Male multiples

Well women have multiple orgasams aint it a shame men cant ..boy wouldnt that make her screem in bed depending on what you are doing...

I have often thought this...I would love to swallow mutliple mens orgasms!!


Oooh! Good thinking RuRu! Never actually thought of the cumshots that would've been involved!

If you want to swallow multiple orgasms....why don't you arrange yourself a spot of Gokkun fun?! x

I think men CAN have multiple orgasms (sort of). I've had some unbelievable orgasms, (mainly from blow jobs). These are where as the orgasm is on the come down after peaking, I've started to tighten up & the pulsing & contracting rises again pretty much immediately & I've fired a second smaller load. This wipes me out like I've been electrocuted. Not sure if that counts as an extended/split orgasm or a multiple, either way they are pretty good!

Yeah, there's a lot of talk about multiple orgasms from prostate massage as well, full body orgasmic like feelings but without ejaculation, then the final orgasm where you do come is amazing. We're not really built for that sort of thing though!

makes me glade im not a male :D lol

I've not posted here before, but I as thinking of starting a tread on the same subject in the last few days anyway.

I just bought Tracy Cox's Karma Sutra as a present for the OH (like all good presents, just but what you want yourself then give it as a present. She's still suspicious about the Scalectrix I bought her last Christmas...) and found the bit that talked about multiple orgasms.

A bit more researching on the internet gave me more info about all those PC exercises, which I've been doing for a couple of weeks. I'm pleased to report that I can now have 'dry' orgasms and continue to have a second normal one but the 'dry' one(s) don't seem anyware as good as the old traditional type. In fact they are pretty naff.

Most of the information is wierd Toaist stuff about channeling energy, which I really can't be arsed with, so hearing about how my spirit will be enlivened doesn't help. I'd just like to know if anyone here has done the same and whether it's worth sticking with.

I have multiple squirts on orgasm, does that count?

Sometimes i've been so horny tht one wank isn't enough and I need to go again a bit later - squeeze all the juice out of it if you will!

i did manage to masturbate 4x in a row once...but this was in my days as a testosterone-filled teen! sadly these days are over...

I've had that mucky duck, from blojobs too, sometimes aches a bit when runing on dry though.

I think sex makes me too sensitised afterwards to carry on, except for the odd occasion.

Orgasm and ejactulation are 2 very different things aswell, in my own personal experiance i'd completely say men can multi, but multi ejaculation is a bit different. It can be sooo frustrating ejaculation but not orgasming as your body decides it's done it's bit! Orgasm without ejac just makes it sooo intense in the end!!!

I have managed anything up to a dozen times within one sex session, usually ends up in a sweaty, exhausted heap lol. I am ready to go again very quickly after cumming and routinely wank 8/9 times a day, probably a little too much.

Hiya Mikesy now that sounds pretty much like an idyllic existence to me matey- good luck and don't forget the lube or you could suffer a split end with a difference!!!! Welcome to the forums.


I can remember them days when my I could get an erection no longer thn 5 minutes after the other. LOL. Funny it tends to happen when you are a horny little teenager or you are with someone new.

I believe tantric sex works. But I don't believe in it. Just dont chaff the women too much. Use lube....

Pretty sure I've had another multiple orgasm today. MEGA hugely enormous orgasm, half way through the pop shot when things were dying down I started clenching up again & started coming again... really intense. Awesome feeling Pretty sure that counts as a multiple!

Well done Mucky, not sure l will ever achieve such greatness, esp as Mrs T can bang out 7 or 8 until her clit gets too sensitive!! Awesome in my opinion.


TB, if I could cum 7 or 8 times in a row I'd be on the telly! or dead!

I have only done it a few times. Twice from a BJ, a couple from anal & once today with my fleshlight! It knocks the fuck out of you, My legs have were rubbery for ages. I WAS chuffed to bits, shame the missus missed it!

Now would she agree do you think??


Probably not, she just tuts at me know. She's like the wank police, she knows if the tissues or curtains have move a micron. "You've been wanking haven't you!!??" then I get a story of why it's wrong because she was downstairs watching the telly or out with the bambino & could have come home at any minute! You'd think I was whacking off in the halway! She's better get used to it, 6 months + breastfeeding is a long time to go without a shag never mind a wank!!!

There is that trick with pressing your fingers between the balls and the anus just before your climax, so that you get the contractions,etc but no sperm coming out. You will be ready to go again in a minute.

I used to do that in the past when driving my GF to 7-9 orgasms in a night, or sometimes day and night. I was almost constantly on. However, I think that supressing your cum is not that healthy as it may cause inflamations in the tubes somewhere.

But I still do 3 cums in a row with a 4th erections afterwards (which works well for OH as the shagging can continue even after I dried up the the stocks), but then I will need something like a day's rest to bring the count back to 3.

Don't despair pals, not all women are multiorgasmic either, and very few men can actually do more than a few shots. It's not competition at the end of the day. I feel quite sexually relieved just making love without necessarily ejaculating each time.

i think i gave my bloke the other weekend multiple orgasms, was giving him a hand job for ages and kept changing my rythm when he got close to cumming and then after quite a while i got his honcho out and used it on him then took it off just before he was going to cum to stop him but with seconds of going back to my hand he cum, bloody loads aswell.

anyway after he cum and cleard up i carried on giving him a hand job and using the honcho at first he was like its to much but we kept on and around another 3 or 4 times his face and body acted like it does when he cums but as we was using the honcho couldnt really tell if there was cum in there (the lube starts to look like cum).

afterwoods he said he felt like he had cum another 3 or 4 times then from the very first time but he wasnt sure, and wasnt sure if anymore cum had been relised.

so we think he has but were not sure, was bloody fun though and i wa dripping wet after! but i dont think its something his going to let me do every weekend as he was totaly fucked after and said he felt empty lol