My wife won't let me cum in her mouth

Hi my wife and I have been married for nearly 10 years and she is not keen on letting me finish in her mouth. I have a big fantasy to kiss her and share my cum but she is not up for it due to the horrible taste. I have suggested eating anything that will improve the taste and still no luck.

You know, this may just need to be something that will have to remain a fantasy. If she is really against it, it's not fair to push the issue. To be honest, I personally don't really like it either - it's not just a taste thing either - and my other half would not push me to do it, because he knows how uncomfortable it would make me feel.

If talking with her about it has not changed her mind, then you might just have to let it go. At least that's how I see it anyway.

I will say. It doesn't exactly taste GREAT and so, if she already isn't keen on the idea then you more than likely aren't going to change her mind. I'd just focus on finding other placess to finish, i'm afraid.

You've got to respect that. Maybe you could see if she can taste it but not by you cumming in her mouth. Then if she gets used to it, maybe one day. But if not, move on.

My wife is the same. It would just make her sick as I dare say that would happen with your Mrs. So please don't force it on her or she will just resent it .Just respect her wish ,as not to do it and accept it as one of your boundaries.

Definitely not something you should push for. I love it but I think I'm in the minority, it's not for a lot of women x

It's no big deal. If she doesn't like the idea of doing it, then move on and try something else that you will both enjoy.

Agree with all of the above. You could maybe find some compromises to partly play this out. For cumming in her mouth, perhaps you could wear a flavoured condom and cum inside it. If she isn't as bothered by pre cum, she could lick a little pre cum into her mouth and let you kiss her. If she is bothered by pre cum, she could lick a thick flavoured lube off you and share that via a kiss (still getting the hottness of her licking something off you and kissing you knowing where she has been licking). You may find she is up for trying some form of compromise if she realises how big a fantasy it is to you. I'd have another chat making it clear you don't expect her to go the full way and you respect that she hates the idea, but would she be up for anything resembling your fantasy that doesn't involve directly ingesting your cum. Never know :)

I absolutely hate it, and luckily my husband isn't that bothered about finishing in my mouth as he knows it makes me really uncomfortable and he also agrees that it tastes vile. I'll happily finish him off with my hands and let him cum all over me though.

I hate the texture more than the taste. Reminds me of the old-fashioned pot/cit mixtures the doctor used to prescribe for cystitis. Urgh. The thought of keeping it in my mouth long enough to share it makes me feel sick. Again, urgh! However, I will swallow sometimes as he does enjoy it - it's a sort of rare treat. For him!

I'd agree with what others say, though. If she's really not going to go for it, you should try to find a way to work around it.

I know that a fantasy that seems to easy to fulfill, but never happens must be hard to forget, but if you don't put it to bed, so to speak, you will risk resentment. I know from experience that this can be very hard on a relationship. You need to weigh up what it's worth to you.

I do say that does suck for you (sorry). I can't imagine having to briskly transition at that most exquisite moment from mouth to hands.

To put it bluntly: have you tried to bribe her?

Surely there's something somewhere in the universe that would get her to do it. I once heard that diamonds are a girls best friend?

Hey, I'm a pragmatist.

No way it will never happen
I'm afraid resentment goes a long way and is never forgotten. Just enjoy what you can.

You don't want to know that my wife lives me wanking off into hers then. 😉

Yeah I agree you can't force her into trying it. I think it's either a love or hate thing some women will find it a turn on and others will want to be sick! I have to say I'm not keen on it at all and it makes me gag.

I agree with most of the above, it's not something that you should push. Nobody should ever feel pressured or coerced into a sexual act, and I certainly wouldn't suggest bribing her to 'make her do it' as somebody else mentioned! 😱

You could try changing your diet to improve the taste, but there's no real evidence that this works as the composition of semen in healthy men is supposed to remain constant. Some people think that avoiding meat and eating plenty of fresh fruit helps, some types of vegetables like asparagus are also thought to give a bad taste. But like I said, I don't think it's a given that any of that would definitely work. I do think that Lovebirds suggestion about using flavoured condoms to ejaculate in her mouth is a very good compromise, it may not be exactly what you want but it's a step in the right direction.

For some men/women it's not the taste that's a problem, but the texture. I don't mind the taste of semen (not keen on it either though really!) but I can't stand the texture, so as soon as it's in my mouth I gag, which I can't help. I'm happy to do it every now and again for my partner as a surprise (he's never actually asked me to do it though, it's not something he's bothered about) but I wouldn't want to feel like I HAD to, and if it were a fantasy of his I would hope that it wouldn't be worth making me gag over.

I personally love it, but that is my choice, and I would never want to feel forced to do something or indeed bribed - that would not feel right at all.

I've always thought that for men it's just some sort of domination thing, where you are forcing a girl to do something she doesn't enjoy. Don't be a bully.

However an ex-girlfriend insisted that it was something she just had to do. There was much coughing and spluttering. Some even came out of her nose. She decided it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It wasn't exactly sexy.

My wife enjoys the reaction see gets from doing oral on me. Although she was grossed by the idea of a mouth full, she wanted me to cum. So we use un-lubed, tipless condoms.

Just one of those things,,, mine can't either but thats because of the huge metal ring in my bits that would bust the teeth!

I definitey think Lovebirds response is the way to go with this. a little compromise on both sides and you may even get your wife to agree to perhaps trying out your fantasy later on down the line. Experimenting with flavoured condoms sounds like a great place to start.
As for bribing her, deffo avoid that as she will resent you and may even become unwilling to take you into her mouth full stop after that!

For those that do do it , just curious to know if its like having an oyster in your mouth ?