New Dice Roller! 🎲

We have a new dice roller! :partying_face:

It’s quite a nifty one, with lots of extra features, so I thought we could have an explore together.

In its basic form you type [wrap=dice]d6[/wrap] to roll one six-sided die


But you can roll multiple dice in the same roll: (2d6)


And multiple dice rolls in a post:



There are lots of other ‘advanced’ features too, but I’ll include more as we go. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s see if this works…

Edit: I should put in the maximums:

  • 80 dice
  • No 0- or 1-sided dice
  • no more than ~67 million faces


I discovered it works if you know the difference between \ and /


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Apparently you can add ‘modifiers’ and check it against a threshold too. This one adds 3 to the roll, and then checks it against a threshold of 12:



Lower than the threshold gets a red colour, higher goes green.



<big> [wrap=dice]2d6[/wrap] </big>

<small> [wrap=dice]2d6[/wrap] </small>

This one sets a ‘critical hit’ figure. If you roll the specified number it colours it in red.

[wrap=dice crit=1,100]1d100[/wrap]
[wrap=dice crit=1,20]d20+3[/wrap]



This would be useful in my RPG groups but they ask about the site. Lol

I think a lot of the features have that kind of game in mind. I needed a dice roller that wasn’t capped at 120 (like Discobot) so we can pick a random Position of the Week out of the full 150.

But we get all of these extra bells and whistles too. :slightly_smiling_face: As yet I haven’t thought of a good use for them, but I feel like they could be good for something exciting…




Edit: Okay - editing in another dice roll above the original will change the dice roll. This one changed from 47 and re-rolled to 11. (but 47 is still the first number rolled… Interesting :thinking:)


But editing in one below keeps the originals.




I’m not really sure what I’m looking at here. I think this is checking each roll individually against the threshold (using the t and i code).

The second one has a -5 modifier in too.

Oh, super! Will make the positions of the week more diverse definetly
@Lovehoney_Brenna thank you :heart:

@Mac317 This is the one i ise for rpg’ing :wink: might get you fewer comments.




d120 d120



And it seems you can just use the i code to make it not add them up.

So for the Role-Play Generator you could put:

[wrap=dice] 2d120i [/wrap]

And you’d get two numbers, not summed.



I think this one would allow you to force a number choice between 30 and 50

Tentative practice game: (which you could already play with Discobot, but you know, baby steps :slightly_smiling_face:)

Number Room Toy 1 Accessory
1 Kitchen Wand Orgasm Balm
2 Bedroom Dildo Whip
3 Bathroom Bullet Handcuffs
4 Living Room Butt Plug Cheese
5 Garden Love Egg Paddle
6 Dining Room Rabbit Nipple Clamps


In the Dining Room, with a Dildo, and some Orgasm Balm… :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe add in some lingerie? :thinking:


Lucky dice… how many jelly beans are there in the :tada: Competition Time! :tada: Blowmotion Masturbator?


Hmm, think that may be a little high but if it’s right then split the prize between everyone who’s entered?

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Sounds like some strangely themed version of cleudo
Colonel mustard, in the Dining room with the butt plug :face_with_monocle:

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Obviously I should have included a role. Let’s try again. :slightly_smiling_face:

No. Role Room Toy 1 Accessory
1 Firefighter Kitchen Wand Orgasm Balm
2 Postman Bedroom Dildo Whip
3 Police Officer Bathroom Bullet Handcuffs
4 Farmer Living Room Butt Plug Cheese
5 Teacher Garden Love Egg Paddle
6 Clown Dining Room Rabbit Nipple Clamps


Firefighter, in the Kitchen, with a butt plug and some nipple clamps :slightly_smiling_face:


Let me try…

Lucky dice, how many beans are in the toy?


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Am I interpreting that right that the only possible outcomes he could have from your roll were 37 or 38?

:thinking: That seems a little biased on your part!

I limited him to 120 but otherwise entirely his own free roll :rofl:

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