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by @Peitho , 6th April 2021
Womanizer X Lovehoney InsideOut Rechargeable G-spot and Clitoral Stimulator

Inside and Out this is the Crème de la Crème of Sex Toys

So first impressions, good functional packaging which I will be keeping to store it in, no storage bag but when the box is ideally moulded to hold it that is fine. The quality of the silicone is lovely with a beautiful silky, soft feel. You get a brief safety instructions leaflet and a more detailed user manual which includes extremely thorough advice on cleaning which can be an issue for suction toys.

The InsideOut has an excellent magnetic charger point on a USB cable with a very secure connection compared to some others I have used. When plugged in there is a flashing green light that appears in the suction opening which is a snazzy positioning for the light, once fully charged the light stays permanently on so you know you’re ready to go. A full charge from flat takes up to 120 mins but the toy came with a substantial charge already so no waiting time to get started.

The IsideOut comes with two clitoral head attachments, a standard size pre attached and a second larger head in a sealed bag. Having fully tested both I favour the smaller head but having the option is a definite bonus and they are very easy to change.

The buttons are a little fiddly to use until you get familiar with them as they are hard to see however they are cleverly designed with the positive buttons domed and the negative buttons recessed. A firm press of the positive suction button turns the toy on and holding this button again will turn it off.

There are 12 intensity levels of both suction and vibration, no patterns, which for me is a definite plus. With just a couple of exceptions I am not a fan of patterns, I generally go up through intensities with a vibrator and then just when I don’t want to, I hit a pattern and have to cycle all through again to get back where I want to be. None of that here! The vibrating G-spot arm works exactly the same as the clitoral suction and just gets more intense.

I imagine this can suffer from the same issue as rabbits in that one size does not fit all. I have some bunnies that are spot on for my anatomy and some that although ideal on paper just don’t hit all the right spots. For me personally though, the InsideOut could not be any more compatible. The G-spot arm is exactly in the key position, it has a great flexibility to it so the pressure and vibrations are perfectly focussed and the suction head is simultaneously planted perfectly. Less than a minute in and that clitoral head is not going anywhere as my vaginal muscles have clamped on so tight.

Squirting is not my normal. This changes that, it is soooo good.

I have a WeVibe Melt, also an exceptional device, but for me, this is better because you can let go and it stays locked and you have that full satisfied feeling for the most intense blended orgasms. Truly the crème de la crème of sex toys and guaranteed results every time.

The only negative with the InsideOut is the volume, positioned perfectly it is not too loud but if you lose that clitoral lock or turn it on not connected you’ll definitely hear it in neighbouring rooms.

Now, I did at first get sent a faulty InsideOut, I think some inner electrics had got a little cross wired in construction so it wouldn’t turn on and then leapt into life when connected to the charger and wouldn’t switch off again… it had to go and sleep on it’s own in the spare room until the battery died! Thankfully, Lovehoney’s customer care is the best you’ll find on the Internet. Free return postage was provided as they wanted to know what had gone wrong with the toy and learn from it and a replacement provided immediately. When this toy works as it’s meant to there is no other better.

Final summary, the price tag may not be small but it’s a lot less the Duo, which I can’t see being any better so unless you need stealth for masturbation, in which case you may struggle, absolutely buy this. You will not regret it and it’s worth every single penny!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: Ideal anatomically for me, perfection on every pleasure point. Introduced me to squirting.

Cons: A little loud but the same applies to all suction toys without the Smart Silence.

Bottom Line: Perfection, buy it, do not hesitate!


by @PKH, 10 Aug 2021
Womanizer Premium Smart Silence Clitoral Stimulator Black

A Different Kind of Stimulation : )

Straight out of the box, it looks really stylish and sleek. The feel is silky and luxurious. The drawstring bag it comes with feels silky and sleek too and is the perfect fit for the stimulator as well as the cord and extra heads. I’d recommend reading all of the instructions before using it the first time to get the most out of it sooner and to avoid frustrating user errors (and you have time for this during it’s initial charge up). It comes with a small head and a medium head (I swapped to the medium head right away).

