Onlyfans/Fansly Journey

Read this thread, people who have accounts talk about their experiences.

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@Latino_Caliente - Yes, I’ve been saving it for weekend :grin:

Update: I currently have 15 followers and still 1 subscriber. My Likes have jumped to about 200 (mainly because I didn’t realise you could Like your own posts :face_with_hand_over_mouth:). However, I’ve also been getting some sales to unlock bundles of content which is good along with nice comments.

I have started to promote on Reddit and post a few pics to test the waters. However, some subreddits can be strict on who they let post so that could take time to get a chance with them if they require Karma for example. Or some will just not accept you if you don’t meet their rules/criteria. Another problem is they may even ban you if you have association with NSFW stuff. I posted a picture of me in a bra to a “small boob” subreddit which wasn’t rude or offensive at all and I got instantly banned because my profile has links to NSFW posts :sweat_smile: Oh, well.

Anything with a certain niche tends to get more attention. Pics of me dressed as a maid have got the most upvotes and I put them in a “maid” subreddit which was the right move, I think.

I posted a pic of my bum in a “pawg” subreddit and it got absolutely nothing, haha. I think with some of them, posts can get easily lost in the tide of uploads because anyone and everyone is at it. I don’t think it’s worth posting in such areas if no one gets a chance to see them, so I’ve started making a trial and error list of what are the better subreddits that work for me. I’ll also look at their new posts. If I notice that other people’s pics are getting nothing (and they are a lot better than mine) then I’m going to assume that mine will end up the same way and look elsewhere to post.

My elf ears arrived and I love them! :woman_elf:They don’t match my skin colour exactly, but I’m sure I could fix that with make-up or Photoshop. Lovehoney, invest in elf ears now!!

I tried doing 2 shoots in one the other week and got frustrated because my remote for the camera/phone is either broken or ran out of battery so I had to resort to just using the timer. So slow! :tired_face: I’ve ordered new batteries and hope that will sort it. I don’t think doing 2 shoots in one session (change of clothes) was a good idea to begin with as I felt done ‘n’ bored partway through the second shoot. I guess I’ll stick one at a time to not feel overwhelmed.

I’ve been working through my pics and scheduling posts on Fansly so I’m not rushing to post something new. It’s like getting your homework done in time and is way less stressful.


Wow @Mint-Monster that is a very detailed update. But as it is just on midnight here and i am in bed, I’ll have a proper read in the morning! :sleeping:

So I have set up an onlyfans page I am just waiting to be verified so then I can get some content I have subscribed to some people free pages to get my name and profile out their seem to be getting lots of messages wanting me to buy other people content
I don’t know if I bought theirs they would buy mine

Update: Things have hit a snag as I seem to be stuck on 16 followers on Fansly. It looks like people follow me to have a look and then block me soon after? Maybe I’m just not their cup of tea, but it just kept happening with is discouraging :slightly_frowning_face: Might be being faceless or mostly non-nude that puts them off?

On another note, I finally managed to verify myself to get an Onlyfans account after 4 attempts. I had to make some posts on my Facebook public that had my face on them. Feels kinda creepy and invasive for someone look through my photos with friends and family. Like I just sold my soul kind of thing, haha. Not a fan of their interface since you can’t really find users without a link. Also profiles are locked until you follow/subscribe to them so you can’t see what they offer? I prefer Fansly’s website more. No action on my Onlyfans as of yet.

Getting a bit more attention on Reddit by posting a few freebie pics or just getting involved in subreddits I’m interested in. Had a few people contact me wanting to do stuff with them, but I just sent them on their way. One rude person accused me of stealing photos because I wouldn’t cam with him :roll_eyes:

I think I’ll have to try and make a menu next of what I do and at what price. Like making custom photo shoots and stuff. Might make my page look more professional, too.


How do people follow on fansonly

@AWB1955 - Both have a blue follow/subscribe button on them.

Depending on the settings, a Fansly user can look through a creators profile for free to see the content that was set up for no viewing fees.

On Onlyfans, profiles are hidden until you follow/subscribe to them. There are paid pages and free pages. So you may not know what a creator has to offer until you hit the follow/subscribe button. A free page can have PPV content on it, but paid pages don’t.

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@Mint-Monster I think Fansly is so much better than Only Fans because you can at least see/know more about the person/page you are looking at. I think your content is very important and some seem to post on a daily basis. Not sure they do but they may load a lot but then drip feed onto the page. Please continue from a supporter.

