Opposite sex for a day

Just wondering if you could change your sex for a day what would you like to try out in the bedroom.

Try out and wear some lingerie and enjoy multiple big O…
Be interested to see what it feels like to be on top in control (cowgirl) and see what it feels like…


Absolutely, I’d run up that road, make a deal with God.
Let me be the skater girl from the Sweet Lovin’ vid and give me a night with the contortion bombshell

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Discover all the joys / pleasures that come with having a vagina and breasts. Learn what being touched in different ways feels like (hard, soft, slow, fast etc etc). Before discovering the joys of anal play for myself, I would have also included being penetrated and finding out what that feels like, but I sort of have an idea on that now, so its the more delicate aspects.

oh yeah - I’d love to have boobs, my dresses would look so much sexier
… and then there’s the graaaaavy!

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Explore the pleasure of having a pair of breasts and a vagina, and hopefully take what i learn into pleasuring my OH better!


I really wouldn’t enjoy being male for a day! But if some malignant force cursed me I suppose I would take the opportunity to have penetrative sex with a woman without a strap-on, it would also be interesting to find out what prostate stimulation is like

I’d have to experience a blended orgasm…

It would be very interesting, wearing beautiful tight fighting clothes and underwear. I don’t know if I would be able to keep my hands off myself.


For me it would be the multiple orgasms!

I would love multiple orgasms, to feel a penis inside me both anally and vaginally . To swallow a load of cum , to have breasts and wear sexy lingerie . To have the power to decide who i want sex with and when i want it . To have the feeling of the opposite sex being attracted to me for once


I’d have a Tommy tank immediately. I’d like to know how it feels to receive oral sex. If anal sex feels as good being male as it does being female or better because of having a prostrate. I’d have to get kicked in the balls. Not for fantasy reasons but to see if it really is as painful as labour


I love a good slap in the balls so in this weird gender swap world, I’d have to get pregnant to update you on whether labour is as much fun - and I knew you’d know what I mean about the gravy :grin:


Would love to pee in the snow to write my name…
See how good oral feels…
To see if orgasm is as good as being a female…
To masturbate…
To feel how good sex feels and entering a female both anally and vaginally…
Love to feel my erection growing in my pants…
And lastly seeing my own cum face…


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: graaaaavy. Lol @Melody1 you would look cracking with a set of bangers!

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If I was a women for 1 day I wouldn’t leave the bedroom lol. Leave me alone with some dildos and magic wands and have as many orgasms as possible and see how amazing they feel. Being a massive fan of breast id love to have a nice size natural pair. (D cup please)

I do have 1 request though, I would love to have an extra pair of hands so I can do everything at once :slightly_smiling_face:

Theres a theory about that -

Women who give birth naturally soon go ‘you know what, I think I’d like to have another baby’

Men who get kicked in the balls rarely go ‘you know what, I think I’d like to be kicked in the balls again’

Clearly, one is more painful than the other :slight_smile:


Spend all day recording several absolutely banging amateur porn films and then sell it. Nobody’s going to recognize me if I’ve changed sex the moment after we’re done recording. Who’d be suspicious of that, eh? “Couldn’t possibly be me, I’m a man,” I’ll say.


@Orgasm_Chaser having had a testicle tortion when i was a teenager, and the constant pain like being kicked in the balls for 3 days before i got proper diagnosis and surgery, i think that may be similar to labour! Not an experience i would want to repeat! :wink:

I would be the other half and show the other me the all the things we could be doing together :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Senator or one had a lower pain threshold. Lol.

It is actually a fact that women get mild amnesia after having a natural birth and forget how painful it is. I didn’t that’s why I only have 1! That and the pain of hearing a child screaming for hours after getting colic at 4 days old