi-Orgasmic Man and using a Tenga Flip.

Think the most I have had is three while making love and then we stopped for a break as we were both a bit knackered. Resumed a little later.

Perhaps he has been practicing :slight_smile:

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My partner has done this a few times over the years but it isn’t very often and it seems to be completely random.

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@Unicorn_princess sorry I have not I can only manage the once hun :+1:

@Unicorn_princess when you say he came twice how close together were they ànd was it ejaculating both times or an orgasm hope it makes sense

Only in my dreams nowadays unfortunately!!!

I have been fortunate to have experienced 2 orgasms (With ejaculation) within seconds of each other, it is rare but a most enjoyable experience.

It was within a minute

I can do that but only if I cum without ejaculating

Nope - I fit in the mold of needing about 10-15 minutes or longer to go a second time. I will go and then completely go limp and lose all blood flow for a period of time. Once that time passes, I could go again, but it takes far longer to climax the second time, perhaps 30 minutes to an hour of sex before a second occurance.

On that note, I will either rub one out in the shower ahead of a sex session so that I can stage a longer sexual intercourse duration with my OH and ensure that she goes first. If I don’t, I can basically wear her out to the point that we switch to oral and fingering to keep me out of her vagina (she does not like anal) as I can make her raw between orgasms. We got it figured out but that is how I can add to the stamina.

I think I would need to see a chiropractor if I shot 2 successive shot within that short duration… I’d like to give it a go but then it would be right to sleep for me…LOL

This book is amazing and I recommend it. If you want to control during sex and multiple is possible.

There’s even a section in the original ‘Jaws’ novel on the subject!

My husband can do this. It’s all about control for him. He can’t say how he does it, as he’s always been able to. Me: I’m a lucky girl because I get to feel him cum repeatedly.


I always can stay hard after cumming once, but it takes me forever to cum a second time.

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The best I’ve been able to do is four times in the one session … but that was a looooooooong time ago! Nowadays, I can on (a good day) get two out in a sesh, but on the odd occasion where my wife is extra-insatiable and I’ve come before she is fully satisfied, we’ll just break out her fave toys until she is.

I can cum twice. Once on Monday and again on Thursday!!! :joy::joy::joy:


In the same week? Lucky bugger. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe I should have said ‘a Thursday’

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