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Thank ypu for that information hope your having a good weekend i am looking at something on the same lines as you but really unsure

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Hi @Mint-Monster Thanks for the update. It’s been a while since your last one, but I know these things take time!
That’s a shame to you’re stuck on 16 followers, and then to have others block you…downright rude!
Do you think it might be the category you’re trying to get into may not be the right one? Just trying to work out why. You’re uploads on here are certainly worthy of a follow (in my opinion!) :blush:

Onlyfans seems to have made you jump through some hoops, but glad to hear you finally have it sorted. I agree though that not being able to see a creators content without following / subscribing does seem an odd way of going about things?

Glad to hear Reddit is picking up. Is the maid thing still going strong?
I don’t need to tell you that there will always be people out there that will “push the boundaries” of what you are willing to offer and I’m glad you sent them packing! It goes with the job I’m afraid.

The menu is a good idea as it is there in black and white and anything asked for outside of that is just a straight up “No”

Looking forward to more news :kissing_heart:


@steve19 - Thank you. I currently post about 2 times per week, but it’s usually a bigger batch of pictures. I wonder if it’s better to post more regularly with smaller batches instead then? :thinking: I’ve seen a few creators post single pics almost every day, but they are usually from the same shoot. Not sure if people would get bored after seeing them? Hmm…

@Latino_Caliente - Yeah, such a random number. Interesting since I got more attention when I first started with 0 promotion. Then when I promote I get nothing :joy: Maybe it’s Fansly’s internal starter boost or something?

I’ve just been posting a few old pics on Reddit and the maid one was included. They did well as well as me showing my toys off. Have to be careful with some groups as they will ban you if you have the same photos posted elsewhere.

Thank you. Yeah, having a menu list will be more clear of what I’m happy to do or not. :+1:


Hi @Mint-Monster

I’ve dabbled with Fansly a bit the last week, hadn’t heard of it before your original post and not used Onlyfans before but was aware of it. There’s lots of ladies on there, loads that captured my attention and followed quite a few. 95% post an immediate “thanks for joining” automated message and I’ve put a few cheeky replies on some. Quite a few do respond back and it seems that I’m more inclined to look at them more, even bought a little bit of content from some. Never going to be a big spender on there but it’s been quite fun. Appreciate you might not want to get into conversations with people but thought I’d share my experience if it helps at all :man_shrugging:


@NibbleNob - Thank for the advice. Yes, that’s a good idea. I think I’ll add a “thank you” message to people that follow/subscribe. I’m planning to make some arty stuff to keep the style consistent such as a menu and a banner for example so it would be nice if they match, too.

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@Mint-Monster have you looked at FetLife before? Im a member on there and it might be a good place for promotion. You can find groups on the same subject as your content and target your audience. I have asked on there if i should start an OF or Fansly i think it would be popular but i was put off by the sign up pages as need to remain anonymous but might look in to it more.

Good morning @Mint-Monster , and anyone else on Fansly & Reddit. I have had an account on both since this thread started and have really enjoyed the updates… but I have to say, I am a little frustrated by search the function of both.
With Fansly, it would appear that most of the profiles are private, unless you follow. That I completely understand, but what I don’t want to do, is exactly what has been happening to you. Follow to see the content based on what they have in their description and then unfollow if I don’t like the images etc.
Similarly, with Reddit, I type in what my particular interest may be (using your example) “Small Boobs” and I get a dropdown of about 5 or 6 groups, which when I look at the thread… has nothing to do with what I am searching for!

Please, any hints or tips would me most welcome as I would like to follow some people. :hugs:

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That appears to be your USP, your photos on here are always very skillfully composed and wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery or glossy magazine. Good luck with it all, been an interesting thread.

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I used this to search

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@NibbleNob I’ll take a look at that, Thank you

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@Holly_Love - No, I haven’t looked at it yet but I’ll put it on my to-do list to check it out. Thank you.

@Latino_Caliente - Ah, that’s interesting about Fansly. Most of the profiles I look at have some content already visible to give you an idea of their content. But you’re right, sometimes they can be set to private so you have to follow first. Maybe I need some more free samples on the page without needing to follow? Hmm…

Yeah, Reddit can be like that sometimes. Usually the mods will kick things out otherwise there will just be off-topic stuff in them.

@NibbleNob - Thank you! Might crack out my art pad to go fully creative, haha.


@Mint-Monster May be worth a try and when added to your menu, I would imagine the follower numbers would increase :wink: