Men who wear thongs, does anyone know?

I was on here earlier with my wife reading posts together and I’d answered one on this previously that she got interested in. I’ve been wearing thongs for some time now and she was asking if anyone else knew or had seen. I could only think of maybe the gym, the doctors and possibly when I have gotten a massage (sports) that others may have seen.

I know she has talked about the subject with some of her girlfriends.

Pretty much anyone who walks in and sees laundry knows I don’t hide it I don’t care If someone wants to judge me on my choice of underwear that’s their problem

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I have in the past but not so much recently. I use them when it’s really hot weather as they are cooler and much more comfortable. I tend to use Hom brand as they are very breathable.

I wear them all time I don’t care what other people think mother law buys me them OH girl friends knows

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I wear HOM, Manstore and few others.
Recent purchase Manstore Lasso String.

My wife and several neighbors and friends , oh and the women that I get massages from .

My Mother knows as my 8yr old daughter was telling her how she had seen me wearing ‘those knickers that go up your bum’ on a car journey, my wife was in the car at the time! But I make no effort to hide it.


Well I obviously know that my husband wears them but so do my mother and my sister as they have both done our housekeeping and cleaning at various times and seen them. I have one friend who knows as she mentioned her husband also wears them and I would think that maybe some at the gym he goes to may have seen.

no-one that I know of, except my wife obviously knows.

I recently started wearing them again after my wife reaffirming that she enjoyed me wearing them. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law know and a few friends know but I don’t advertise it but if someone finds out then no big deal.

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My partners uni flat mates were aware because they’d seen them both on above my jeans line & washing! Luckily they were quite open minded! But apart from them & my partner that’s all!

Thongs are banned in our house!!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Both me and the Misses hate them! I prefer her in boyshorts or knickers, my Misses prefers me in nothing!!

I wear the mens thong underwear EDITED BY MOD and i know my friend also love to wear the different thongs ubnderwear styles. I never miss the chance to expose what i have got. :yum:

Obvs the wife knows.

Don’t think anyone else i know, knows. Don’t purposefully hide the fact. But the whole idea of them to me is not to be visible.

Go to a few (well i did when we were allowed outside, remember those days?) sleazy rock gigs a year and tend to wear leggings. What else would you wear underneath?

The missus did point out one night as we were walking to the gig though “you know those leggings are slightly see through on the bum” oh well. :rofl:

I had to go to the doctors before Christmas for a leg injury, and was wearing a black microfiber women’s thong. I thought it was just a matter of getting checked, being given a prescription for some painkillers and a note to give me some time off work.

They said I should get x-rayed so went to radiology and was asked to remove my trousers and lay on the table She offered me a pair of shorts and left the room, so i quickly changed and got the x-rays.

The doctor said he’d get the nurse to put a dressing on the leg. So, she suggested taking the trousers off as they’d be in the way. This time, there were no shorts on offer. I sat in such a way that it concealed a bit, but they were very obviously a woman’s thong and quite visible. She was polite enough not to say anything.