The first couple times using it, it didn’t feel good at all while I was using it (I personally don’t think it feels like oral), but then when I got close to climaxing (and pretty quickly), it felt reallllly good! So the next couple times I used it, I just kinda laid there waiting for it to feel good, then when I’d get close to climaxing it would hit me hard. I remembered I hadn’t tried the autopilot function. Man, the first time I used autopilot, it felt so good the whole time… It was building me up then easing off, but I still had an orgasm pretty quickly. It doesn’t hurt my clit while I’m using it, but I’m always a little sore after I’m done (and it’s a different kind of soreness than when I get sore from my bullet), so I’ve been using it every other time swapping with my bullet. When I try to hold other toys in place with my thighs, they usually slip out of place, but with this, it stays in place and doesn’t lose the suction. I’ve used it with my glass dildo, but I don’t think I want to try sex with it because the tip of it sticks out a bit blocks part of my vagina. I can maneuver around it with a dildo, but I don’t think me or my husband would enjoy piv sex with it.

Since the “+” button is large, I can find it easily when I want to increase the setting, and then I know the “-“ button is right below it, so I don’t have to try to look at it while I’m using it. It’s not too loud on the lower settings. Rather than just a buzzy sound, it makes a sound like a junky old car or a boat or something, but a quiet junky car on the lower settings, and then obviously louder on the higher settings. If I have music or a fan on, it’s quiet enough to use discreetly with other people in the house. I like the smart silence function because when I take it off my clit when repositioning or after climaxing, it pauses without me needing to press any buttons. Sometimes the sensor will be off and it will continue when there is no contact, but then I can just turn it off, make sure the silicone head is on right, and turn it back on and it corrects itself. I haven’t needed lube to use it so far, I’ll either lick the silicone head to get it wet before I start or use my own juices. It is pretty noisy while cleaning it because it is supposed to be submerged in water for one minute while on the highest setting. When I read about how to clean it, I thought it would be a pain because of having several steps, but after doing it a few times, it’s been pretty quick and easy to clean. Take off the tip, spray it with toy cleaner, and wash as usual, then spray toy cleaner into the stimulator’s hole, let it sit for 30 seconds, fill a cup or small bowl with warm water, then run the stimulator on high for one minute submerged in the water, then rinse it off (I usually need to scrub around the hole with toy cleaner to get my juices off it too).

It was a bit pricy so I waited until I had a discount code, but I figured, if I don’t love it, I can return it, and I’m happy with it : )

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: Love love love the autopilot function

Cons: The tip covers part of my vagina, so no piv sex with this toy

Bottom Line: Worth the price for powerful orgasms ; )


by @PKH, 29 Sept 2021
Lovehoney Cherry Flavored Lubricant 3.4 fl oz

Sweet Candy Lube!

This was exactly the flavored lube I had been looking for! It’s very sweet, but the taste and smell are good. I typically stay away from cherry flavored things because they usually taste like medicine, but this one tastes more like candy! I also have the LH strawberry lube, which I like, but I prefer the cherry because its flavor is stronger. This is my go to lube when giving my husband oral because it masks his natural smells and flavors a bit! Also, when I use toys while giving oral, I can just use a little extra of this lube to give the toys more slip.

The bottle is the perfect size for travel, although I haven’t traveled with it yet, but I am confident in the seal of the cap. It seals well considering I’ve tossed it in drawers and stored it upside down and no leakage so far! I tend to get lube all over my lube bottles while in use, but it cleans off really easily with just a rinse. I’d recommend this lube if you’re looking for a sweet fruity flavor!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: I love the taste of it!

Cons: No complaints!

