Men wearing womens underwear

I’m wondering @Flutterbye400 what your OHs reaction was when you suggested he wear your knicks? And whether he is keen to wear his own at some point in the near future given you have seen him showing interest in your pants?

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After months of telling my gf about this side of me and expecting / willing her to research and ask questions (which she didn’t really do). I finally plucked the courage to just wear them in front of her and showed her on the sofa, under my joggers.

She was intrigued and even asked me to show them off to her by taking my joggers off.

It was a massive step and she said she’s glad I did it as she was basically waiting for me to take the first step. I feel a bit better, although I would still love her to ask me questions and show her, but definitely a good step in the right direction.

Going to do it again when she gets back from work today!


@Flutterbye400 so you did tie him down :grin: sounds a most excellent evening​:banana:.

Well done for doing something positive for the two of you and feeling confident enough to approach this subject with your OH after your earlier forum posts. I hope the replies helped you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Mid 50s kiwi + 5) :nerd_face:

I consider men wearing lingerie should be considered as a norm and while it’s not for all men - I enjoy both buying lingerie for my husband and him wearing it - he has a great collection- some is more sissy pink others is white and innocent and some in purple or blue or any colour- my only thing is I don’t want him wearing black lingerie (apart from stockings) - it’s just a me thing

Buying presents for men is difficult but being s lingerie wearer makes it a lot easier

Never hide it away from your partner- be confident enough- although in a new relationship take it slowly :stockings:


i agree with the final point - dont rush any new relationship by saying your a crossdresser but slowly start with telling her that you also wear knickers - from there its a lot easier :heart:


Hey @batjamboree
I have to applaud :clap::clap::clap:you for your supportive words and caring sharing actions, your OH is oh so lucky to have you and your open attitude towards men wearing lingerie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I wish you could bottle some of this for me so I could sprinkle a little of this sharing & buying lingerie for your OH attitude over my OH. I live in hope that maybe one day this will happen :crossed_fingers:

Your posts are an inspiration to us all. :pray:


You are so kind - in the past I have helped a number of men shop for their own lingerie as sometimes men can get it wrong - but I just see nothing wrong with it :lovehoney_heart:


Managed to go out with my friend on Saturday and we bought a pack of thongs and Brazilian style pants for me and put a thong straight on on Saturday and wearing the very comfy Brazilian one today. They feel so nice I can stop stroking them :smiley:


Sounds fun. You and your friend, it’s nice you can share the experience. Not your partner I guess?
Curious if male or female
Or just nosey

No it’s not my partner, it’s a close female friend who has helped me a lot recently as I have been going through a tough mental health patch.


Oh really nice you have support in your life and your fetish.
I too love to touch the material on myself.