New outfits

Could any of the wonderful women and/or men help find me some panties, skirts and tops to buy please?

I really want some more outfits but not too sure where to start, as I am male and not too familiar with these things.

Love wearing panties, mostly crotchless or thongs, but also want to explore more. Have a few fishnet tights that I love.

Haven’t got any bras or anything for my top half, also looking for some skirts.

I’m a size 8-10 in women’s clothes.


I’m enjoying babydolls, chemises, body stockings etc.
Anything not underwired so your nipples are covered by the soft material, no baggy cups!
Those that come with matching panties just add to the pleasure.
All mine have come from the Lovehoney range…my OH doesn’t get a look in​:wink:

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Niice, I’ve not really explored those types of lingerie.

Will have a look and see what works.

Which is your go to of this list, babydolls, chemises, body stockings?

I’m obsessed with baby dolls at the moment, just bought this LH one

Received this one today

They do them in smaller sizes too

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Wow they look lovely, might have to invest in some of these!

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Babydolls :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Another one I have also available is smaller sizes too


It’s nice to hear you enjoy lingerie and wow for being such a sexy size - while a babydoll is fun why not try a basque- wear with stockings and you will look great - noted this is a super price and sexy as hell

Or another which is cute is

I’m going to buy the bottom one for my Man - love the colour and frill at the bottom - just need to find better knickers he likes fuller knickers

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Wow, they look amazing, happy to invest. My worry is that it wont fit me or look great because I havent got any breasts.

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Have you a maid costume- this one is a firm fav of my husband but if you are tall don’t bother - but it’s cute as hell and sexy as f…


Love these suggestions. Im sure your hub does as well.!!

Yeah that looks amazing, definitely adding that to the basket.

These suggestions are great, thanks so much!

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I’m a massive fan of lingerie and I feel men should embrace the lingerie - I have never seen a man in lingerie who did not personally enjoy it - it’s just taboo - but I don’t care- wear lingerie to suit you and enjoy


Absolutely love wearing lingerie especially Babydolls,in fact i could almost live in them i love them so much.I sometimes wear a padded bra underneath to enhance my chest size.Although recently with my weight loss on my stomach my man boobs have developed into a lovely looking albeit smallish pair of female breasts.Both me and Wife couldn’t be happier as she loves playing with them and sucking them.Enjoy those Babydolls :smile:

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So hot :fire:


@HappyInPanties - have you tried a basque for yourself - I have ordered 1 for my man today and just cannot wait - he saw it and we love the frill - just looking for better knickers :dress:

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I love the look of those basques @batjamboree but like @Curious_cat23 I don’t have breasts so think they may look silly on me! Fancy the French maid outfit though :heart_eyes:

Nice to hear back - I appreciate you don’t have breasts but will still look good on you - a lot if wen enjoy wearing a bra and still look good - only thing don’t get big cups - a smaller cup (a-c) still would look good

However the maid costume is so good - the skirt aspect is just beautiful- but what colour knickers do you wear - when I’m dressed as a maid I go for black knickers but my husband always wears white :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@mb05 - I’m fussy when it comes to knickers on a maid costume as dress up as a maid sometimes and as a woman and I always wear black mesh type knickers - often bumless (easy access)

However I spend a lot of time at my friends house - she is a professional dominatrix and every time I’m there there are men dressed as maids / schoolgirls and she insists they wear white knickers- and I agree and even when my husband dresses as a maid ( he looks fantastic) he wears white knickers with matching suspenders and stockings

I’m happy that he can wear any colour knickers but not black - I wear black and I keep that rule

As you know - we are big into fem Dom - and he loves a good spanking - I feel when he is bent over - white knickers on a peachy bum - just love it

  • what’s your opinion??? Love to chat

The colour of the knickers is personal choice and my husbands maid costume has a flaired

skirt with a ruffled petticoat made from layers of white nylon - and so white knickers suit it better - while black would work I like the white innocence look is a turn on

For sex games I do enjoy bumless knickers - as I have a good looking bum and it also allows anal play

Below are 2 I own - the one is used for pegging

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