Men Wearing Thongs.

Hi all - I am a straight guy and today I bought a few ladies thongs and am wearing one of them now. I find it very sexy - I love the feel of them, both at the front and the back, especially the feeling of not wearing much under my trousers. I also love how 'naughty' I feel when I wear them out and about.

Is this normal? What does everyone else think?

Always try searching the forum hun, i just found this thread on men wearing thongs:

There are your answers!! x

Also found this one too! x

i cant get on with thongs keep having to dig them out of cracks lol

allright for the bedroom though

I love thongs, wear them every day! So comfortable, and if you are wearing them right, you dont feel any material up your crack!! lol

i bet you look ok in one too but ive tried not for me i suck them in lol

I love wearing ones for men,But its a better feeling if they are worn females ones

cant imagine a ladies fitting at all comfortably theres no where to put nowt, her hadbag is the same

You would be surprized how well a womans worn thong feels its very comfortable with enough room for my tackle.

I wear thongs every day, have converted my wife. Ban big pants.

Men that like the feel of a thong is a lot more common than I believe most people think it is. Judging from the many posts Ive read about this here and in other forums it normally takes some convincing to your Gf or wife but 90% of the time they accept it and some get really turned on!

I first got into thongs by trying on womens thongs. They are great looking but they dont support your package. I recommend looking at joe synder thongs. They arent as decorative as female thongs but they feel better than wearing female thongs because they have so much better support and the material feels just as great.

I would love my husband to wear them to be honest. But I know if i bought him a pair he wouldnt wear them I know this because I suggested other underwear for him ... and hes not interested.

I've tried it before but theres just nowhere to keep my business, pokes oot the top like a chimney :P

ha ha yeah problem when hard i know

For me everything started after a funny bet which i lost and then I realised how much I adore the feeling of female underwear. I like male thongs, but the feeling, even the idea that I wear a female thong is just WOW.

Not particular comfy but I have to admint that I dared to wear a thong only a few times out.I usually am more comfortable staying indoors.

Doesn't sound comfortable at all, I can't imagine they'd contain much for a guy, I'll have to try it out one day!

Worn my girlfriends a couple of times, but I don't think I would go out in them.

Its great when my girlfriend sorts out her clothers every now and then and picks out the underwear that she wants to throw away,She now doesn't throw them away she will leave them around the bedroom for me to find like under my pillow or ontop of my monitor etc..She even lets me have her bras

I love wearing thongs (hence my profile picture!!!) A good quality thong shows off your package and makes you feel great!!

thongs forever :-)



i wear guy thongs pretty much every day. however they are a bit more like string with a pouch attached!