Bottom Line: Fruity and sweet, perfect for oral : )

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by @PKH, 29 Sept 2021
Lovehoney Strawberry Flavored Lubricant 3.4 fl oz

Mellow Strawberry Taste : )

I got this strawberry lube after enjoying the LH cherry lube. I prefer the cherry flavor because it’s a bit sweeter and stronger tasting than the strawberry flavor, but I still like the strawberry flavored lube quite a lot. This one is my husband’s go to when playing with my nipples, so I use it when putting on my nipple suckers. Just like all the LH lubes that are 3.4 fl oz (100 ml), the bottles are perfect for travel and the lids seal very well to prevent spills. I’d recommend the LH cherry lube first, but if you don’t like things too sweet, I’d definitely recommend this strawberry lube!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: Good strawberry flavor!

Cons: I’d have liked the flavor to have been a little stronger

Bottom Line: Perfect flavored lube if you don’t like it too sweet!

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by @PKH’s OH, 4 Aug 2021
Oxballs Atomic Jock Stretchy Cock and Ball Sleeve

My New Favorite Cock Ring

I’ve only recently started using cock rings (Tracey Cox EDGE Supreme Endurance Triple Stamina Ring Set). I was a bit skeptical of getting this cock and ball sleeve because I thought the thickness of it would be too tight and restrictive. Compared to single rings, this is a bit harder to get on and off because it doesn’t stretch as much as the thinner cock rings, but it still has a good stretch, it’s just a bit thicker, but I actually feel like I’m less likely to snap myself now. It needs a little bit of lube to get it on and positioned (penis first, then balls), but then once it’s in place, it doesn’t move around as much as rings do. A little lube keeps it from pulling on my pubic hairs too.

The tighter restriction of this sleeve felt much better than using a single rings or even a couple rings in combination (ex: one ring around my shaft and balls, one on my shaft, and one around my balls). Another reviewer said it’s as if someone with their forefinger and thumb wrapped around your balls gently pulls down, and I have to agree. I liked the sensation of my balls being slightly pulled down, and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

Each time I use this, it has intensified my orgasms. My erection is harder and lasts longer than when I don’t wear it. It’s becoming my go to cock ring. While masturbating, I really noticed the tugging on my balls, and my balls were swinging a bit more than usual. During piv sex, it’s no problem to use along with a condom. My wife was afraid the sleeve would pinch her or would be uncomfortable for her, but it’s very soft, so it didn’t bother her, in fact, she said it felt good having the edges of the sleeve pressing into her with each thrust. The impact of hitting against my wife pulled the sleeve back, which pulled my foreskin more than usual (which I liked).

The sleeve is easy to clean. It didn’t come with a storage bag, but my wife gave me a little drawstring bag to store it in to protect it from dust and lint. I didn’t expected to like the sling this much, but I highly recommend it (especially if you think you’d like the feeling of your balls being held or tugged).

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: It pulls my foreskin and tugs my balls just right

Cons: No complaints

Bottom Line: It gives a nice restrictive and tugging sensation : )


by @PKH’s OH, 17 Aug 2021
Male Power Cotton Rib Sexy Thong

My First Thong

This is my first thong. I’ve never wanted to buy or wear a thong, but my wife wanted me to try it and chose this one. The website only had one picture, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but this thong is extremely comfortable. I was worried about if it would fit because it’s only available in one size, but it has a good stretch and fits me well (I’m 6’00” and I wear a 32” waist for my jeans). It has plenty of room in the front for an erection, while not being saggy when I am just relaxing. The fabric is a really nice quality, very smooth and soft. I have no discomfort just relaxing and wearing it while hanging out with my wife. I was definitely self-conscious the first time I tried it on, but thinking about how much my wife liked it on me quickly helped me enjoy wearing it, and now it makes me feel more attractive. Now I’m looking forward to getting another thong to start building a collection.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: It’s very soft and comfortable

