Male pubic hair shaving

Hi just wondered if many blokes go smooth down below, I have tried but just end up with a bad rash any tips please

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I’m intermittently shaved and not shaved (haven’t got a partner so no-one else to please). When I do decide to trim the shrubbery, I do the bulk of the job with a simple beard trimmer, then wet-shave the remaining stubble with a razor. Barely ever cut myself.

Everyone’s hair growth and skin sensitivity is different, though. YMMV.

Waxing is the way to go for me. Super smooth, no spikey awkward grow back pains. Once you get over the initial fear, if hairless is your thing, waxing wins out!

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@kinkynfreaky - Is it expensive?

Soak in a hot bath, use a quality 5 blade razor, use a non-foaming gel such as King of Shaves, lie down in the bath for easy access, much easier. I never have any problems using this method.

My guy goes shaved, the most hair i’ve ever seen him like is a landing strip. He’s never had a any issues that i’ve seen with a rash. When I shave if I don’t just a really moisturizing cream or gel I get a little one.

Waxing is definitely the best for longer lasting results. My husband started off hairy when we first met and trimmed significantly soon after this. He started to shave it all and prefers it this way and for the last few years has been getting it waxed which lasts around 2 months now before it needs doing again. I haven’t seen him with any pubes for a long time now which is fine with me!


There are quite a few threads on shaving, but the theory is -

Use a sharp multi bladed razor (something like a good quality 3 blade razor or better, not disposables).
Go with the grain, not against (at least initially).
Use a balm/oil afterwards (I use baby oil sometimes).
It gets better over time (as your skin becomes accustomed to it, you get less instances of ingrown hairs).

I’ve never waxed, the thought is scary but have been shaving for many years. A gilette mach 3 blade lasts me about a month shaving 2-3 times a week.

Once you get used to hairless, its pretty tough to go back…


I’m lucky that both myself and my OH shave each other - so never a complicated process. We have one of these Phillips one shavers which does a good job…never caught myself or the missus - although anytime you use a clipper you might get in-growns. I’ve never waxed…that terrifies me…but I’m not religious about being smooth all the time.

So, to repeat my earlier question… is it expensive? :slightly_smiling_face:

Likely to be between 50-75 quid. If it’s cheaper, it’s likely to be somewhere you don’t want to be. Avoid wax strips - hard wax/stripless wax is what you need to be doing.

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Thanks, @kinkynfreaky :slightly_smiling_face:

WillC has it spot on.

I do exactly the same (apart from being in the shower) and shave daily.

If you stick with it the rash and sensitivity gradually dies down.

Personally I love being perfectly smooth.

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Daily shaver here too :person_raising_hand:

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I shave ever other day, only started in the last couple of months, love having silky smooth balls.
:chipmunk: :rabbit2:

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It certainly makes it a lot easier to deal with cock harnesses and suchlike if you’re not having to fight through the undergrowth. Latterly my pubes have started growing longer and straighter. It’s all getting a bit Lord Of The Rings down there - know what I mean? No wonder I’ve started referring to him as Sir Ian. :wink:

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Used to shave regularly with a razor, but it got tiresome. So now I use a Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0 once a week or so. Definitely not as close as a good wet shave, but a darn sight easier.

Personally, I totally prefer being hairless down there, it feels nicer.

I shave using a good old fashion butterfly safety razor. Not the cut throat barbershop razor, but a modern version of the old style grandpa razor.

A) great for everywhere
B) blades cost almost nothing and last just as well as super expensive 5 bladed super duper best ever razor
C) gosh, changing the blade feels manly. You need to unscrew it, carefully put the super shape blade in, and screw it back. A very satisfying process :smile:
D) I only use regular soap. Face or balls, no rash, just an excellent close shave.

Also, butterfly safety razor and soap is pretty eco friendly from a lack of plastic packaging, which isn’t every one’s concerns, but is one of mine.


Hi @orange_6
My hubby likes to stay nice and smooth and hair free as we like to use quite a bit of lube due to his size. This makes it more enjoyable for us both and it doesn’t get all matted up due play.
I know he was saying that he puts on baby oil after shaving and this helps with the razor rash etc.
Take care and stay safe x

Leaving my post (see above) has spurred me into action. I’ve been busy with the clippers. He’s not Sir Ian any more - more Sir Ben Kingsley. :wink: :rofl: