Natural bodily lubrication or bottled

For me I love my OHs juice its not just that it is slippery, but her scent and taste also the thought that I have turned her on.

Some of us have reached an age where we're always going to need some help.

Are we less satisfying to a partner because of that?

I certainly hope not rosehip :) I have to use it sometimes due to being on the pill which affects me in that way and i have to admit i hated it at first. My partner didn't really understand why i needed it and i couldn't make him see that it was no reflection on him which in return made me feel like i was letting him down somehow and felt guilty for wanting to use it.
Stupid i know but we're over that now and things are great as they are.
I know he loves me being turned on naturally but i think he'd rather we used lube than have me in pain.

What's wrong with both when required? Nothing wrong with a little extra to help things along!

I'm the same and I'm only 21. From the new pill Ive been on in England I have a low libido and I always need lube to get me started, and sometimes a reapplication half way. But my partner is also huge for me so it's also to do with that.

Even before I had problems from the pill I preferred to use lube. It just feels so much better, way more fun :)

We use lube most times. I have the coil and I find my natural lubricant has decreased. I enjoy using lots of different lives x

Sometimes natural lubrication isn't enough so a bit of help from some lube is always welcome doesn't mean i'm not turned on though

I have never really needed to use much lube from a bottle but I dont think anyone should be disheartened if theres a need for it- if it makes thinks more enjoyable then use it (I would)

Surely if someone needs to use lube they definitely should. Some women have trouble producing enough of their own lubrication and if your Oh was one of those women wouldn't you rather things were more comfortable for her (and smoother for you)?

I find I don't need to use lube at all but I still do, I think it makes clitoral stimulation so much more comfortable. Penetration wise I don't use any, unless its with a silicone toy. And flavoured lube smells and tastes so nice!

It's definitely a hormonal thing for women. Some women will need lube all the time, some just a certain times of the month, others neither. When I'm pregnant I could probably bottle my own lubricant. But when I'm using hormonal contraception I definitely need a helping hand.

Usually, I don't need to use lube. But after my first child there was a period when I was almost completely dry and no stimulation would have helped. So then I used lube. Now I am back to my normal state - I could even be producing lube, lol. So, it depends on the situation - if it is needed, why not? If it is not needed - then it is not.

I always use lube with my girlfriend if we're using a strapon or something because of obvious reasons, it's just not a very good idea to try and use something made out of matte silicone with no lube. I'd be pretty annoyed if someone would rather have me in pain than be comfortable, I used it with my last boyfriend too because he was really big and it would start hurting very quickly if we didn't.

I need a little help from the bottle. At the begginging on a session I am very wet but it does not always last, so I need lube, Also I am a very petite down there and need lube so that it does not hurt me.

with so many different lubes available now we use them to add something different now and again.

the tingle ones are great fun x

paul10 wrote:

with so many different lubes available now we use them to add something different now and again.

the tingle ones are great fun x

Love the tingle one, used one for the first time,,, think my OH got carried away as it boarded on pleasure pain... went with the sex we were having

but anyway:

I prefer natural for me, sometimes lube it a little too slippery especially if we're using hands.. But if it's needed then use it....

alaine have you tried a warming one?

gets warmer and warmer as you play - good fun x

I have a warming one which is cherry flavour I think... I think I like warming ones better than tingle ones... unless my OH used to much... He did use like 3 pumps so it was a bit strong and like I said Pleasure Pain happened.. It was good as he was dominating me so I'm not complaining but yeah hurt a little

a little paid is always fun x

(Y) Defo!! Weird as due to personal issues I never thought I'd enjoy being dominated...

just shows what can happen when comfortable and trust the right person and maybe finding what you like.

on the lube issue i do like a baby oil wank if that counts!