Njoy medium pure plug

Hello ladies and gents. I just bought the Njoy pure plug medium size and I was wondering what do you guys think about it?


I have the small njoy plug, and I love it :heart_eyes: Love the shape of it, love the firmness of it and that it holds my body temperature, the finger loop is perfect. When my husband was getting into anal play, I got him the medium njoy plug, and he’s been enjoying using it too. We don’t do anal play all the time, so to me, the medium is a pretty big size up from the small. The small, I can pop in at anytime without any prep, but he usually has to take it slow and warm up before popping in the medium so he won’t hurt himself. He hasn’t reviewed his medium plug yet, but I’ve reviewed my small plug :point_down: Hope you like yours when it arrives!!


I have a medium one and really like it. Its amazing quality thats worth the money. Personally i wish id bought the next size up, as its an investment piece and my usual plug size is larger. It is a fantastic plug for me to use when i havent done any anal play for a while and just want to pop something in. Theyr great for long wear too as theyre so comfortable. You do have to be a little careful taking them out as the shape in that direction can be quite a sudden stretch if you remove it too fast.


Ive been into stretching for a long time and have a good few toys that i love to use but i dont have one of the ones you guys and gals are talking about will have to look into them :blush::blush:


Hello welcome to the forum :blush::upside_down_face::blush:


Hubby has the 2.0 extra large one and loves it. Great for longer term wear.

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Hey welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face: can’t say I’ve ever tried out this toy but from what I’ve heard Njoy brand is quite good.

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