Men who like wearing lingerie - I wanna hear from you!

Hey All,

I am looking to get some feedback from men who like wearing typically female lingerie.

  • Is there anything that would make it easier for you to select and find lingerie?
  • What style of lingerie are you interested in (eg. Bras, bodystocking etc.)?
  • Would you like to see images of the garments on men?

Let me know in the comments down below!



With most things designed for women id say most issues would be sizing. Guys getting the right size and fit as male and female sizes differ quite abit


@Alicia4Ever im sure all opinions and views will help someone in some way :slight_smile:

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Big yes to seeing the items on male models! We’d mostly shop items for the bottom half and it would be fantastic to see them on a male to get an idea of how much package coverage one can expect. Probably our biggest problem when finding a good fit tbh so would really appreciate seeing the fit on both genders.

Seeing where the waistband sits on a male would also be a great help in knowing where to measure to compare to the size charts. It’s usually not quite where you’d measure male hips our experience and can change from item to item. Could be super helpful for suspender belts or high waisted panties.

That’s all I can really think of right now :thinking:


Absolutely! All feedback is welcome and appreciated :smile:

Not a man, but being a transgender woman I have some odd proportions. Having reviews from different body shapes definitely helps, but I think one of the biggest struggles with sizing comes with paired items: like a babydoll with panty. In US sizes, I am a 20/22 top and a 14 bottom. So you can see where going with the larger or smaller size would only net me 50% of the lingerie that was purchased. The same goes with bra and panty sets. I know it would make things harder from a production/sales/stock POV, but having the option for different size tops and bottoms in a set would be quite helpful.

Back on the reviews, I think having people post body sizes to be able to compare against when purchasing is helpful. @Alicia4Ever does a really good job of posting those specifics in her reviews… maybe an interactive sizing guide? There’s a company I purchase outerwear from that does this. I can email you the company info so you can check it out or I can list/link it here with permission.


I’m a corset / Basque and underwear fan , I’ve always been able to work out my size. And personally wouldn’t look at what they look like on a male model . As I see a look on a female model and think to my self I’d like to try that on me.

More steel boned underbust corsets would be good through


I like to wear crotchless tights holds ups and the range on here is good. Have bought some of the male underwear lace panties for men which felt great on also the see through boxers were also a hit.

But agree a bigger range is needed


Hello, my main wish isn’t that with some of the skimpier items there’s some thought around placement of care labels! Sort of undercuts the sexy having a out of place label dangling around.


Hi Brenna
I’ve always gone for the sexier male underwear in either lace, satin, or silk, as the fit is designed for males. You just can’t fit a quart into a pint pot and men are the same!
The LH ranges have been better in the past, but seem to have reduced over the last few years. This is both in the styles, now a choice of boxers, thongs, or jock’s and also in the colour ranges, as it now seems to revolve around red or black.
I’m not into wearing bras etc, but good fitting mens underwear is what I like. Something that feels sexy, comfortable, and looks good and I can feel confident in.
Seeing the items on a model sometimes helps, but just like the women’s ranges you have and the models you use, you may need to think of the different sized males that are out here.


Hey Brenna
Great to know that Lovehoney are giving some thought to this. My quick answers are
• Is there anything that would make it easier for you to select and find lingerie? Nope
• What style of lingerie are you interested in (eg. Bras, bodystocking etc.)? Knickers, Stockings and Suspenders
• Would you like to see images of the garments on men? Yes, but not too many
I wear female knickers exclusively (panties sounds so wrong), simply because they fit so well and feel so good. I also buy stockings, again because I love the way they feel and even though I don’t shave my legs, because I think my legs look good in them. Others agree. I don’t buy bras because I don’t have boobs. I found a ‘body’ in my Twelve Night of Seduction pack and despite worries about looking like a 70s British wrestler, I found this comfy for everyday wear and would consider buying again in its own right.
Generally, I don’t have any issues selecting and finding things, either on Lovehoney, other sites or in stores. I don’t buy from sites selling ‘male lingerie’ as they start to modify their products for the male anatomy. It is the fit of female underwear that I love, regardless of material, although I do adore lace. Like most women, I imagine, my prime searches are on size, style and price. Then photos to pick my purchase.
Sneaking in a couple of cheeky mail photos for selected knickers and stockings would be a fun thing to introduce. It may help to give potential purchasers the extra bit confidence they need that the item is aimed at them/or their partner also and complete the sale. I feel there is still a degree of stigma attached to men in women’s underwear and some male photos would promote acceptability. I wouldn’t overdo it though as you don’t want to deter the mainstream target audience ie women buying for women or men buying for women. With knickers, for me, bum shots are the best place to start. Men’s bums can look just as sexy in lingerie and it might add that ‘did I really just see that’ impact as people scroll through the images. One of the bonuses of wearing lingerie is I know my bum looks amazing, all modesty aside :blush:. Same for stockings. Maybe avoid ‘frontal’ shots to start with for the obvious reason that the ‘naughty’ are harder to hide. I wouldn’t really want to see pictures of men in bras. I think that maybe for another site.
Hope this helps but let me know if you need more.
And finally, if you need any models, let me know where to sign up !!!


They are @Alicia4Ever for me too… I wear them everyday…I have an out of proportion figure and find them so comfy too…As a female find a dress so much better than waistbands which bag up around my waist (have a small waist and big hips and naturally big breasts)


I have a couple of stretch mini skirts and totally agree :+1:
… a faux leather for around the house and a distreesed denim I adore

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You just spilled my coffee :sob:

Hi Brenna,
I find flimsy lace underwear unbelievably comfortable and sexy at the same time and always wear thongs and g strings but the current choices on Lovehoney are limited unless you go for the female range which sadly and understandably don’t provide enough space in the front.
Perhaps a truly unisex range, based on the current female range could be a possible option?
The front wouldn’t need to be shaped to fit a man but just have enough stretch and decent elasticated legs to ensure things stay where they’re supposed to.
I also like wearing other female underwear occasionally, tights, stockings and a good padded bra.
I’m open to seeing them modelled by men but if they’re what I’m looking for, it’s not essential.


Today my super mini denim skirt coupled with lacy lingerie (just because…) has been amazing around the house and outside in my courtyard
Can’t even imagine heavy cotton boxers and long ‘man shorts’ on a day like today.
:sun_behind_small_cloud: :sunny: :sun_with_face:

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Good choices - I’ve been coveting the cage backs for a while

Hi. For me I mostly wear a bra and thong. My wife enjoys it especially because we like role reversal and she says I look great in them. I even sometimes walked around the house in them and sleep in them. Male thongs are obviously great because everything fits, bras can be difficult. Not enough boob to fill the cups on a man.

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Is there anything that would make it easier for you to select and find lingerie?

  • Tags on the items to filter things that fit male physique
  • Some megathreads on the forums that pick out good options (actually maybe they’re there and I just haven’t seen them?!)

What style of lingerie are you interested in (eg. Bras, bodystocking etc.)?

  • Anything without defined bra cups or tight / gstring bottoms. We need the space down below not up top :grin:
    • Babydoll
    • The odd Chemise that has a corset-like top
    • Corsets
    • Bodystocking
    • Knickers / generally sexy undies
    • Stockings / suspenders / suspender belts
  • Actually a range of boyshorts-type underwear but a little more feminine than actual boy shorts would be great, if that makes sense. Like men’s style but with some lace and such :man_shrugging:

Would you like to see images of the garments on men?

  • Yes, that would be helpful.