Cons: No complaints

Bottom Line: I’d recommend this thong : )


by @PKH, 4 Sept 2021
Lovehoney Red Crotchless Lace Ruffle-Back Panties

Ideal Crotchless Panties

I wear size 2/4 US depending on the style with a 27” waist and 35” hips, and I bought the S/M in red. These are my first crotchless panties, and I love them! They’re EXACTLY what I wanted. The open crotch is perfect for solo play, oral, and piv sex. It goes up high enough in the back for anal play too! These panties are very comfy, and the lace feels soft and delicate. The elastic edges could be stretchier. The fit is fine around my waist, but it is a little tight around my legs. The ruffles and ribbon in the back are very cute. My husband loves touching them while we play. When I got these, one of the rows of ruffles had come completely unstitched and was hanging down. I called LH to ask about returns, and they sent a replacement pair out that day, and it arrived with the ruffles intact. Not sure if the ruffles aren’t securely stitched on or if my pair was by chance, but now I’m worried that the other ruffles may come loose. They’re easy to clean, but I’m extra careful with them (because I don’t want any stitching to come out). I feel really sexy when I wear these, so if they keep in good condition for several more uses, I think I’ll order another pair in black or purple!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: The big open crotch is perfect for any kind of play

Cons: The elastic a bit tight around my legs, and the ruffles seem to be stitched on delicately

Bottom Line: Very sexy, love the open crotch area!


by @PKH, 23 Aug 2021
Mapale Black Wet Look Thong

Sexy Wet Look Thong!

I wear size 2/4 US depending on the style. I’m 5’00” with a 27” waist and 35” hips, and I bought the S/M. It is very low-cut in the front (even for a shorty like me), so it may be too small for taller people. I love the look and feel of this thong, makes me feel very sexy. The Y-back is a bit different from the thongs I usually wear, but I love the look of it. It is comfortable to wear and easy to clean. It’s exactly what I expected when I ordered it. The fabric is shiny and feels slick and durable, perfect wet look! I like to wear this thong along with my Mapale Wet Look Ruffle Mini Skirt. My husband loves the look and feel of it too. I recommend this for anyone wanting a low cut wet look thong : )

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: Fits perfectly and love the material

Cons: Nothing

Bottom Line: Very sexy low cut wet look thong : )


by @PKH, 29 Aug 2021
Mapale Black Lace High Leg Thong

I don’t hate it, but I def don’t love it

I wear size 2/4 US depending on the style, 5’00” with a 27” waist and 35” hips, and I bought size small in black. I like the material. The lace is very sexy, soft and delicate (but not so delicate that I worry about tearing or snagging).

I’m not crazy about the shape and fit of this thong. It did not fit me the way it looks on the models. The back looks and fits just fine, but the sides are a bit loose, and the way the front of the thong is sewn, I have to wear the sides up really high above my hips in order for the front of the thong not to have unsightly folds/creases. If I wear the sides lower on my hips (like where the model has the straps across her hips), the front of the thong on each side puckers out in a way that I don’t think looks attractive. That being said, I’m not a huge fan of high waist panties in the first place, so I should’ve known when “high leg” is in the name of the product. It is very low cut in the front, which I don’t usually mind, but in combination with wearing the sides very high, I don’t feel sexy at all when I wear it.

Even though I like the material, I wanted to return it because the fit was so off, but my husband actually likes the look (and feel) of it and asked me to keep it, so I’m trying to find a way to wear it that will make me feel sexy. I wouldn’t recommend this to short people with slimmer waists/hips unless they generally like wearing their thong straps up high. If you’re taller or have big hips, the thong will probably be the perfect fit.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Pros: The lace material is very nice

Cons: The material in front puckers on each side if I don’t wear it really high above my hips

Bottom Line: The shape/fit doesn’t flatter all body types


by @PKH, 22 Aug 2021
Lovehoney Massage Wand Deluxe Soft Storage Case

Great fit for wand storage

Perfect fit for my LH Extra Powerful Multispeed Plug In Massage Wand Vibrator, with room for some travel size lubes tubes and other medium sized toys. The zipper and overall case seem to be durable and good quality. I agree with the other reviewers that the long gap on each side is a pain. Small and even medium sized toys can easily slip out the bottom when picking up and moving the case. I made a little stitch on each side attaching the middle of the bottom to the center divider on each side, and now it’s holding its shape better and keeping items securely inside the case. If I couldn’t make that alteration myself, I’d have returned it. Pretty pricy considering it’s 35% of the cost of my actual wand. It’s too bad LH wands don’t come with this LH storage case (considering other LH toys come with these cases).

