Ok dose your OH do this

I like no if your OH pee on you or do you like doing 2 him as i love hur doing 2 me even when out fill cup drink it

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Same here me or my partner are not into watersports at all.

watersports aren't something me and my husband are into....

PA it might not be for you and that's cool but you could word it slightly better... Some into the fetish could take offense to your answer... not everyone has the same fetish and that's the great thing about lovehoney getting to share it with other like minded....

straponme if you search it there are a few threads others have started about this :)

Sorry it was the first thing I read straight after I woke up!!
I forget that there's people that like a lot of things I find strange.

We like it, we've loved watching each other for ages and it's recently escalated to him peeing on me, wouldn't drink it though.

It's not for me too. But once we talked about that with my OH and i asked if he can do that while he's in me. Sometimes i can feel his release hard and i find it really really hot, so that was the reason i asked. Am i funny?! =D

I'd love to feel him pee while he's inside... But I don't want to make a mess of the sheets lol and it's really hard to pee when you're aroused

Yeah Joung&Fun that was his answer, so i just have to forget about that.

No chance. My wife won't even pee in the toilet if I'm in the shower.

Not that I'm into that kind of thing, tbh.

I'd love her to pee on me, while I'm in the bath, she told me to sod off haha

Young and fun95 wrote:

I'd love to feel him pee while he's inside... But I don't want to make a mess of the sheets lol and it's really hard to pee when you're aroused

Buy a PVC sheet, they are fab :)

I can't say it's ever been something I have considered before and I do not think my OH would like it very much.

And I hope this dose not offend but am I right in thinking that perhaps english is not your first language? Because I have had difficulty understanding your threads so far :/ xx

Sorry but I honestly cant understand what your actually saying :s

From the replies its obviously something about watersports which isnt something ive ever fancied personally and Ive not been with anyone thats into it yet.

LilHorror i would be upset if someone would tell me that, but its not about me.
At 3:31 am after more than a few drinks even i in my first language (which is not english) could write something i will never understand without some kind of secret codes and few more drinks. LOL

Watersports does not do anything for us at all.. I had an ex that I tried it with once and it totally wasn't for me. Besides I have enough trouble with the mess I make squirting lol I really don't need more pvc sheets and potential wet spots on my lovely bed.

I am sorry dota I really am not trying to be offending. I just think it would be better to know than people asking what is being said again and again. Sorry though... it was not meant so sound mean or anything just curious I guess. Xx

We think watersports are fun, but due to the clean up required after, we tend to only dabble once in a blue moon. (lazy lol) We have played with desperation (not letting him go to the bathroom) and I have peed on him a few times as part of BDSM play. A few times in his mouth/face. In the past, I have also been peed on and in. I wouldn't say it is a huge fetish of mine, but I think it is fun on occasion. Something different I guess.

Watersports is one of those marmite things I find. Some love the idea, some hate the idea.

The main thing I worry about is could you get unwell at all if you were to urinate in someone's mouth? Xx

Now when reading this thread i remember my gran. She had a naughty best friend who once saw all this stuff with added bonus -pooping. I was laughing like crazy when she told me "what terrible things they are doing". I just pretended, that i didn't know someone would do that, i was too embarrassed to tell her i know.