Oral sex

Right, here's a question for the guys...

What exactly goes on in your head when you're going down on a woman?

If you enjoy it, why? If you don't, why not? Do you get aroused by it, or are you just doing it because it's expected?

Tell all please guys!!

It's a giving experience hun, all focussed on the area around that little sensitive nubbin that you have between your legs. Gone and forgotten are any thoughts of coming myself, well just then at any rate. Instead you are perfectly positioned to tease that clit, and nibble your way along those inner thighs. Trip the light,...see Lovehoney sex miners light!!!! fantastic, and nibble all around but not quite on.
With being in your own little world you can listen out to her changing tempo... teasing, teasing until she cannot wait any longer and you take her over the edge to orgasm... I will assume something similar when the girlies go down and obtain a mouthful of rampant cock, albeit l guess the notion of hide the salami is uppermost at times like that.....
That is the controlled one to one going down... but then there are the fantasy clit lickings of one's imagination as per my friends together thread... read and enjoy!!!!

I love going down on my woman:I love the taste of her love juices,i love to hear her moaning just from my tongue,most of all i love getting her wetness all around my face,and seeing her love cream rise to the top then getting it all over my face Mmmmmmm like this morning.i spend a long time doing this

It depends on how turned on I am. Sometimes i'm just thinking about her and making her orgasm.
Other times I'm thinking about what else I'll be doing with her after.
And others still I'll maybe be thinking about my tax returns.

Bit of a mixed bag.

Thank you gentleman... tallboy in particular you have now got me feeling rather frisky... off to the toy cupboard with me then :)

When I go down, it's because [a] I'm invited, and [b] the mood of the evening is going that way!
I consider it an honour to be invited to pleasure my lovely lady that way!
Always seems to start off with tit-worship! My lady loves to be attended to bosomically, if you see what I mean! So my lips bless her boobs, and eventually she lets me kiss the space between, and the space below, and then I find myself kissing hair!
If my lovely lady is properly in the mood, I can then throw her legs over my shoulders and gain unhindered access to her moist bits! Once they're really moist, hairiness doesn't matter - I just apply myself to the task and the pubic hairs seem not to bother us!

It's always SO good to feel my lady enjoying my attentions! A heterosexual man can pleasure a clitoris in much the same way as a cock-sucking poof might seek to pleasure a penis! The principle's not that much different! (as if I'd know!) (Who's arguing?)

Great to see that you guys enjoy going down on your ladies... there's nothing worse than a bloke that just messes around with your clit for 3 minutes then wonders why you're not screaming in ecstacy. It's not just about the clit is it? You've gotta stick your tongue everywhere, lips, inside, asshole etc... soooo much more enjoyable for the woman if it's obvious the bloke likes doing it and he's going at it with gusto!

Creative you are right saying it shouldn't just be focused on thing,but its also good if the ladys tell us what is nice for them

Alot of us are not mind readers lol

But on the other hand its nice just to explore and see what the reaction is like from Mrs Jezzer lol

This is an interesting post and should be resurrected I think!!

This is my fave thing to be doing for sure. Whats going on in my head is to get inside her head and give her the best Orgasam possible as well as enjoying every single little lick, probe, taste and suck of the inner thighs, pussy enterance, lips, clit and inside as much as possible myself. Love really taking my time over giving her head and rimming her at the same time and she loves it too.

The tongue is the strongest and most flexible muscle in the body after all and can be flattened, pin pointed or curled upwards instantaneously, imagine if you could do this with your cock?

SG69 x

Hubby loves going down on me.

I agree with CW1985! it's not just about the clit. I love to be teased first starting from the inner thighs and working inwards. It's great to feel a Tongue gently lick your lips until you are really excited and then finally he parts your lips with his Tongue, licking from your entrance all the way up to your clit. Then being licked, nibbled and sucked until I'm desperate for a couple of fingers inside me to finish me off. If you just go for the clit - we won't complain but it's just not the same. Glad to see you guys are enjoying yourselves though, keep up the good work ;-) ... Now where's my sqweel...

See for me the joy of oral sex is all about the clit...everything else is just a tease building up to that amazing sensation of having my clit sucked and licked at the same time!

I think everyone is different and the best oral sex tip has got to be "ask what she likes"

In terms of what goes through my head when giving it...not much actually I'm just so happy to be doing it I'm not actively thinking anything except "yay!"


When I'm going down on Mrs.SXE I'm generally focussed on giving her exactly what she wants (after a bit of a tease of course). I absolutely adore watching everything from her hip position, to her biting her bottom lip. All of these signs, noises and breathing just let you know whats working and more importantly whats not and I don't think there's anything sexier than making your lover squirm with pleasure. For me, the taste, the smell and the heat are all an amazing turn on that just makes it all the more fun!

whenever im licking out my wife i just keep thinking i hope im doing it right and hitting the right spots and my attention is focused on noticing when she reacts when i lick/kiss/suck certain parts of her for a good reaction so i know im hitting a right spot, i personally loving giving her oral and could do it to her till the cows come home lol

Good on the guys here. :)

Im always worried that my OH will be thinking, 'oh she smells funny', 'she tastes horrible' 'shes too hairy' etc. This is why I dont like oral I just cant relax and get these out of my head.

I love giving my mrs the pleasure, I get off in hearing & feeling her enjoying what I'm doing :-)

I have requested my Elcano to post on here - be interesting to get his perspective, although I know he likes doing it

hornyteen wrote:

Good on the guys here. :)

Im always worried that my OH will be thinking, 'oh she smells funny', 'she tastes horrible' 'shes too hairy' etc. This is why I dont like oral I just cant relax and get these out of my head.

I find myself worrying about the size of my thighs/stomach. I''m less worried about hair/taste as he reassures me it's all fine - but I do still wonder sometimes. I also start worrying that he'll be getting tongue/jaw ache if I'm taking a while. And I also (while this is all going on inside my head!!) wonder what he's thinking about....

well I'm sure soon enough you'll have it in writing

I'm fairly certain that you needn't be worrying about anything during sex but telling someone that is easy, harder to believe perhaps.