Oral sex

Do you rather give or receive.. Personally I love giving to my OH and seeing here enjoying what I am doing to here especially when she starts running her fingers through my hair and starts arching her back it's a turn on.. What do you guys like and any new ideas to surprise the OH

I also like to give as my OH loves it but my OH also likes to give and I love it too! That is why 69 is our favorite sex postion. We can literally go for hours giving oral together and also go to sleep in a sideways 69 postion most nights.

I love to give!!

Nothing better than teasting and pulling my Mrs to the point of no return with my tounge and fingers!

Simple answer is both! I love receiving of course but I also love giving x

I love to give.

I agree @Married Girl - don't get me wrong i love receiving too... especially as my wife has discovered a new love for facials....

But i love going down on her so much!!

Both. I rarely come through oral sex so we only use it as foreplay but my wife has rediscovered her oral sex orgasms so we're doing it more and more.

I love to give nothing like it

Love giving oral until the OH cums

Giving and receiving, 69ing with a bit of arse tickling , finger probing and rimming

I don't think I can choose between giving and receiving, love watching OH's eyes roll back in his head and the little shivers than run through him when he's about to come. But also love to receive!

Both get me hot, love the visual, taste and the feeling

I love both, but I have to admit I love receiving much more. Always have.

Addicted to wifes pussy. Love giving .

Love both but I'm more of a giver.

One of life's great pleasures, going down to lunch, as it were! Or, as a friend of mine put it "I like to eat at the Y!" And, if I receive a BJ, that's great too - but it's not the end of the world if I don't.

Either would be nice, but just a pipe dream.

Fond memories of 69ing after a good fucking , so both .

Love to give, especially after I’ve cum inside OH

Love both...mmmmmm. I have orgasmed from giving alone I love it...I have sucked and teased for over 2 hours before finally letting him explode...