New 'house ads'

Hello. You might have noticed the Big Brand Event banner that’s sitting at the top of the forum. Just to say that we’re trialling a new ‘house ad’ feature where we can direct people to stuff that’s happening on the main LH website(s).

Appreciate it’s a little on the large side. The next one will be less obtrusive.

We are NOT going to start running Google Ads or any other ad style on the forum.



The new big banner at the top of the forum is very intrusive don’t you think?

We could try moving it down the page, to in-between the topics. That way there wouldn’t be a big block of banners, what do people think?

  • One big banner at the top
  • Multiple banners throughout the topic list

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I’d vote for one “not so big” banner at the top :rofl:


Keep it to the top

I’d definitely keep it at the top. I think the positive of this is that I won’t miss out on a sale again! I don’t check my emails often enough and don’t check the shopping site unless i actually want something so often miss a good deal. The negatives are that my bank balance may suffer and it’s not very discrete to use the forum in public anymore - i used to feel ok with checking the forum on a train / quiet coffee shop if no one was sat behind me but I’m not sure I would do that with big banners of dildos popping up :rofl:


I don’t actually mind the banners, I hadn’t opened my emails so hadn’t seen the offer so I like that its there. But I think a not so big one would be great for the same reason that @Kitty-Cat01 said, I don’t need to advertise that I’m looking at dildos lol

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I dont mind the banners at the moment as not currently receiving LH promo mails 1​:sob:

Might i be so blunt to ask why?
Most of us forum users gander throughout the site, get the emails etc anyways, its just another advert


Have to say I’m with @Bigiain on this.


I think it’ll work best having one at the top, it’s not like it stays at the top of your screen as you scroll, so it’s not a huge deal to me. (If it’s that much of a bother for people, you can just install an adblock extension and block ads on the forum specifically)

I’m more curious as to whether what’s advertised will apply to all Lovehoney sites (UK/US/AU/etc) because the Australian site offers and ranges differ a little. I don’t want to get my hopes up seeing an ad only for it to be UK and/or US exclusives deals and/or items
(I got my hopes up last time someone mentioned new fantasy pieces the other month, which the Australian site still doesn’t have :sob:)

This is something we have considered and are planning to only highlight things that relate to all members globally :slight_smile:


One big one at the top, then once you’ve seen it you can scroll past it if you’re a daily regular. I feel multiple ones scattered throughout would get annoying, especially if you visit multiple times throughout the day like a lot of us!

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Few that’s a relief to know :sweat_smile:

For me, the banner at the top (including the “Learn More” one) should be no bigger than twice the size of the “Essential Forum Info” one, and definitely not moving. Static only.

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Yes, I agree with @RacyRosalee.
It’s sad when it is not available in AU.

I personally don’t like the banner. I like the forum as a discussion place only and I prefer to go off users recommendations and suggestions for new toys/ lingerie and deals. The banner is something to ignore and scroll past - just my opinion!

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:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::heart: the top.

On my phone, err, what banner, theres nothing there just the normal layout Samsung A22 with add block

If you have an ad block on, you won’t see it

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