Meme - Chit Chat

'Tis but a scratch!

:rofl: @Craig1234 this is excellent!

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This is in relation to this slash this but I’ve read a lot of topics on here in the past fortnight so it’s also a tribute to the helpful forum members who very politely reply to posts with the patient of a saint!


In Newport, New England back in the 1800’s, it’s said that sea captains returning home after a voyage would place a pineapple in their front window so as to show they were safely home and would be glad to see their friends and talk about their recent trip.

Oh really, thank you. I did not know that, what a weird one :thinking:.

Unless…. It wasn’t actually a “conversation” he was after, after all them month at sea -and maybe that where the symbol all began :joy::joy::joy:

The gift shops in that area all have ornamental pineapples. But as you say they have a different meaning now :smile:

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@Mr_Mrs_0 This is weird as we are away for a few days and there’s a pineapple growing in the garden of the place we are staying!!:joy:

@Mel3 :joy:. Well it still just looks like the grass at the moment so you may not get any unexpected knocks on the door :joy: enjoy your stay.

I can totally relate to this

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@wildflower I know it’s foooking unreal isn’t tit lol :kissing_heart:

that’s funny she is one of our local news anchors.
and I live about one hour away from climax


@goodbrewsguy can’t think where to reply to your post in Memes But Would you want to drink anything that come from the Beijing Medical University!!

Definitely not!