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Pros: Discreet and durable case

Cons: Pricy and inconvenient side gaps

Bottom Line: Great fit for my wand

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by @PKH, 4 Oct 2021
njoy Pure Plug Small Stainless Steel Butt Plug

My Ideal Butt Plug

I love love love this butt plug! It’s exactly what I wanted and even better than I thought it would be. I was feeling discouraged about solo anal play, because I was experiencing discomfort when using silicone plugs, and I started worrying a lot about my jeweled metal plugs popping into my butt. This was the plug I wanted mainly for the stainless steel material and the fingerloop. When it arrived, it really felt like a luxury item. The packaging made it seem like an expensive jewel in a little treasure box! It looked so tiny and cute, but when I picked it up, it had a nice weight to it. This plug really is quite small (only about 3” around the bulb, and the smallest part of the neck/stem is only 1” around), not intimidating at all. When I want anal play, rather than just popping in a medium plug and waiting for myself to stretch, I wanted to have a plug with a small bulb that I could easily press in when I’m real tight, and then when I get used to the feeling of having something weighty inside, I can slowly pull it out and push it back in, moving very slowly so that the 3” bulb can stretch me out, not just the narrow neck.

I love the shape of this plug. The curve of the plug is very ergonomic, making insertion easier for me because it matches the direction I’m reaching around myself to get to my butt. It’s really easy to press in because the bulb is slightly angled and has a nice point on it. When I’m pulling it out and pushing it back in, it’s not a big ordeal to line it back up like some plugs with more rounded bulbs. Because the plug is so firm (being metal and all), it’s really easy to maneuver around. When I push, pull, or twist, it goes exactly where I want it to go. Also, since it’s metal, it does not need much lube to easily slip in, and I haven’t felt any discomfort from friction when sliding it in or out.

I thought the fingerloop would simply give me peace of mind that the plug wouldn’t disappear inside me, but I’ve been using it as a handle, slipping two fingertips into the loop to push and pull the plug exactly as I desire, and since the fingerloop is narrow, it sits comfortably between my cheeks when I’m wearing it for longer periods. I thought the loop might be too big or uncomfortable while sitting in certain positions, but I’ve had no discomfort so far! I’ve worn it now in combination with clitoral stimulation, while using a dildo in my vagina, and during piv sex. My husband likes the look of it when I wear it and enjoys feeling its firmness from inside my vagina. Having that weight and pressure right inside there intensifies my orgasms. It’s also helped me work up to anal sex with my husband. If you’re into temperature play, that’s an option (I’ve just been warming it on my skin before popping it in), and it’s very quick and easy to clean with some LH toy cleaner.

This butt plug is amazing and definitely worth the price. I’m really glad I bought it, and I have no regrets! If you already have anal experience or use other plugs without discomfort, you may want to skip up to the medium or large sizes, but I’d still recommend this line of njoy plugs! This would make a great gift to someone (if you’re close enough to gift them a butt plug) because it’s an amazing product, and it arrives packaged in such a classy way. I may eventually move up to the medium and large plugs in the future as I do more anal play, but for now, it’s exactly what I want and need!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: Cute and comfortable. Firm and easy to maneuver. Weighty. Pointed bulb. Curved. Narrow fingerloop.

Cons: Price (but definitely worth it!!)

Bottom Line: This really is the best butt plug for newbies to anal play or those who want to take it slow


by @PKH, 2 Aug 2021
Lovehoney Nubby Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

I love love love this glass dildo!

First of all, this dildo is beautiful! I love the coloring on it. The velvety drawstring bag it comes with looked like it would be a cheapy one that I’d need to replace, but it actually feels soft and good quality.

