Older models?

Hi all
Big thumbs up to love honey for using more plus size models , I’m sure its helped a lot of women gain body confidence .
As a suggestion ,how about including a few older models as well ?
I’m sure there are many older women who shop for lingerie , and seeing older women modelling would really be a boost for us oldies .
Thanks for a great forum btw , well done all who created it


Fancy a poll to go with it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Who would like to see more age diversity in the lingerie product photos? :older_adult: :stockings:

  • Most definitely
  • No thank you
  • I’m not bothered
  • I’m not sure

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Definitely agree with your post @Weeradge great suggestion


Absolutely agree @Weeradge I am one of those older women and I think it would be great to see older women and men modelling lingerie :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I am too like @wildflower and in the plus size…us older birds rock too…



Absolutely keep it real is what I say, I 100% prefer to see all the Real beautiful people modelling LH products in the pictures thread :wink:


But if it increased sales, and added market share from a fresh/underperforming demographic, it may be worth the extra money. Especially if it enriched the brand image, and maybe provided extra publicity too.

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It’s a good idea and very inclusive. It would send out a message of positivity that sex in later life is good and nothing to be ashamed of.


I have been put off in the past thinking would I look like “mutton dressed as lamb?” especially if it’s shown on a really young model…

Not bothered purchasing because…I know it’s not just me being lazy… I can’t be bothered with the hassle of returning



Exactly. Having older models represented in the ‘official’ photos sends out a strong ‘this was made for you’ vibe. :+1:


I mean I understand they can’t show everything with every shape…age and height…but a few variations would be great…



Yes totally agree with this . I think today’s society in general is very ageist , especially when it comes to all matters sexual. It seems to come as a shock to some teens that people over the age of 40 still have a sex life !
And seeing a model in the older age group in something I’m considering purchasing would be a more helpful guide as to how I’m likely to look in it, the same way as the plus sized models already do :slightly_smiling_face:


Well we have photographic proof that our more mature members look amazing fom the Uploaded pics thread.


Don’t we just?? @WillC

Yes I agree with @wildflower alot of the younger generation are suprised the “older ones” still have an active sex life…

Little do they know we’re worse than they are…



I thought people were meant to improve with age? Have you got confuddled and are now shaking penises like they’re ketchup bottles? Please don’t smack the end to try and get the last bit out… :slightly_smiling_face:


@CurvyJilly most definitely! :slightly_smiling_face:

Lovehoney lingerie page on Instagram (@lovehoneylingerie) also has a huge range of photos of their lingerie on different people - I particularly love looking at the tagged pictures for inspiration! I would say the age range is probably still younger, most likely due to Instagram’s target audience more than anything. But would love to see older models too - fab suggestion! :blush:

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Lots of Lovehoney members of all ages, shapes and sizes modelling lingerie on the Uploaded Pictures Thread.

Maybe Lovehoney could ask a few if their photos can be used on the shopping pages? maybe in return for a few points added to accounts?


I think this is a brilliant idea!!!

Obviously it would be great for people who are quite order than the models that usually wear that lingerie. At the same time it would show off and normalize the look of not-so-young (older) bodies.

It’s basically the same thing as having plus size models. Why not have older models as well? This is a normal part of life. Make more people aware of it, show it off, show everyone how it can still be normal, accepted, beautiful and sexy!

I am SO here for this! :heart: