Onlyfans/Fansly Journey

You can link to your normal FB or other social media account. We had this issue and were worried it would show to others and make the account easily identifiable. It doesn’t as it purely for verification purposes, doesnt show to anyone and is only ever seen by OF admin.

They’re not very clear on that point and if you google ‘OF verification issues’ you’ll see page afternpage of people saying they could never get verified.

If you link to a normal social media account chances are you’ll get accepted in an hour or so.

@steve19 - I used the same username for Fansly and Onlyfans and don’t have anything else in that name yet.

@JoCat - I’m kinda hoping Onlyfans will accept my Fansly as the other social media account as I’ve heard others have used one of their SW sites to help with that. If I’ve been verified on one, surely it’s good enough for the other that is basically the same website.

@Rob36 - I know. The problem with that is Onlyfans want my Facebook to be public which it isn’t so they can verify it. I also heard they want to be able to see your face on a social media account? Not sure about that part, but as someone who doesn’t post my face you can see the issues :sweat_smile:

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@Mint-Monster just an FYI, I was reading on the CreatorsAdvice subreddit about how you DO NOT want to use the same phone number for certain accounts (like an IG account to promote your Fansly/OF) because Insta will then recommend your alt accounts to your other followers. The thread is called " Did I already ruin my anonymity?" if you want to check it out.

Edit: some folks in that thread have also suggested synching contacts so that you can pro-actively block them. In some ways that seems riskier to me but I can also see how it also gives you more control in preventing your spicy accounts getting suggested to other folks that you may know.

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@ScorpioDaddy - Thanks, I just had a read over it. I had no intention of making an Instagram anyway :fearful: For mine, I made a new Google account for just Fansly, Onlyfans and Reddit so nothing should be linking to my personal stuff.

Yer ours got declined first time as we both didn’t do the driving license and face bit only I did and we both had to do it as it’s a couples account which I didn’t think we needed to but she’s did suggest that and she was right but don’t tel her I said that lol :joy:

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@Mint-Monster you can always temporarily make it public with one visible face pic and then change back as soon as youve been verified. A PITA I know, but does work. They make you jump through hoops…but only once. :wink:


I have been having a good luck at Fansly and I now think I have set an account up. Only fans remain a problem as I can never find anything unfortunately. Wondering if scouse is good @Mint-Monster

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@steve19 - Great that you are getting more accustomed to Fansly. Onlyfans doesn’t feel as user friendly, even for creators.

Scouse is always good :stew::laughing:

Getting use to fansly and have subscribed to a few. I need to see if I can filter down to just UK. Have you started getting income from it yet? @Mint-Monster

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Good luck on your journey @Mint-Monster i think you’d make a killing- you look and take amazing pics!!

Have they changed the registration process on onlyfans then? I signed up during lockdown (the first time) and found it very easy and straightforward so am surprised it sounds like a pain.
I haven’t heard of fansly either so am really looking forward to hearing about how you get on with that site and may look into that myself.

As for Reddit- I started to promote myself on there but was constantly pestered with people asking for certain requests which is all fine but it didn’t lead anyone directly to my onlyfans account and I found that lots of people just wanted to talk and see how far a conversation would go or what they could get out of it without paying any fee. Combined with work and all the effort that needed to go into promoting myself I gave up!! I also think there’s so many subreddits that you have to verify yourself into before being approved it’s such a task!!

But as with anything lots of dedication and you’ll reap the rewards. Keep us posted!!

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I only found fansly after @Mint-Monster post. I have found it good to use and have subscribed to a few. I would say give it a go. Good luck to everyone. @PrettyKitty24

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how are things going @Mint-Monster have you got many subscribers. Is it doing what you wanted?

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Update: I currently have 9 followers and my first subscriber. Yay! Again, still not fully promoting or anything. A follower came on one day and liked all of my content which gave me a big boost in hearts/likes. I don’t think these do anything special except show appreciation. However, they can be useful if for example you have content hidden. Maybe if someone sees a lot of likes they will be more willing to take a peek since it could be something worth looking at. I seem to also have a creator who likes all my posts no matter what which is nice and I will like some of hers, too. Maybe a “like-for-like” thing, but I do genuinely enjoy her stuff :blush:

From my search around the site, dress-up and cosplay seem to do well. Plus, I like those type of things myself. I don’t think I’m skilled enough to pull off some of the looks, but for now I have ordered myself some elf ears :woman_elf:

I still have a lot of stock I can upload, but it’s going through them to make sure they are ready. So things like fixing lighting, cropping and removing stuff can take time. I think I just need to sit down and do them on a regular basis so I can schedule posts more efficiently. Like maybe I can watch a movie or series in the background while I do it, too.

Just one subscriber so far which is one more than I expected at this stage :grin:

@PrettyKitty24 - Thank you! Maybe the process did change since they got more sign-ups around then? I know they had trouble with scammers and underage users so they may have tightened their requirements.

From what I heard from other creators, Onlyfans has the reputation and money, but Fansly is more user friendly and less restrictive. Some creators use both sites and I’ve even heard a few jump ship to Fansly when there was trouble with Onlyfans.

Yes, you have to be careful of freeloaders wasting your time like that. Plus, getting Karma on Reddit can be a bitch if you need it :laughing:


That is great news @Mint-Monster

:rofl: :rofl: All I can hear in my head is a phrase from years ago on the Harry Enfield Comedy Show when he was taking the mickey out of the soap at the time “Brookside” and he used to say “Hey Tel, calm down, calm down”…Way before your time @Mint-Monster

@Latino_Caliente - Oh, I remember Harry Enfield alright “Dee doo dough don’t dee dough?”

The Scouse Alphabet as well :joy:

I had a relative live in Liverpool close to the Everton football ground and scouse was always good. Unfortunately they died many years ago and have not been to the city for many years. I just love the accent.

@Mint-Monster As I live in Spain, I thought this very apt!! :rofl: :rofl: Harry Enfield - The Scousers Visit The Beach - YouTube

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