Next, the nubs on it feel soooo good! I didn’t realize before I ordered, but each of the nubs is a little different (some are wide, some are plump, some are more flat).

As someone who deals with wrist pain, it has a nice weight to it, so I haven’t worn out my wrists using it. When I use it slowly in and out, I can really feel each bump teasing the nerves around the entrance, same when I twist it. Just rubbing it on my clit feels good too. I was worried that faster or harder thrusting might hurt because of the nubs, but faster and harder thrusting feels great too. I’m still new to anal, so I haven’t tried it in my butt yet, but I’m sure that will feel good too.

I was a little worried about the grip since there is no handle and both sides are the same, but the texture on it makes it easier to grip. I thought using lube might make it too slippery, but I haven’t had that problem. Since it’s glass, it’s a bit more slippery and slidey than silicone, so it doesn’t need as much lube as some other dildos. I only use a little bit of lube on one end. And it’s very easy to clean with water and toy cleaner.

Some reviewers said it was not girthy enough, but I probably wouldn’t have tried it if it was any thicker, but now, if this dildo had a big brother that was a bit girthier, I’d def order it!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: The visual, the firmness, the nubby texture

Cons: No complaints!

Bottom Line: It’s a beautiful dildo, and the nubs rub you the right way!

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by @PKH, 22 Aug 2021
Calapro Latex Finger Cots (144 Pack)

Perfect for Anal Play

I don’t want anything left behind under my nails or any smells lingering on my skin after anal play, so I use these finger cots along with my LH anal lube before using butt plugs, anal beads and other anal play. They cover the whole length of my finger without being tight. They stay on just fine while in use and roll off cleanly when I’m done with them. So far they’ve held up without my nails ripping through. They’re just what I was looking for : )

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: Keeps my nails and fingers clean and fresh

Cons: Since it’s latex, definitely can’t use without lube!

Bottom Line: Great for hygiene during anal play!


by @Green_Eyed_Girl , Date of Review
lovehoney plus size santa baby red bodycon mini dress

Naughty but Nice

I loved this little number. its slinky, very sexy and comfortable to wear.

The inside of the faux fur sections are lined well, so it doesn’t suffer from the classic itchy costume curse of some Christmas outfits and the whole of the outfit is lovely and soft.

The red velveteen section of the dress and the belt are very stretchy and cling comfortably to my curves. The fur sections though have very little stretch and as a size 20 on the bottom i did find myself having to wiggle the dress over my hips a little to get it on.

Im a 16 B cup on top, and there was plenty of space in the chest area, enough that i could slide the ruff off the shoulders and right down if i wanted to keep it on during sex. The top is shaped so it can be worn on or off the shoulder comfortably. it looked good both ways and is clingy enough that it stayed in place when worn off shoulder.

I really like the look of this dress when on, it did wrinkle up the high back a bit for me as I’m a 16 on top, but it hugged my shape nicely and overall was very slinky. Reminding me of a christmas themes Jessica rabbit number.

The belt was flattering, ridiculously stretchy and very comfortable. It stayed up well but was easy enough to slip off when desired. I also liked that it was a separate piece so you could wear the dress without it if you wanted.

the chocker was pretty and very adjustable (enough that a man could easily wear it) but on my 14.5inch/37cm neck the slider ended up found the front which spoiled the look a little for me.

Unsurprisingly, the fabric is reasonably warm to wear and the hem is low enough that it would also make a nice sexy Christmas party outfit if paired with some tights. Definitely one that i will be pulling out of the box again as i had alot of fun with it.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Pros: Soft, Slinky, sexy and very comfy. Removable belt was a nice touch

Cons: Choker didnt do much for me

Bottom Line: So pretty and easy to slip on. Clings well and looks great. Soft material is super.


