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Hi all.

I was looking for a bit of advice. I am new on here so apologise if the topic has been brought up already.

My wife would like to do more things for me as she feels bad me doing all the work. We have discussed some male toys such as cock rings, but I’ve never tried anything like it.

How have others got on with them and how have women got on using toys on men? Any advice would be appreciated!


Cock rings are mainly for maintaining erection and delaying and extending orgasms. Even the vibrating ones are largely designed to stimulate the woman’s clitoris during penetration although they do feel good for the man too.

I would suggest a masturbation sleeve such as a Fleshlight or something similar. The Quickshot is good value as a starter. If you can afford it there are lots of powered masturbators which vibrate, suck, thrust and generally do pleasurable things to a penis and the person attached to it.


If she has some toys already, chances are you already have something that would also be fun to use on you. Lots of guys on here use wands, bullets and pebble vibes. They market them primarily as clit toys, but theyr just as good to use if youve got a penis. Just takes a bit of experimentation


My husband likes this cock ring that has a ball sleeve :point_down: It helps him keep his erection, but he also likes the tugging on his balls and the way it feels different when he cums vs when he’s not wearing it - this is his review of it. I agree with @Green_Eyed_Girl about the vibrators! He loves when I use my bullet and clit vibe or our wand on his balls and the underside of his penis during oral :+1:


Cock rings and fleshlight/quick shot are a great starting point into male sex toys. The OH likes to use the wand on me too :slight_smile:

I don’t personally find this to be totally true.
I do like a very strong wand as a male, but as far as my penis goes that’s about it. The rest might give it a stimulating tickle but not enough to get anywhere.

I know it works for some, but in the main, I believe there’s a reason why clit toys are marketed as clit toys.

To be more specific, I can have a lot of fun with the doxy wand, which is very powerful. The mantric wand however, just doesn’t cut it for my male bits. Sweet but not enough. Same for the various bullets and pebbles we own.

Interesting subject for sure. We are all very different.

I personally love cock rings as far as male toys go.
They seem to delay ejaculation just a second or two, enough for the semen to build up excessively and when finally shooting off giving a much stronger orgasm. Really lovely.

Some vibrate too, and whilst they don’t do much for me directly, I absolutely love what they do to my wife, it’s a massive turn on!!!

Also used Tenga 3D masturbators, they are fantastic. Really nice toys for men.

Hope this helps.

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We’re all very different. Ive had enough toys that have been duds for me despite rave reviews to know this. Would be boring if we were all the same :smile:


If you don’t mind P-Spot toys then the Lovense Edge 2 Prostate Massager is great.
It is my recommendation even for first time users as it can be controller from an app so you don’t have to touch it. (unless needing to adjust.)

It’s head can be bent into shape (adjustable) to find the correct spot unlike 90% of other P-Spot toys out there.

Then it is completely waterproof and can be cleaned easily with soap and water or toy cleaner, it air dries quickly on a towel and then can be stored in an included pouch.

It charges with a USB cable that clips on magnetically (you need to have a USB port to charge, either a plug or PC)

Or the Lovense Diamo Cock Ring

This ring is also app controlled, easy to clean and has a magnetic charging cable. Dries quickly and can be stored in its included pouch.
One tight squeeze (lube up a lot) is that you have to put your balls into it too and it can be quite finicky.

If you would like something to start off with then go for the Fleshlight QuickShot. Quite easy to clean and you can close two caps to keep it completely covered when not in use.
Just measure for fit? possibly.
Can be fun for your partner to tease you with it. Mines sure did.
This is quite small and can be hidden, it will mainly tease the head or be good for going in and out of.

I own all of these and have strong opinions of them!


Like many already suggested using a fleshlight together is really fun. We use it together and it really nice nice when she controls the length of stokes and the speed.

If your open for anal or prostate stimulation I would suggest getting a prostate massager or a small/medium buttplug or a small strapon​:wink:

Cockrings doesn’t do it for for but it depends of course on what you like.

My wifes loves using our all our toys on me. Like the fleshlight, buttplug and strapon.

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I’d say for a first timer a vibrating cock ring would be quite nice and even maybe one of them small hand strokers you could have to get your wife more involved in pleasing you :slightly_smiling_face:

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These are great choices!

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