Monster Lover Thread 😈

As monster fuckery is more apparent on this site than originally thought why not have our own thread where we can chat about it. Thanks @Melody1 for the prompt! It may not be everyone’s cup of tea for us to be banging on about banging beasties all day, after all.

If vampires, werewolves, demons and tentacle titans are more your thing then this is the thread for you! Well anything, really. What you could class as a monster is anyone’s guess.

Come on in! We don’t bite… much :smiling_imp:


Honestly now that i think about it i probably belong in here too :joy:

I don’t have any toys that’d fit the definition (largely because most are penetrative and that still squicks me out) but thinking about it, the smut i favour reading tends to be very much in this category (there’s a pattern to that section of my bookmarks)

It might just be because it seems less realistic so it makes me a lot less uncomfortable (honestly it’s pretty well written in a lot of cases too) but regardless it’s not something I’d ever really thought about before


Still need to hook me a big glass tentacle, or maybe actual tentacles, like in the Anime porn, hmmm but Anime isn’t real is it?, so they aren’t actually actual

Remember when I tried to buy one…
second hand ?


@SteelA1 - From this I think it depends what kind of monsters you go for but there seems to be a certain power element to it? I don’t know. There’s just something about knowing this thing can rip my head off but it won’t because it likes me. I’m its little soft spot type of thing :blush: It knows when to be gentle and when to throw me around like the plaything I am.

Then there’s the taboo element of it as it’s not human. I know I shouldn’t…but I can’t help myself. So wrong but sooooo right! I like to imagine that’s what the monster thinks too “Oh, no! Can’t believe I’m doing this with a human…but it’s so good” :drooling_face:

Oh, and just general variety. I could imagine what monster genitals could be like all day. Does it have a knot? Can it glow in the dark? What colour are the sexual juices? Endless possibilities.


Oh that’s a troupe i love too! (Both in smut and normal stories). Incredibly dangerous monster is soft for one specific person they care about


Oooorh, glow in the dark, out in the woods on one of those moonlit nights I went running on. I’m fast but I can hear it coming

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I definitely belong in this thread and thanks to @Mint-Monster for making this thread!

I currently own 2 tentacles, a fish and a dragon. My favourite is the dragon because of the shape of the head and everything. This is only the start of my monster obsession though and I plan on growing my monster collection more and more in the future :smiling_imp:


@Mint-Monster I’ve never really thought about it that way! Certainly am now though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it definitely is a power thing though I think you’re right! It’s absolutely got something wrong about it but also very right! I’ve just been having a little look at some as we’ve just been speaking about it :smiling_imp: I think it fully deserves its own thread :ok_hand:


Monster Memes anybody?

@ SomeoneWithForumSkills: do us poll so we can enter an answer :slight_smile:


Sweet Dreams Monster Lovers


@Green_Eyed_Girl - One of the other reasons why tentacle porn is big in Japan is because genitals are censored by pixels. But a tentacle can at least bypass this. No penises here, officer. Just arms :octopus:

But in general, people have been fucking monsters for centuries. Vampires, demons and gods/goddesses - the list goes on. Even in modern media, monster love is quite common (I’m looking at you, Guillermo Del Toro).


Female Vampires :upside_down_face: :crazy_face: :grinning:


There’s also the weird sexuality and demon links in religion too like the stories of succubi and incubi. Edit: oh and the whole thing with Lilith too, i forgot her


You can definitely find lots of tentacle toys out there. There’s even massive long ones that I’ve seen that are the length of my leg if you want to go full Kraken.

As for the monster memes, I’ve sprinkled some on tonight so hopefully they should be there in the morning. And I added a bingo, too. :yum:


Not sure I count as a fully fledged monster lover but I definitely have a tentacle kink. I’d never really thought about it before then I watched a documentary on unusual kinks and it featured someone talking about their love of tentacle porn and it just totally clicked for me.

Ooh never thought of that… that’s just added a whole new level to my kink. Thank you @Mint-Monster :kissing_heart:


@Ace12345 - Yes! I love strong monsters with a gentle side. Makes me melt :heart_eyes:

@sharbur - That sounds like an awesome collection you have there… or should I say the start of one? Haha. I love all the different shapes and sizes they come in. You can tell lots of love and creativity has gone into them, too. I’m always on the hunt for more!

@Calie - I would class tentacles in with monsters as a lot them have those or are just called “tentacle monsters”. You’re most welcome! I love looking at artwork and some of them had interesting choices for juices - gets my imagination going :yum:


I thought this was about you! :joy:

Have to rethink it now. :yum:

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Did a little research and it’s called tetraphilia :smile_cat::nerd_face:

I wouldn’t say I have a monster fetish but if I was buying dildos they’d probably be the monster ones!

I remember seeing some monster fleshlights, anyone had any experience?

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There was me going to make this when i got up this morning and i find you started the party without me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :partying_face: :tada: :octopus:

@Melody1 if you chug glass tentacle dildo into the net and go to the pictures, a few do seem to exist (mainly made by who you expect tbw). Most im getting are silicone though.

@Mint-Monster i love the shape of water. Its so romantic. the dude who does guilliermo del toros non human chacarters (in a full body suit!) acting is amazing. Also, yes, japan no penis policy had unintended consiquences :laughing: im not complaining though

I do rather like the “its big and strong and dangerous but also soft and caring” trope.
But i came at porn from a rather strange direction. The first type of porn i ever came across (by accident) was transformation werewolf erotica.
So my norm was rather left of “normal” right from the word go. This inevitably lead in some unusual directions so im also really into yiff (furry art porn). The art is gorgous and often incredibly high quality. And tends to be more sensual, romantic and less extreme than alot of weastern and eastern porn comics i come across.

For a long time porn comics and eroticas, have been kind of my happy place porn wise.
Also like @Ace12345 said, i think it being drawn makes it more impersonal than watchig actual footage of people having sex (or maybe im just looking in the wrong places for porn videos, who knows) but i need emotion in my porn or is doesnt work for me and ive struggled to find that in more traditional mediums.

Anyway, So yeah, aliens, werewolves, yiff, monsters, tentacles (though im a bit picky about my tentacles), vampires, dragons, other fantasy/scifi stuff. All fun.
At some point when covid stops cramping my fun, i will got some fantasy dildoes, right now my non standards collection is just starting

(Ok, sorry for long message :sweat_smile: but ive never told anyone this before. Kind of been bottling it for a long time)

Ps. If anyone wants to swap fantasy/scifi erotica recommendations, i am totally up for that. Always looking for more good authors


Yeah, there is tons of succubi stuff out there. Also cat girl hentai. Sabriel and tayelle from final fantasy (i am probubly mangling the spelling) are really really popular art wise.