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by @PKH, 7 Oct 2021
We-Vibe Touch X Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

My Tiny Teal Treasure : )

I am a big fan of clitoral vibration, so I was waiting on pins and needles for this one to arrive! It came very stylishly packaged (perfect for gifting) in a teal box similar to the boxes iPhones come in, having the accessories stored underneath the item. When I opened the box, the vibrator looked so petite and cute! It’s smaller and thinner than I thought it would be and lightweight. I’m really looking forward to traveling with it since it’s so little. The teal silicone is very soft and sleek. The drawstring storage bag it came with is white and silky, but pretty big (5.5” x 7.5”) for a such a little toy (1” x 4”). It charged up quickly, and the quick start guide was concise with a diagram explaining the buttons, travel lock, and patterns (vibrate, pulse, tease, wave, tempo, heartbeat, cha-cha), so very easy to get started.

From the first use, I loved the shape of the concave dip cradling my clit. It sits on it perfectly! In addition to simply holding it in place, I also like rocking it side to side and making a circular motion around my clit, also occasionally sliding it down toward the opening of my vagina and back up to cradle my clit again. It’s very easy to hold in my hand while in use, and I can use it hands free if I’m on my back. Hands free, the vibrations are lighter, so I prefer holding it and pushing it down on my clit. The pointy tip of the vibrator is really soft and bendy. The vibrations in the tip are not as strong as my bullet vibrator (with its pinpoint accuracy), but are still pretty good when I press the tip into the side of my clit. The slower settings are pretty quiet and have rumbly vibrations, but as you increase the intensity, the vibrations become a bit more buzzy (and just a little louder, more so if I’m really pushing it hard against myself). Whenever I use it for more than a few minutes or on the higher settings, my fingers get really buzzed out, so I typically switch hands a few times. I really love the “wave” pattern. If I have time, I can just let it bring me up and down, slowly getting me closer to climax! Looking forward to trying this toy in a bath, but I don’t have one to use for now.

I used the vibrator on my husband during oral sex, and he liked it more than our wand and my bullet vibrator that I’ve used on him. I was just going to cup the concave side around the sides of his balls, but it was the perfect shape to cup around the underside of his penis and stroke a bit. He loved the soft silicone, and its rumbly vibrations were making him squirm. I thought this vibrator would be really easy for him to hold on me while we have piv sex since it has the concave dip (he usually struggles to hold the bullet vibrator in the right spot during penetrative sex), but no success with this one either. After he had it on the top of my pubic bone, I took it back from him so I could get it back onto my genitals : ) but this is a user error, no fault of the product!

The box advertises the vibrator as a “versatile multi-purpose vibrator” to also use for “head to toe massages.” Honestly, I prefer my wand for vibrating body massage, especially since it covers a wider surface, but I noticed this one was good for reaching around to my lower back (the area right above my tailbone is always needing some love when I’m on my period, and it gave the right vibrations and was the right shape and size for those smaller achy spots).

My only complaint is the buttons. I wish the button placement was higher up on the back because when I’m trying to turn the vibrations up or down, the tip of the vibrator pushes harder on my clit (unless I put a finger on the bottom side of the vibrator as a counterweight while pressing the button, but then my finger gets lube or my juices on it). Anyways, I absolutely love this vibrator, and now I’m using it in regular rotation with my bullet vibrator!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: Cute and small. Perfect concave dip for my clit. Quiet. Nice rumbly vibes.

Cons: Low placement of buttons.

Bottom Line: Very good vibrator, thrilled to have it in my collection!


