My saved items have all disappeared!

I had about 65 items I think, I’ve logged out and in again plus 2 different devices and browsers, they just seem to have vanished. Is this a just-me problem or is something wrong/changing with the wishlist? My basket hasn’t been affected and is still where I left it with 3 items in it on both.

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Just signed in to check mine and all my 95 saved items are still there :thinking:

….95? :astonished:

@Petrichor sorry I can’t be more help here, but damn girl, 95!

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I had close to yours :rofl: and they all vanished too, so I done them again last night and when I signed back in this morning they’d gone again :roll_eyes::angry:

Its almost worth saving the pages to a folder in your internet bookmarks if this keeps happening. Less hassle

There is an ongoing issue with saved items disappearing, it has been highlighted before hopefully they are working on it.

All saved items disappeared :(

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Mine’s only cut down because the 200 odd that were across multiple lists on the old site were so unwieldy after they were all combined I blocked time out to remove anything I wouldn’t definitely want if it went on sale ! It took ages because it refreshes the page right back to the first 1-of-12 in the list every time you remove one item… (some of them were “owned” “to review” etc lists)


If the site logs you out and you don’t realize it and add something to the saved items and then log back in it deletes everything (same thing happens if you add to bag when logged out and then log back in). It’s very frustrating so always make sure you’re logged in :sweat_smile:

Yep… though theyre not all “To Buys”, quite a few are “own and need to review” or “discontinued but want to remember if I need to replace”.

It was much easier when you could separate them into “To review”, “Lingerie I want”, “Toys I want”, “Tester List”, etc. Also, 95, takes forever to scroll through when you have to keep clicking next and then you go to an item, press back and you’re back to the start. So frustrating.

…it’s 96 now anyway, I’ve added a clit clamp! :joy:

Sorry @Petrichor , not been much help but I really hope mine stay!

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The removal of the lists is one of the things i find most frustrating. Dredging through the favourites to find something takes forever

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It’s never let me add anything to my favourites without being logged in, it just sends you to a “log in to favourite this” page which was always fine, don’t know what it didn’t like yesterday…

I just tested on desktop and I could add them and then log in, but couldn’t replicate them it just combined them as I’d expect. So I went through hearting things on the sale from the sale page, and none of them added even though they highlighted on the page. Think I might have to leave my wishlist for a while, too frustrating. I’ve got my anniversary discount I was wanting to use as well! :sweat_smile:

I get this when I don’t manually log out or if I add something to my wishlist without logging in so now I avoid doing this and they have stayed for ages now.

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There was also this thread where I put my detective :male_detective: hat on, some people tested the theory and agreed with it and others said it didn’t make a difference :man_shrugging:

We’ve never had any response from lovehoney I don’t think or any update from them on how the reintroduction of wishlists are coming along. I think they originally estimated around 3 weeks after the new site went live.

Yep this has happened to many peoples saved items for a while now… I think when the new site was launched a few months back it reset everything perhaps :thinking: