Me and my wife are new to this but love being open minded and adventurous!

Hi were really new to all of this, we started off using small toys and gradually got more n more carried away with things, resently i mentioned how much id love to dress up in something sexy and feminine and to my surprise she was fine with it!
Now i love us both dressing up in sexy girly outfits and trying new things together and that brought us here. Sorry for waffling but its a massive turn on just typing this!!


Helloooooo enjoy your dress up… You could post stuff whilst dressed up if you follow the rules… His and hers


Welcome @New41 you will have some fun on this forum great people with great advice on things to try and toy hope both enjoy your time on here :blush::blush:

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Thanks for ur advice this is really new to me but what a massive turn on having somwhere to discuss what im into with people who wont judge


Hi :wave: @New41 welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah it is a place to be with a great bunch of people on here hope they give you loads of great advice so you can go wild together with load of new things to try :blush:

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Hi and welcome, I think you have come to the right place.

Hi there and welcome @New41

Hi and welcome @New41 :blush:

Hey @New41 welcome to the forum :wave:

Hi @New41 welcome to the forum’s :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me its much appreciated, my wife and i have been experimenting with sex toys for around 10 years now gradually trying new and bigger things until recently i confessed how much id love to dress up in something sexy n really girly
I was so nervous but shes been awesome and even helped me write a review last night!

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Hi im realy exited to be here chatting to like minded people, being completely new to this i find a massive turn on

I love being here, such a lovely bunch of people. I love how I can be myself here, plenty of tips and advice.

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Well thats great to here @New41 she sounds like a fantastic woman.but i know what you mean about nervous i love to dress up in womans sexy underwear wear it when ever i can .i love to look girly in tight pvc ,latex and wet look catsuits and bodysuit love to wear it with thigh length boots. Woman ive talked to over the years seem to love it you get the odd 1 or 2 that arnt to keen but i think this day and age everyone seems to becoming more open minded and are keen to try new things in the bed room, hotels or just around the house .if you and your wife like it then go for it you dont have to be nervous buddy :blush::blush:


Hello and welcome @New41 :wave:t2::blush:

She is a fantastic woman but ever since ive came to terms with how much i love to dress up i cant stop fantasizing about going all the way with make-up wig false breasts the whole lot just dont know how to approach the subject. If u could give a novice some advice id b forever grateful!! Sorry if im being to upfront


Hello and welcome @New41 :slight_smile:

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