Masturbation - Do you tell ur partner?

Just a quick thought. Do people here tell their partner if they still masturbate?
Im in a loving relationship but still enjoy masturbating, it doesnt mean i dont love her but enjoy masturbating solo too. She denies ever masturbating on her own though (which i think is a terrible waste) so I was wondering if she really does and is too shy to tell me. I dont advertise the fact that I do.
I have spoken to girls before on forums etc who also say they never masturbate which just seems ridiculous.
Can someone set me straight?

I masturbate but don't tell hubby; he masturbates but doesn't tell me. He knows I do; I know he does. And then we do it together.

Me and my boyf don't live together (yet) so of course we both masturbate. I love it when he tells me he does and vice versa. I think I'm in a minority though to be honest. The general impression I get from my friends is they don't like their boyfriends masturbating, they find it having sex with them isn't enough. But the harsh reality is men masturbate, A LOT. They're human! and if it came down to my boyfriend masturbating or having sex with another woman I know which I'd choose.

Me personally, I think I have an higher than average sex drive and I also do it a lot. I think I still would even if I saw my man every night of the week.

Sorry for the essay!

I don't tell the boyfriend after every event, but I do quite often (usually just comes up in coversation, lol), and he knows I do it a fair bit, usually.

Hey...why the secrecy? If hubby and I are working different shifts...and one of us is lucky enough to have some spare time for "self love" after the the kids are off to school and the houseworks done - we often take advantage of precious free time and partake....and whats even better...text the other one to let them gets the other party all hot and bothered for when they come home....resulting in great sex together later. In my case - I get to test drive all my latest toy purchases - that way...I can tell him the best way to use them when we're together!!

I'm with Schnux on this - why be secretive about it? The man and I are more 'apart' than together, so masturbation is the only answer and brings us closer. He'll phone me when I'm driving home from work and we listen to each other. I'll send him photos via e-mail, taken at our last encounter, knowing that he'll give himself great pleasure whilst looking at them. He knows that I lie about in the sun at the weekends, fantasising about him and turning myself on to such a degree that I have to employ half the toy box as a result.

And watching each other when we're together is a REAL turn on ...

But I have to admit that I couldn't always do this. I've been led into it over the years by my gorgeous man, who never ceases to tell me how much pleasure I give him and who has caused me to try all sorts of things that I would never have agreed to in the past.

And that's the key to it, I think - talking. Tell your partner about it. Tell them how it makes you feel, tell them you hope it makes them feel the same, tell them why you want them to feel the same pleasure ...

Why should the second greatest pleasure on earth be a secret?

(And guys - I believe there's a well-researched report that says that frequent masturbation is likely to reduce the chance of prostate cancer. How's that for an excuse?)

I'm happy to say, I often use it as a way to horn him up when he's not here yet or when he's just arrived home. I think it depends on what works in your relationship. But I don't feel the need to report back everytime I play! Also I think when masturbating takes over from playing together then you have a problem, if you're choosing it over sex then that's not good for the relationship but it's totally fine as an add-on.

my partner definately knows :D and i know he masturbates at uni so we both get really frustrated during the week and we're always sending little cheeky texts hinting at what we're gona be doing. Well his tend to be less cheeky and more blunt and man-like haha. I know it turns him on when he knows im thinking about him like that and as schnux said its a great way to make sure the toys are getting used..and a great excuse to shop for more at lovehoney :D

well with a bum like your flirtybabe who can blame him for thinking of you!!

I love it when my wife tells me in great detail how and when she masturbated, and will always lead to fantastic sex. It's just one the ways she lets me know she is horny and once sex now.
As for me I usual don't tell her, but send her a small movie to her mobile of me masturbating, usually when she is working at night.

haha thankyou very much naughtyboy..its very much appreciated :D the thought of my guy getting off doesnt turn me on nd i wouldnt want to see a video of it but its not something that makes me think im not good enough for him like other women seem to believe

I love watching hubby masturbate; it always turns me on.

lets all post videos of us masturbating! lol

I still get very secretive when it comes to masturbation. I think it stems from hang ups as a kid. Silly really, but it's amazing what power your past life can have upon you. Masturbation was always something you did on the sly, away from parents. I remember my mother finding porno mags in my room and doing the stupid thing of confronting me with them. That is probably the worst thing she could have done.

I am certainly a lot more open about sex now that I am married. I don't want my kids to have the same hang ups that I did.

"I don't want my kids to have the same hang ups that I did." Good for you, Redpan.

I found porno mags in my son's bedroom. I told him I didn't mind him having them, so long as he didn't expect his future girlfriends to look like the girls he saw on the pages (who had been airbrushed and Photoshopped to within an inch of their lives).

Masturbation is still one of life's little pleasures that can be done to please yourself without hurting anyone. When you share the experience with your lover or partner it can be a fantastic turn on....but still can't beat a bit of play time on your own occassionally !!

i normally masterbate boyfriend dont really know i do it....except he has caught me a few times

Masturbation is a taboo that's been around since god gave men dicks and ladies pussies! As with all things,humans can't help but be inquisitive;we all like to mess around and find out how things work.A child will always like to play with his/her favourite toy at the age of 5,when he/she reaches 11 or 12 the type of toy and method of play alters,but it's still basically the same thing.It would be nice to include another English bank Holiday called "Wank Day" but a Friday please not a Monday-if you spend Wank Day wanking all day, you'll be too knackered to go work the next day! Any supporters of "Wank Day" as a new Bank Holiday?!

haha me me me!!although the fact that there isnt an official 'wank day' hasnt stopped me so far :D

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