Orgasm tally

Anybody feel like sharing how many times they came today, the most times you came in a row? The most you made someone else come? I'm interested

4 times tonight. I squirted every time. I am now very tired lol

Oh my! You be sure to get some water. And I've managed 6 today, 3 of which were with my new toy I got today <3 I think I like it lol

573 or was it 0. I'm rubbish at games. I usually cum last. Infact I've been edged all day so if I do get to come I'm claiming it as 17 all in one go.

That's fair :P 17 it will be, you've been edged by yourself, or is someone being cruel/kind to you? (depending on how you view it)

Nope, in the words of Yoda 'there is another'.

Ah okay, here is to hoping the other one will be kind sometime soon, or would that kill all the fun? :P

Oh wow twilight, I can imagine, I need to learn how to wait, I think orgasms are more intense if you don't have one for a few days, is this true? If so, I may have to struggle my way through a few days. Me ordering a toy hasn't helped lol, I've been going at myself like crazy!

Stu and I are both members of the illumikinky- it's not so much about quantity as quality. I'd rather count the days between wanks than the wanks between days as it were.

Sum sub, that's a good point!
Illumikinky, sounds fun lol

I once made my ex orgasm 8 times during one session, I'd be lying if i said i wasn't proud of that but apparently its not suitaable to put on a CV

Firsttimelovers, oh wow! Great job lol. I would say that's a good addition to a CV. Although most people wouldn't think so

Nil today until this ruddy thrush goes away :(

Managed 5 times on our first full day of marriage, and a couple of times since. But age has caught up with me now, so its quality as opposed to quantity.

Although I must confess I do need to up the cumming figure. Too many friends and family coming over to stay, and partying.

2 weeks before our next visitor, so time to light up the candle

Average is around 25 times a day xx

I was challenged to a marathon masturbation day a while back.......can't remember exact number but I think it was just over 100 x

I haven't so far, never able to. Mightly jealous you guys can so much. x( We do tally the boyfriend though, 2 is max recently because we just haven't had the timee..

Does anyone else keep track? Me and OH are more kind of once (or maybe twice) a day than lots of multiples. But I do keep a spreadsheet to see how we're doing over time.

It kind of started as a joke but now it's fascinating to see if we're getting more or less compared to six months ago!

Gosh, I don't really count when I'm with my partner. Minimum 3 but I must regularly get into double figures :)

A three nil victory for my wife last night. Plenty of teasing for me but not permitted to finish.

managed 7 yesterday, I wonder if I'll be able to, even once, today :P