Njoy Pure Wand or We-Vibe for no prior gspot orgasm experience?

Starting early research for my birthday discount.

I have never experienced g-spot orgasm before. I want to try to squirt, but no luck so far. I seem to be all about the clitorial stimulation and orgasm and frankly really want some variety.

I’ve tried the Desire Luxury Rechargeable Curved G-Spot Vibrator before and could NOT get it in. Also tried tried the Womanizer Duo and InsideOut but no g-spot stimulation that I could feel. It was all about the clit and I took way longer to orgasm compared to my Pro40.

Should I just give up on the g-spot or squirting then? Or should I give it another try? I’ve been curious about the njoy Pure Wand for a while, but is this not suitable for people who have never experienced g-spot stimulation? Or maybe I just don’t have a reactive g-spot? lol

Or, should I go for one of these? If so, which one? And are these ONLY suitable for couples or would it somehow work for a single as well?


I unfortunately can’t help you as to what toy to use, I can however say do not give up.

Some one here will tell you the best way I am sure. It does help as to what position you are in at the time as well.

The njoy wand is good for guy stuff and for keeping by your bed in case of unwanted intruders

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HAHA @Melody1, you are right about that!!

@duchessofnowhere my recommendation would definitely be the Pure Wand. To be honest, we have tried the We-Vibe C vibes with varying success. The intent of those is to be able to be used as a couple for the most part, and for us, they just don’t fit properly for the intent. The nice thing about the Pure Wand is that it is ergonomically designed to hit the exact spot. Your wrist will get a bit tired, because it is a stout piece, but I would definitely recommend it. You can check my review out here: The Thor’s Hammer of Toys: Shocking…. It is going to be a game of patience, so don’t sweat it!!

If you are set on a vibrator, I would go down the path of a rabbit vibe, but that’s just my take; they are a little bit more versatile than the C shaped vibes.


I’m very much with @HappytoBeHere in my experience of the C-shaped vibes. We only have one of the very early We-vibe ones but I didn’t get on with it at all. Doesn’t fit during penetrative sex and wasn’t very comfy to wear out and about. Neither it or an egg would be my go to for G-spot orgasms. Again, I agree with @HappytoBeHere in that if you want a blended orgasm I’d pick a rabbit, my personal favourite being the Mantric Rabbit.

If however, you just want the G-spot stimulation I would go with a G-spot vibe. I also have the Desire one you mention and it didn’t work for me either. It goes in okay but the stimulation is wrong for me. It took me ages to find my perfect G-spot vibe with some expensive mustakes on route but now I have two, the Agent Provocateur Cha-Cha-Cha and the Joy Roller. The second is much more powerful and can stand up to be combined with a suction toy and still packing a punch . The Cha-Cha-Cha however, is just perfectly shaped, has the perfect squish and travelling vibes that do everything right for my G-spot but the sensation does get lost when combined with other toys - this is fine as it doesn’t need other toys. If you have problems inserting the Desire toy it is also a less intimidating size and shape.

The nJoy I don’t own so can’t comment but it certainly gets a lot of love on the forum. For me personally, I do need some additional clit stimulation when using non vibrating metal or glass toys though.

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When you use any toy that makes you orgasm do you go for 2nds? It used to take me a few orgasms to eventually squirt.

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Maybe go for the one your feeling most drawn to trying out :upside_down_face:

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It so is :joy: lethal in more ways than one

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