by @PKH, 2 Oct 2021
We-Vibe Sex Toy Travel Storage Bag

Canvas Toiletry Style Bag

The bag is bigger than I thought it would be (base measures 3” x 9” and 5” tall). I love the deep shade of purple. It can easily pass for a toiletry pouch or cosmetics bag. Aside from the We-Vibe logo on the side, it’s totally discreet. Not sure exactly what the materials are for this bag, but the outer fabric feels like a water resistant canvas, and the inside is like the typical wipeable fabric in cosmetics bags. The fabrics are not soft at all but feel durable. The stitching and zipper seem sturdy too. Holding the bag and opening and closing the zipper, it doesn’t feel like a sleek or luxury item, but it seems like you could treat it roughly and toss it in a drawer or suitcase, and it would hold up just fine! It came as a gift item with my We-Vibe Touch X Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator, and it’s way too big to store just that, so it’s a good size for several smaller toys and some lube or a couple medium toys. I was able to fit my we-vibe clitoral vibrator, my bullet vibrator, 4 small butt plugs, a pair of nipple suckers, a glass dildo, and a 3.4 fl oz bottle of lube, and there was still space for more. I like that the zipper can unzip all the way to the base on both sides (with fabric sewn on the edges so nothing will slip out the side), so you can really open it wide and get in there if you’re looking for something small or needing to thoroughly clean inside. The netting pocket stitched inside is perfect for smaller items (like smaller toys or just batteries and cords) to keep things organized. This bag is perfect if you want a quality storage bag that isn’t too fancy.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Pros: It holds a lot and opens up really wide when unzipped

Cons: Does not feel like a luxury item

Bottom Line: Good sturdy bag if you’re not looking for something too fancy


by @PKH, 29 Sept 2021
Lovehoney Oh! Purple Sensual Body Massager

Surprisingly Good Massager!

I honestly only bought this as an extra item to get a discount on a different product, but I actually use it a lot and really like it. It lives in my bedside table now. We haven’t used it in a sensual setting to set the mood, and we don’t have any massage oils yet to use it with, so my husband has just been using it on my back and the backs of my legs when I’m feeling achy or sore, and it feels soo good! Without using any oil, lotion, or lube the plastic balls (spherical nodules) will stick and catch on my skin, so we usually use it through clothing or through a bed sheet, and it glides just fine. The grip is really easy to hold on to and helps you to apply just the right amount of pressure easily without having to push hard. I like that the balls are different sizes and spaced differently, so it’s easier to work them between limbs and around my shoulders and shoulder blades. It does feel light and a little cheap, as it is just hard plastic, but it makes it easy to give a really good massage. This would make a great gift along with massage oil and candles or maybe gift it with some lingerie. Or just throw it in your basket as a little treat for yourself!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: Affordable and easy to use to soothe achy, sore muscles

Cons: Lightweight and a little cheap feeling

Bottom Line: The H shape and size and spacing of balls are perfect for giving a good massage!


Vush X Abbie Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator


G-Spot Goodness

We loved the packaging and presentation of the Vush X Abbie. The box is bright & attractive, and is sturdy, so great for storing the toy in long term. Opening the box shows that it also comes with a magnetic USB charge cable and an orange satin storage bag.
The instructions were really easy to read so we were able to get started having some fun quickly. The instructions included some helpful tips as well.

We were very impressed with the feel of the Abbie on many levels. The feel of the actual material was great, and it felt very comfortable and well balanced to hold. The three control buttons ( power / vibration / pattern ) are nice and easy to use.
Starting with the vibrations on a low setting, we used the Abbie during foreplay on various areas of the body. When using the Abbie on the G spot, it was easy & pleasurable to insert, the size was not too big, and shape is great. I ‘found’ my G spot easily with the head of the Abbie and had an orgasm very quickly, with the vibration on level 2. The orgasm was amazing, quite intense and lasted for around 20 seconds. This is definitely one we will be using again, and I’m pretty sure the more often we use it, the more amazing the orgasm will be. The Abbie is fully waterproof, so we’ll have to work that into an exciting evening on a weekend away.
Really very happy with the Vush X Abbie - it’s a high quality, premium toy that is very good value.

Design : 4 of 5 rating
Orgasm rating : 5 of 5 rating
Quiet : 3 of 5 rating
Ease of use : 5 of 5 rating
Value : 4 of 5 rating
Quality : 5 of 5 rating
Vibration Strength : 4 of 5 rating

Great shape, made of really nice material, nicely boxed, a good range of vibrations & patterns

Minor thing : vibrations are strong at the handle end too - leading to ‘pins and needles’ a bit.

Bottom Line:
Awesome toy, probably at the top of our go to list

(Review by Mrs Peggly)