New gf old toys

Not been around much since I’ve been single again but now I have a new partner and I’m sure eventually will get around to sharing each other.

i know she uses toys on herself and so do I.. who doesn’t 😁

i have a box full of goodies from lovehoney and some that I bought for my last partner whichever were used occasionally with her, but I never gave them to her when we split up.

ladies .. would it be wrong to use these old toys with the new partner?

i mean... what’s the etiquette on this one?

i didn’t know what to search so please forgive me if this has already been covered.

obviously the toys hvae been kept clean and in a box.. a good fresh clean up would bring them back to being useful again I’m sure,but do I use them again or buy new withevery new partner?

Personally other than restraints and possibly paddles/floggers etc I wouldn't want anything that had been used by a previous partner to used on me. Definitely anything porous (so anything other than silicone, glass or steel) should not be used by anyone else as they can't be properly steralised.

Anything that hasn't been used I wouldn't have any problem with.

It's down to how your new partner feels about it really but I would be delicate in suggesting it if I were you.

For me, I'd bin them if they were "hers", just seems like bad karma waiting to happen. For the sake of a few pounds, let her buy or suggest toys she wants with the new relationship, can't imagine anything more off putting than an ex's sex toy, not only from the hygiene perspective but also for me it would be disrespectful to both

Definitely recycle them and buy new ones, don't use the old toys on her as it is just unhygenic and she will question whether they have been used on previous partners and more than likely be too embarrased to ask, so don't put her in that position. And you will just cheapen yourself, so as said above for the sake of a few quid just recycle and enjoy a new sex toy journey with a new partner.


Personally I'd be horrified if I found out my new partner was using their ex's toys with me. Obviously there's the hygiene risks but I personally think there could be an emotional factor here, could she feel you've kept them/ using them for a connection to your ex?

You said she has toys so couldn't you use those?

I agree with the above, just get rid off them and start from scratch or use her toys. The emotional impact this will likely have is just not worth it as you can’t replace that! My mind would go into overdrive if this was me.

I will have to agree with everyone above, it'd be best to ditch those old toys and browse new ones together. It's better to discuss together what toys you should get or start with her toys for now.

Personally I'd hit the roof.

No way what so ever would I want to be reminded of when he was with someone else other than me. Let one their sex life!

Plus I would hate to think that I would have to be compared to her. I would feel like I have to like the toys because she did, and obviously he liked that too. Massive NO.

Find out what she likes , and buy together. It's always a bonus waiting for the post man to come

I agree with all of the above. It’s a no from me for sanitary reasons and also I’d hate to be reminded of a partner’s previous sex life. Buy new things together!

New partner = new journey ...
ditch the old toys and browse the range of toys online together! It’s a good way to see what the boundaries are( if there is any), I know it’s expensive to just throw it all away, but you guys will enjoy building your own new collection (again)

I found out my ex had used some of our old toys with a new girl when we split. This was really distressing for me when we tried to rekindle things.

I'm not saying you're going to make up with your ex but I was horrified by it and refused to have them in the house.

Definitely recycle them and get new toys, I don’t think anyone wants a used toy put inside them, especially if they were intimate moments with a previous partner. Also bacteria could be an issue so throw them away and treat your new girl to some new toys!

As above, best to start afresh on anything that makes "Contact".

Thanks all .. just thought I’d ask the question .. it does seem a waste to simply throw them away..

i remember with a previous partner that she used some of her old toys with me, I knew they’d been shared with other men but that didn’t even enter my head that there was any issues there. I guess it’s different for fellas I don’t know.

sad thing is , a couple of the toys weren’t even used, I bought them in advance for special occasions and just put them in my toy box .. minus the boxes as they came in the drawstring bags but I ended the relationship before they got tested 🙁

i guess when the time comes I’ll be shopping again in here 😁😁😁

Bin the lot. I would go absolutely mental if I found out a toy of any kind was used on someone else before me. If you’re using it with me, then it’s been bought with the intention of being used only on me, anything else and you’re out.

Honestly I would go ape shit if a partner used a sex toy on me he had used on / with a previous partner. Especially anything insertable... OMG yeah that is just ICK.

Now anything that was never used is a different story but most women would ask you why you had it, etc. lol

Lol I know Vanessa, but when love honey have great sales on and you hvae the cash you kind of go crazy and shop in advance 😈😈😈

Fredster personally, (and it is a personal thing,) I would not want to use a toy that has been used on another woman. Exceptions for me would be bondage stuff like leather restraints, blindfold, flogger ect. It's a hygene thing for me.

You could recycle them and get some points?

I'm rather shocked by the waste that's being proposed here (because, sorry to say, "recycling" often enough means "incinerator" at best or "landfill" at worst. Whereas I am all in favour of throwing away jelly etc. toys (actually, I'd recommend to not buy them in the first place), I wouldn't ever expect anybody to throw out steel, glass, or silicone toys. Anything that can be thoroughly disinfected should be and that's it. Would anybody expect a guy to buy new forks and spoons? They go in your mouth, after all...

Just for heaven's sake don't tell the present girl friend how much the previous one liked something...