Orgasm Army - what do you want?

Orgasm Army has been online for nearly a year. So many people have made such a great contribution to the site, which is fantastic.

What features would you like to see available on Orgasm Army?

Is there something about the site that annoys you?

Is there something that OA doesn't do at all?

Or something that it could do better?

Let us know and we'll try to make your wishes come true :-)

With the flood of new members more interested in pictures than reviews you might find a market for selling cameras :-)
On the other hand you might make it so that only those people who have submitted reviews have access to the forums. Not likely to be popular but then again those not genuinely interested in sex toys etc might go back to contact sites where they'd be happier.

I'd like a little more functionality in the forums. Mostly I just want to be able to edit my posts, but a url tag would be nice, maybe italic/bold, too.

Forums are probably needing the most tweaking:
a) stop the contact posts-its not what this site is about
b) maybe a link to show all posts since last visit

maybe tweak the reviews section to give a link to "all reviews since last visit" as well

It would be helpful to have a link to recently reviewed items a) so we can find what's being talked about lately and b) so we can nominate good ones, as it seems reading other messages getting nominations seems to be an issue...?

Thanks all! Please keep them coming - we are compiling this into a huge list that will included in the upcoming OA redesign, so make yourself heard!

"It would be helpful to have a link to recently reviewed items a) so we can find what's being talked about lately and b) so we can nominate good ones, as it seems reading other messages getting nominations seems to be an issue...?"

I think this is already covered by the sex toy blog (

Perhaps (if it hasn't already been done and I've missed it) there could be updates when new products are released?

Congrats on the first birthday! (almost) Is there a party? :-)

Okay, here are some suggestions:

I've set up successful web forums myself in the past so I know that as the member list grows you'll start seeing more spam, trolling and flaming on the boards. With more and more members it will become less and less friendly and personal. One of the great things about this place is that it's still friendly and basically spam free. To help keep it that way I suggest you stick a "report" tag next to each post. Make it easy to report bad stuff and quick to be removed.

Have a few named and recogniseable moderators that members can turn to. Or do all the official "OA...." members do that already? You may need someone on duty after business hours when this place is larger. One board I was associated with had to resort to IP blocking as a result of persistant spam and trolling under multiple user names from the same IP addresses.

Clamp down on the annoying personal contact seekers before they take a hold - that's not what the site is here for and the web is FULL of contact sites.

Add a LOUNGE forum for any topics not covered by your current catagories - some people here are friends and it's better to make non specific comments in a lounge setting rather than going off topic in the specific catagories.

Have a list of all recent posts and allow users to search over selectable time periods (last day, last 3 days, last week etc). At the moment you just see the last three full stop, so it's hard to know what you've missed without going into every forum individually and I suspect many folks can't be arsed to do that on a regular basis.

Publish a table showing exactly what the "ranks" mean. I'm curious to know how many reviews a Field Marshal is worth! On second thought's don't - it will just encourage people to submit loads of short and not very helpful reviews, just to climb the ranks (many people on web boards are very status orientated I've noticed, and don't care what drivel they post so long as they show up at the top of the member list) No criticism of anyone here on that last point btw.

Integrate more funcionality into the forum to brighten it up a bit. I know it's meant to be a quasi military olive drab theme, but some smilies would not go amiss. The quote thing needs sorting too. I've tried and all that happens is this

[quote] this is a quote but where are the quotation marks and frame? [/quote]

That's all for now - I'm sure I thought of something else but it escapes me at the moment...

Ah yes - allow some editting of posts - I've just noticed an annoying spelling mistake! Or you could maybe integrate a spell checker?

:-) Thank you for your suggestions! When the Valentine's rush is out of the way it'll be time to give OA some TLC!

Hi Sex Chimp :-)

Here's another one for ya:

Maybe you could add a spell checker to the review submission process - there are lots of mistakes being uploaded, including from me!

(There are two in your queue from me that need the following corrections: Stroke 29 sachet - second word needs a "c" adding. Stroke 29 tub - first paragraph - I spelled approach with only one p.)

@ Ambiguous

Do you mean like this?
Or perhaps this?


To Bath-Bi-Guy, Please to explain the meaning of trolling. Sorry to be a pain but I know it not.
P.S. Your ideas plenty good, we lucky to have you out there.

@ sexybeast

Too late in the night for me to make sense so I'll let Wikipedia do it instead:

"Internet trolling involves a user making comments intended to provoke an angry response."

How about showing peoples avatars next to their posts. Or a reduced size version of it at least.

This is just an experiment here, so if it comes out weird you'll know why....


Yes, the forums do need a lot more power! I think that's definitely possible - the OA coders have been mega-busy on another project pretty solidly for the past couple of months, but they'll soon be free to turn their attention to AO.

Thank you all (again!) for all your suggestions and contributions to OA - reviews, forums and everything.

Bath-Bi-Guy - yes, a good idea to have a Lounge forum for off-sex-topic chat.

We could have a forum for contact messages to, so people have got a space to look for contacts and promote swinging sites without bothering other members...

Oh yes! And some instructions on how to use the forum features and commands would be good too!

Good ideas your serene Chimpness *bows*

How about also - An email sent to all new members when they verify their account, containing a few simple rules for the forum plus a quick guide on review writing.